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I knew what Island House was going to be, sort of a clothing optional resort with a little bathhouse element to it. For my first vacation by myself I thought I would give it a shot and see if I would be brave enough to participate in the possible goings on. I arrived on Saturday December 13th and got a quick tour and went to my room. I spent a few days wanting to get naked and wander... read more

So, 3 days has passed since my sexual encounter with Deimos, we've been texting a lot lately, and I got the chance to know more about him. It was a nice quiet Wednesday night, it was late, but i was still texting him.*****Me: you go to the gym right?D: yup! Every Monday and Thursday :)Me: wow, :D how long have you been working out?D: two years maybe? :)Me: haha, you must get... read more

Big cock

by cflfgfs

Nov 23, 2014

Well it has been a while since my latest adventure but today I decided to go to a men's bathhouse. I arrived about 4 o'clock and got a room got undressed wrapped a towel around myself and began to cruise. It was not crowded and I didn't see much interaction going on between the guys. I finally ended up in the steam room and I sat down on a bench. I'm not sure what guys are looking for but they... read more

COCK WORSHIPPER PART 8by Jason read more

I had been with guys for a year or so but, nothing wild and then I moved to Colorado. I was up in the mountains at a ski resort and was having no luck finding either sex to play with in the area.I went on line to Squirt and was checking the Denver area and hit cruise and started looking at places to go. At first I was looking at ABS since my very first guy I was with I met at an ABS and half... read more

I went with the man and sucked his cock all the way there i was a total faggot for cock that night. He kissed me we did some cocaine and drank another beer and went inside. The men knew him and smiled at me He introduced me and we went inside. It was nice showers sauna jacuzzi glory holes everywhere with big cocks hanging out I saw a sling set up and a man was rimming another man. we started... read more

I hadnt had sex in a while. I was on the internet every night looking for my big cock to worship. I am a sexy passionate submissive bottom. Love when a man rubs me and puts his hands on me. I cant resist wanting to suck cock and fuck. I love giving nasty sexy blow jobs. looking in my mans eyes and licking his cock. I love putting a mans balls in my mouth and sucking them like there a cock. Every... read more

It was my first time ever at a bathhouse, I was checking out the hot young stud action and getting hard as a rock. I decided to rent a room and went inside. I lay on my belly an left a tube of k y and a condom on the dresser. After 5 minutes someone came in. I turned to look. It ws the most beautiful boy of 18 with a thick throbbing 8 inch cock in his hand. He started to put on the ky and the... read more


by bobapple

May 18, 2014

I awoke at 4:00AM with that warm fuzzy feeling throughout my whole body. My right hand had a fully erect penis in its fist. Mine. I was thinking about that gas station guy and how delightful it would be to run into him again. Maybe in a washroom. I'd stand at the middle urinal, unzip and pull out my pecker. If my bladder lets me, I'd hold off on taking a leak. When he enters, I start pissing. I... read more

You need to know the initial background of this to see how what just happend came to be, so although I'm pretty sure I told you about my gay sauna a few months ago (maybee not all the detail but I am sure I mentioned it like a month ago when we spoke?). If not - basically this is the details ... and you will understand when you read what happened today why its relvant in how I ended up... read more


by bobapple

Apr 18, 2014

Yesterday I was in men’s wear sort of shopping and just wandering around basically. I noticed a good looking 25 year old guy also shopping. He was clean shaven, neat, well-dressed, about 5’8... read more

Rubber Hausboy 6

by racoon82

Mar 01, 2014

Abendessen mit FolgenEs sind mal wieder ein paar Wochen vergangen, in denen ich auf Reisen war und auch mal zu hause war, die beiden kümmern sich um die Wohnung und auch die eigenen Arbeiten wie Schule und Ausbildung. Man sieht beide regelmäßig im Gummi durch die Wohnung laufen, wobei beide sehr variabel gekleidet sind. Mal nur in Shorts und Shirt, mal Shorty, mal Ganzanzug. Ab und an... read more

I walked up to the front door, somewhat nervously, not really sure what I was doing. This was completely crazy; for one thing, I was married. Besides, this wasn't anything I did; I tried it once, and it was all right, but was I really doing this? Was I really about to walk into a gay bathhouse?I never identified as gay, for one thing; I was straight to everyone I knew and bi-curious... read more



by bobapple

Dec 29, 2013

Years ago when I chatted on various sites with all kinds of guys, I saved a lot of them as text documents. Once in awhile I grab the flash drive that they are saved on and read them again. Some are pretty exciting, horny too. Be fore-warned readers that this blog might be a boner-raiser as it is very very graphic. I can not confirm that the situation is real or accurate in any way. Maybe I've... read more

Been married for 25 years but for at least the past 30 years or so I've been curious about gay stuff.... read more

I was just out of high school and didn't know what I wanted to do .About a year before I was to graduate my dad told me to go out and find ten jobs and out of those ten jobs you will find one that you really like. He said once you find the one you really like,that I was to give it all my best .He also said you don't need to stay for years at anyone job ,but when you quite a job that I was not... read more

Searching for It

by Habu

May 04, 2013

Searching for It(Corbin and Ethan both go looking for it on the New York docks)(sounding, fetish, docks, gay male clubs, domination, gay anal, rough sex, daddies, obsession, collections)“Yo, there, buddy. Lookin’ for somethin’? Cause I got somethin’ for you.”Corbin took a good look at the burly man who had materialized from behind a stack of metal barrels beyond where the light... read more

Palm Springs Fun Author: Ronn42 An older guy I met a year ago asked me if I wanted to go with him to a gay resort/bathhouse in Palm Springs. I'm a bottom and he's a top and has pretty much made a fuck slut out of me. I love to suck and fuck, but have never been with another guy since we met. He said it was clothing optional and would be fun. I said sure, not knowing what was in store for... read more


by prikz

Apr 10, 2013

I'd heard a lot about the new gay sauna in town and soI thought I'd give it a try to find out for myself. Now I'dgreat expectations about the place especially the 'dark'room that everybody seemed to be talking about. Having sampled 'dark' rooms in sauna's abroad I didn't thinkthat the U.K. could come close to matching them let alonesurpassing them.Anyway I paid the £30 entrance... read more

I usually go to Steamworks by myself but last time I went, I came across two of my friends - Rich and Kyle.I was a bit shy as the two of them have never seen me in that kind of setting before but I got over it as one of them started cruising the guys around us.So we all separated and agreed to meet at the front later. Well, just to give my description, I'm 5'2... read more

Crew Club first visit January 2013Disclaimer: I'm a 20 y/o, versatile, slim, black guy with a healthy appetite for older white guys of all sorts. This was my first visit ever to a bath house of any sort. I have done orgies of all sorts but haven't done this.So I arrive into the smoky doors of Crew Club around 2:45pm on last Sunday afternoon after 33 minutes of locating a parking... read more

One night a boy knocked at my door , and when I opened it he knelt right there in the doorway wanting to blow me. When I got him in, however, he didn't want to do that anymore, he wanted to fuck me . . . and I let him. The next boy in I knew, he worked at the sandwich counter downstairs at the front entrance and gave me free coffee every morning..He asked for my room number and I gave it to... read more


... read more

After walking by my open door and getting a look at me on the bed wrapped in a towel, he walked back by again for another look, then stepped into my room..fighting for courage to meet and greet.. Asking for a cigarette wasn't difficult and there I was with a light and an invitation for him to come in and watch TV with me.. Of course, there were no chairs for sitting, only the bed where I lay... read more

Matt was one of these actor fellows who worked hard to become famous, then wore dark sunglasses so nobody would recognize him.... read more

George Did It

by glen morris

Dec 14, 2012

:What am I going to do?... read more

First in a series, edited January 3, 2013.Groping around the steam room of the gay sauna, I wanted a hard cock for my twitching butt. I needed to take the edge off before meeting up for dinner with my dad, who was flying in around 7 pm for a meeting the next morning. College was tough, and I didn’t have much of a social life other than secretly eyeing the other guys at the gym while I was... read more

Bathhouse Visit…Pure SatisfactionI had a lot of pent up frustration. Simply put, I needed release. I am gay, I just want to say that upfront. Yes, I am married too but I have realized that being married does not make you straight! I am embracing my homosexuality in a very real, physical way, so when I say I needed release…well you can imagine what I had in mind. As a married, closeted... read more

The Mission

by benthar

Sep 23, 2012

The MissionI am a married guy and I know that upsets most of you and for that matter it upsets me too...but the truth of the matter is that there are many of us stuck in bad marriages that can't simply walk away. I have heard it before; anything is better than living a lie and that may be true but sometimes a white lie or a don't ask, don't tell situation is acceptable...I wish it were not so... read more

Wednesday I stopped in at Starbucks/Chapters and went to their washroom. There was a guy in there standing at the urinal on the right. As I walked up to the urinal beside him, I could plainly see his dick. His pants were open and being held up by his left hand. His right hand held his urinating dick. And a fine dick it was too. I unzipped and pulled out my pecker and held it with my left hand... read more

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