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Double D Dorm Pt. III

by Solo_DR

Feb 13, 2014

Double D. Dorm III : A Lesson in Hazing/ Ladies Choice... read more

Double D Dorm Pt. II

by Solo_DR

Feb 13, 2014

Double D. Dorm II : A lesson in giving head.I had just had the most amazing experience of my life. The most amazing sexual experience I ever had. The first sexual experience I ever had. It was my first week in college, and I had an asshole of a roommate, Omar. But what he and his girlfriend Luna surprised me with, when I returned home from class one morning, changed my life and my... read more

Double D Dorm Pt. I

by Solo_DR

Feb 13, 2014

Double D Dorm Pt. I : A Lesson in Weed & Freedom* This story was literally envisioned and written during one of the best highs I've ever been on... Enjoy... read more

Last Rodeo

by Habu

Jan 19, 2014

Lattimore stopped at corner of the cookhouse as he was crossing from the main house of his ranch outside Laramie, Wyoming, to the corral to train the quarter horse he’d bought on the last cattle drive to Omaha. He leaned on a fence and watched young Kit chopping wood. The young man was stripped to the waist while he chopped.Bulking up real good, Lattimore thought. Maybe it wasn’t such a bad... read more


No wife weekend

by Snoopy

Dec 27, 2013

Our next session was amazing, not because of the sex, but because my wife went away for the weekend so we spent the weekend together. I think we got out of bed to use the bathroom and eat, the rest of the time was spent in bed having sex.When I got there we started slow, I sucked his cock, he sucked my cock and we 69'd slowly. We had the weekend to play and we wanted to enjoy and... read more

No more first time

by Snoopy

Dec 26, 2013

To continue my story:By now, I think you realize that I may be married and love my wife, I also love having sex with men, especially my black lover. Due to the unfortunate circumstance of me being married, I was able to visit my lover as ofter as I could. I always made the excuse of going to the driving range, but of course, I never made it, I always went to see my lover so we could... read more

It didn't take long. I'd only been sitting a minute or so when a 50ish black man asked if the seat next to me was taken.Smiling, and slowly rubbing my cock, I answered no and invited him to join me. At that point, there were 2 other black men in the theatre.As he sat down, he allowed his arm to drop behind me and his hand was on my shoulder. In no time, he was massaging my neck and... read more

To continue, I thought that by having sex with a guy that it would now be out of my system and I can get back to normal, but that doesn't happen. It just made me want more, so I contacted my new bottom and hooked up again, with basically the same scenario as before.We hooked up about 5 or 6 times, always the same sex and the same ending until one day I decided it was time for a... read more

My first time

by Snoopy

Dec 12, 2013

Let me tell you about a true story about me and a guy I met. We met on Craigslist. I answered his post about him being a bottom and wanting to suck cock. He's a gay man and I figured this was the perfect opportunity for me to fulfill a fantasy of mine. I got to his place and was happy to see my craigslist bottom was a beautiful black man.After a little talk, we went to his bedroom... read more

First gay blowjob

by Gayboy69

Dec 08, 2013

Let me tell you about a true story about my first time. I hooked up with a black guy from Craigslist. I answered his post about him being a bottom and wanting to suck cock. He's a gay man and I figured this was the perfect opportunity for me to fulfill a fantasy of mine. I got to his place and after a little talk, we went to his bedroom where I stripped and sat at the edge of the bed,... read more

Sailors and Flyboys

by Habu

Dec 08, 2013

FlyboysPete swung into the gym with a big grin on his face. “Fleet’s in and I’ve already talked with Javier. His ship will be in early, on Thursday. Says he can get a three-day shore pass. Time for a special weekend.”“I’m game,” Todd answered, but he was looking up at the man spotting him on the bench press and asked, “How about you, Dan?”“Every weekend’s special with you, babe,” Dan... read more

Congo Drums

by Habu

Nov 17, 2013

The riverboat hit a log, or something, on the hull right at my head, and I woke with a start. The first sensation in the soft, wavering light of a single lantern hung by the doorway was the sound of the drums and low chanting from somewhere above. The driver and cook at it again. The sound was monotonous and comforting all at the same time. It also seemed to be richer than before, almost... read more

Replacement Bros pt2

by Solo_DR

Nov 07, 2013

Replacement Bro... The Prequel. / SequelPrequel. Hi my name is Sean. And I'm a sex addict.... read more

New Master at Riverbend

by Habu

Nov 03, 2013

Jerome stood just inside the doorway at the shadowed end of the room. He should have just turned and gone down the stairs and out to the carriage to tell Thomas that Master John wasn’t ready to go yet. That’s all Thomas, Master John’s carriage driver, had told him to do. But the shock of what he’d found when he’d entered the house on Decatur Street and been waved to the second door down the hall... read more

Sweet Sanjay

by Habu

Oct 20, 2013

I heard my name being called out from the midst of the teeming horde pressing in on the barriers after customs in New Delhi’s Indira Gandhi international airport, and a head and arm waving a sign was bouncing up and down over the tumult. The sign the young man was carrying said “Clifford Jenkins” with “New York” written under it. That was me. But I wasn’t being met by anyone that I knew of. The... read more

I was in an area packed with small towns doing leadership training for a small manufacturing company and it was going well but I’ve been here for a week with no sexual relief.My body had been transformed earlier this year by a mysterious guy named Thax at a gay resort in the Caribbean called Isla Paradiso. The transformation left me with this smoking hot body, a metabolism that lets me eat... read more

Jamaica Moon Dreams

by Solo_DR

Sep 11, 2013

Jamaica Moon DreamsI first saw him on my first day in Jamaica. He was leisurely walking the beach, every so often kicking at the tide as the beautiful blue ocean crashed onto the white sands. Despite the beauty of the island; he stood out to me as the most striking thing on the beach. The morning sun shone down on him, illuminating his every step like a spot light on a stage. And yes, he was... read more

On a String in Bangkok

by Habu

Sep 04, 2013

In more recent years I look back on my mid-1970s (and then again early 1980s) Bangkok adventure and just shake my head, wondering what we were thinking we were doing then and how shallow we must have been to be so totally focused on beautiful bodies and the striving for perpetual orgasm.I think that for most of those I played with for two-and-a-half years in the 1970s, the hedonist urges... read more

Swimming Lessons

by Habu

Aug 20, 2013

“I’d like to make an Australian Crawl.” Stan gave a hearty laugh and acknowledged an empty glass up the bar. While he was gone, Keith, in turn, acknowledged that his own beer glass had miraculously filled on its own. He didn’t have much doubt that Stan was trying to get him drunk so that Keith would go in the back room with him. The burly barkeep had been putting the moves on him for some time... read more

I was recently introduced to a chat site called Adam4Adam. I was pretty excited for the chance to be able to search and chat with some many men possibly in my area. I quickly created a profile and added my stats and a description about me. As a 38 Bi Married White male it was a easy way to chat without being outed. I have always seen myself more as a bottom when with other men. After my profile... read more

It started off as a simple getaway. My boyfriend at the time had to fly out on a business trip for a few days, so the next day, I decided to check out a new gay nude beach on Cape Cod. It was a hot weekend and the weather was nice!! To my surprise, the beach wasn't packed like I expected it to be. Everybody had enough personal space. I found a soft, fresh untouched parcel of sand near the back of... read more

I am an Indian life changed when I met an older man.I was 19 and Bill was 57 .he was white Dutch man .we met cruising in Durban shopping alleys,very popular on Weekends .not any more.our eyes meet.and he offered to take me to his flat.he offered me a drink and I was getting a bit tipsy and also very randy.we touched and I was rock hard.Bill was well built and hairy bold in the... read more

Chapter 90NOTE: If you would like an updated list of characters in all the chapters, a map of my vision of the campground, and/or a listing of all the plots of all the chapters. Just email me. I do all this for myself to keep everything sorted out. Written by As we headed down the road, at the intersection I turned left toward town instead of right toward the... read more


by Habu

May 18, 2013

I’m not sure why I went to Club 216 that night. I’d joined months before but had gone only rarely. Joining put me on their e-mail list, though, and I kept seeing announcements go by of their semiannual beauty contest. It didn’t pay much attention to it—or at least I didn’t think I had—but that Saturday night found me there, just a couple of table rows away from the stage. I was by myself at the... read more

I love black cock. I simply can not get enough of it. Any time; any where; did not matter. I'd gotten to the point, I would do it in public if that was what it would take. I was wearing a thin pair of terry cloth boi shorts, a belly chain with my car keys attached, and sandals when I entered the bookstore in Goldsboro. No shirt; and that seemed fine with the manager. I paid my... read more


by Habu

Apr 20, 2013

We live in a university town, my wife and I, and we live in a neighborhood within five blocks of the edge of that university. It’s an affluent neighborhood, built on heavily wooded, well-manicured lots on the side of a ridge, with narrow streets running up and down and twisting here and there. Almost like the country, but a wealthy enclave right in the small city. Quite staid we are. Not ones for... read more

Nuclear Meltdown

by Habu

Feb 03, 2013

It was all happening so fast. I didn’t even have time to feel panic. I just felt a dullness and a foreboding—and a creeping sense of being trapped in a web of some sort. No, more like a cocoon, the sticky thread winding around and around me. Smothering me.“Just a few minutes, Dr. Winthrop, and you can go back to your room. I know this has been a shock to you. We have just a few more questions... read more

It’s been the years…I had an anal fissure which made intercourse so painful it was impossible. I treated it for a year with ointments to no avail. All I ended up doing was adding a large, painful hemorrhoid. Finally I submitted to the surgery. The recovery lasted much longer than I expected. After that I was afraid of allowing someone to penetrate me. I have always been a bottom. I’m very... read more

Chapter 85NOTE: If you would like an updated list of characters in all the chapters, a map of my vision of the campground, and/or a listing of all the plots of all the chapters. Just email me. I do all this for myself to keep everything sorted out. Written by jarbear1974@yahoo.comWhen I entered the room under the barn loft where the party was to be held, it seemed that everyone went... read more

Crew Club first visit January 2013Disclaimer: I'm a 20 y/o, versatile, slim, black guy with a healthy appetite for older white guys of all sorts. This was my first visit ever to a bath house of any sort. I have done orgies of all sorts but haven't done this.So I arrive into the smoky doors of Crew Club around 2:45pm on last Sunday afternoon after 33 minutes of locating a parking... read more

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