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So, 3 days has passed since my sexual encounter with Deimos, we've been texting a lot lately, and I got the chance to know more about him. It was a nice quiet Wednesday night, it was late, but i was still texting him.*****Me: you go to the gym right?D: yup! Every Monday and Thursday :)Me: wow, :D how long have you been working out?D: two years maybe? :)Me: haha, you must get... read more

Hey, my name's john abby, I'm 22 years old, tall, and good-looking, I have short black hair, and I'm a Filipino by the way (I live in cebu city, philippines). I'm bisexual, but more on the gay side, hehe.I have a church friend that I've had a crush on for a while now, his name's Deimos; he's 26, very tall (much taller than me), his hairstyle is usually a buzzcut, he has nice light... read more

In early 2030s, there are lots of international students in West Hollywood, California at small private porn university. Most of them look so insanely hot, walked around park near beautiful modern building in college area. They wore too sexy because of that rule as if they have to be open-minded and friendly in somehow silly in way to get good grade. If they flunk it, they must stay there until... read more

Before reading this, please read High School Memories: Part One - Six.Apologies for my delayed posts! I will do better....promise! Thanks to those of you who rate and comment! Most appreciative!Let's get back to where we left off.----------------... read more

Intro to Docking

by David Johns

Sep 01, 2014

Decades ago, before the age of mini-cams and when it was much safer to look for sex in men's rest rooms, a favorite hang-out of mine was in a J.C. Penney's store in suburban Washington, D.C. Located on the second floor, not many men seemed to use it, so it was a great place to meet up with like-minded horny guys.One day as I was sitting in a stall waiting, another guy (older than I was)... read more

Quick Looks

by David Johns

Aug 23, 2014

I really needed to piss, and as I entered the men's room I saw that there were 3 urinals without any dividers. I usually stand at the left one, so I can possibly see another guy's dick if he's holding it with his right hand. (wink)In came another guy who stood at the right one, with the one between us vacant. As I peed I took a quick peek at his dick. It was about my size, but he was cut.... read more

By chance

by David Johns

Aug 16, 2014

I was going down a local highway on my way home from an evening meeting. I saw that a rest stop was ahead so I decided to stop to take a piss.There was one car in the parking lot, so I assumed that at least one other person would be there. But I sure didn't know what was going to happen!As I went into the men's room, I saw that there were two urinals without a divider, and two stalls... read more

Go Ahead

by Furlong

Jul 10, 2014

GO AHEADby Robert I need to use a public toilet, I invariably go into one of the cubicles even if the entire row of urinals is empty. This used to be because, having had some bad reactions from women at the large size of my manhood, I was self-conscious about exposing my genitals to other people and preferred... read more


by bobapple

Jul 08, 2014

Saturday, I stopped for coffee at Wendy's and I'm taking a leak in their 2 urinal washroom. I take the urinal on the right. Just as I'm finishing, a guy comes in and stands beside me. I look over at him and holy hell! He looks exactly like Larry, an old friend of mine. Larry moved to California 30 - 35 years ago. It is as if he hasn't aged a bit! He must be Larry's kid! I say... read more

I like to hike the trails in our local parks. one day I went to my favorite area to walk the trails. there were no other cars around, so I figured I was alone there. I started to walk up the trail and about a third of the way up the trail I heard a sound of water but there were no streams on this trail. then it hit me someone was taking a pee. I continued up the trail and then I saw a man... read more

Understall Jackpot

by botcs

May 08, 2014

I work near a college, and one of my fantasies was to have some under stall fun anywhere. I thought horny college guys trying to get off in a bathroom might be the best place to fulfill this fantasy. I spent months checking out bathrooms in various buildings and going online to see if I could find any reference to gay meeting places on campus. I narrowed my visits to three bathrooms,... read more

Schwuchtel 16

by svenboy

May 07, 2014

Der Hausmeister ist vielleicht 50 Jahre alt, relativ dick und untersetzt. Ich bin mit meinen 1,82 m einen Kopf größer als er, aber leider 20 kg leichter und 30 Jahre jünger. Die zwei Kerle, die mich vorher abgegriffen haben, erzählen ihm, dass ich eine Toilettenwand mit schwulem Text beschmiert hätte. Und dass ich schwul wäre, was man ja leicht an mir erkennen könne, versifft wie ich sei und fast... read more

Donny and I have worked together off and on over the past four years. We would either be pulling cable to field locations or completing terminations in the equipment closets. Donny was as straight as an arrow and seemed to have suspicions on my sexual orientation even though we never really talked about sex or preferences. Our required uniform for work was a company provided logo button... read more

Caught, fun.

by asianguy223

Apr 27, 2014

I opt to work on weekends cause they needed someone to cover a shift. The weekend was dreadful cause usually only one works, lucky me I was the only one for this particular weekend. My building is quite large, my office is located on the 4th floor out of 10 and usually on weekend, it's quite slow. One particular weekend, working. I got bored and headed up to the 9th floor to use the... read more

My first ever male on male action, my first ever real lover and my first older man...It all started back in high school, bully which lead to what seemed like a fairy tale. As a freshmen entering high school, and being one of 100 asian students I was bullied quite a lot. Spent most of my time studying, playing baseball and studying. My group of friends were mostly white, since the school... read more

Birthday Surprise

by GayFtMnStL

Mar 23, 2014

I had been hanging-out with J for a while, and all we had done was go out to eat, then go to a gay bar to hang-out and drink. Honestly, I felt like I was using him, just to have an... read more

Divji zur

by gobisex

Jan 28, 2014

S frendi smo bili na gay žurki. Vzdušje je bilo super, dobra muska, veliko hudih tipov. Ogromno smo plesali in tudi kaj spili. Prijelo me je lulat, zato sem šel na WC. Stopil sem do pisoarja, kjer je že stal en mlad ?efur?ek. Odpel sem kavbojke, dal ven mojega ti?ka in za?el scat. Pogledal sem k sosedu in videl kako iz obrezanega kurca te?e curek urina. O?itno je imel ?efur?ek poln mehur, ker je... read more

Hi my names Aj, this story is about the first gay experience I've ever had. I was still in high school, junior year, and this day at school I kept getting a hard on like all day because I haven't jacked off in about a week. It was actually really annoying having it so long, and especially at school. I started thinking about jacking off in the bathroom, and I actually went to try but... read more

Im Pete i used to live in a staff house for a hotel with 16 other people. 12 out of the 16 house mates were guys and each and ever one of them were very very hot, i couldnt find a thing wrong with any of the guys as they all had beautiful boyish faces and amazing toned fit bodies. all the rooms were shared, so i had to always share with another guy. The house was massive and since it was... read more



by bobapple

Dec 30, 2013

Resuming my chat with Rod from 2009:Me: I don't know about you bud, but I have a raging hard on here.Rod: Me too. I'd luv to watch you stroke, do you have skype?Me: Yes, I'll load it up, I'd luv to watch you too.We are soon synched up and our boners on display for each other. I suggest he go first and he commences to stroke with a firm purpose.I really like watching his foreskin slide... read more

A guy and I both arrived at the one-person men's room at the same time, and we could each tell that the other guy needed to pee as much as he did.... read more


by bobapple

Dec 07, 2013

Hi there, I hope you get a chuckle out of this.When I entered the washroom this afternoon, it was crowded armpit deep. All the stalls and urinals were occupied. There was a guy waiting for an opening by standing with his back against the first sink. I went over to the 3rd sink and leaned against it and waited. Another guy came in and looked around and said... read more

Can I? Huh?

by David Johns

Dec 05, 2013

Kevin and I had been friends for many years. We had shared rooms at out-of-town meetings, we had showered together at the local gym, and we freely talked about sex and other private subjects. But I wasn't ready for what was going to happen next!We were standing next to each other in a men's room, peeing. Kevin was circumcised, and I noticed him looking at my dick more than usual (we always... read more

(Continued from Part 6)Happy Thanksgiving from Big Brett!The alarm clock sounded, and Jim sprung up from a sound sleep. “My last day of class before Thanksgiving break!” Jim thought to himself. He reached down and picked up a t-shirt that he had removed the night before and slipped it on. He got out of bed with his typical morning wood and walked to the kitchen to boil water... read more

Saturday afternoon I was at a downtown mall & decide to visit the washroom. There is a guy ahead of me & as it happens he is going there too. As he is opening the door, I notice a guy in a green shirt on my right and it may be that he is going to the washroom as well. I follow the guy into the washroom. There is a guy at the far urinal so the guy ahead of me takes the near one, leaving the middle... read more


by bobapple

Sep 15, 2013

This may not be a very exciting read for all of you who indulge in anonymous washroom sex but for an old geezer like me, I enjoyed the following occurrence, mild and vanilla as it may have been. I am not being a holier-than-thou guy either. For me to engage in any oral encounter, I would need to know the guy well and be convinced of his being free of disease and cleanliness. So for what it’s... read more


by Bazzax83

Sep 12, 2013

He glimpses me through the throng and we throb in unison. A geyser of adrenaline floods my chest and blossoms outward. I wonder if he feels an iota the same? For his sake and the sake of decorum we adopt a farcical parody of normality, though each of us ache for touch, pleasure, warm lips, hard cocks… one another. The mass of meat comprising the gathered people in the high street... read more

Der neue Pfarrer

by Marko

Sep 11, 2013

Der neue PfarrerIch hatte ihn noch nicht gesehen – bis er bei der Hochzeit meiner Cousine die Kirche betrat. Ich staunte nicht schlecht über den neuen Pfarrer unserer Gemeinde. Jung, gut aussehend – und natürlich katholisch, was zwangsläufig hieß, dass er solo war. Das sollte für mich aber kein Hindernis werden. Ich stand als Trauzeuge neben dem Brautpaar und als der Pfarrer näher... read more

A Holistic Approach

by Furlong

Sep 08, 2013

A HOLISTIC APPROACH Part of the 'Butt Monkey' series of stories by Robert Furlong... read more

Coupling Up

by Furlong

Aug 22, 2013

COUPLING UPPart of the 'Butt Monkey' series of stories by Robert Furlong===I was back at the small toilet building tucked away among the trees in the park.Curiosity about what I'd seen there on my last visit had got the better of me and I'd left the office early with the excuse of having a bad stomach and the... read more

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