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by bobapple

Apr 18, 2014

Yesterday I was in men’s wear sort of shopping and just wandering around basically. I noticed a good looking 25 year old guy also shopping. He was clean shaven, neat, well-dressed, about 5’8... read more

Mr. Edwards

by bobapple

Apr 12, 2014

About 35 years ago I was hospitalized for dehydration from a nasty flu/bug/virus or something. I was in a ward with 4 beds. I was hooked up too two IV’s and told to stay flat on my back. When I was admitted, I was so weak, I had passed out in the ER. During the week, I gradually became more aware of my surroundings and my room mates. Looking past my feet, that bed was occupied by a 20 year old,... read more

HYPOTHETICAL HITCH-HIKER PART 1by Robert lad grinned across at me, pleased for the lift. I wasn't going exactly where he wanted, but I could take him to a motorway junction twenty miles short without too much of a detour. He'd have to sort himself out from there: either stand in the cold with his thumb sticking... read more

In an Alley Way

by Solo_DR

Mar 04, 2014

In an Alley WayWhen I was 18, and still in high school, there was this certain special shortcut I used to take home everyday. It ran through this really secluded area of town, near a bunch of old abandon factories that ran alone the train tracks on the outskirts of town. It was a real spooky place. It was like a ghost town of abandoned factories, that most people wouldn't dare venture... read more

A virgin no more

by glen morris

Feb 22, 2014

A guy I met at Walmart, he figured me to be a college student and asked if that was where I was headed.... read more

At school I stopped to help a boy pick up books he dropped and noticed he held a brochure describing the housing available to gaystudents.'I'm lost,... read more

Visitors day , a group of high school Seniors touring the campus invadedmy dorm and caught me in the showers. All but one left, a boy stayed to watch me bathe.... read more

Summer vacation was spent with a cousin out on his daddy's farm and in his barn every day he fucked me till the cows came home. In college I was... read more

Ain't Misbehavin'

by glen morris

Jan 26, 2014

A car accident took the life of a buddy of mine and to say that I was inconsolable would be an understatement, Thankfully, I was never left alone. Someone drove me to and from school and stayed with me until my mom got home.One boy slept over. If she suspected we were in bed doing what her and her boyfriend were doing in bed, she never let on. When it became obvious we wereand not... read more

The Marine Sweats At Dawn.I awoke at 05:35 with a raging hardon, right out of the middle of a HOT dream about my even hotter former French Canadian lover, JP (Jean-Pierre), whom I’d seen the year before again while on a trip back to Paris. JP was about the only recurring stud who visited me in my dreams, his ass always needing another slam-fucking, always his hot swimmer’s body inviting... read more


by bobapple

Jan 23, 2014

David started working at the pharmacy about a year ago. He's a really cute guy. He's maybe 5'10... read more


by Habu

Jan 19, 2014

“First the tide rushes in, plants a kiss on the shore . . .”Matt often started a set with something quiet and slow, like “Ebb Tide,” when there was a convention or two in the hotel, like there was today—electricians and bankers. What a combination. Something quiet tended to settle and quiet them down to the point that he could stand it.It wasn’t a question of being a prima donna and... read more

By chance (?)

by David Johns

Jan 17, 2014

Some of my guy friends and I decided to camp out together one weekend. We each had our own tent, and we placed out tents around a safe campfire in the middle.I did not know one of the guys very well. He was really... read more


by bobapple

Jan 11, 2014

Several years ago, I chatted and IM'd with a guy who told me this story about getting skull-fucked. Unfortunately, I have not saved a text copy of it on my chat flash drive. I thought it was bloody hot then and I still think about it from time to time. This guy had had no m2m experience, or so he claimed. Maybe the story he told me was true or possibly it was a secret fantasy he had. Following... read more

If I was ever going to get laid, I had to get away from my overprotective mother. That's why I went off to college. Not to pursue higher education, but to get laid, That may sound ridicukous, but it's the truth.. A room in a dorm for gay men would be mine, I was told, and I jumpedat it, no questions asked, said goodbye to a poor self-image, and got aboardthe next bus. The only one I... read more

a new experience

by astral

Jan 08, 2014

As a young man working in a big city I most often travelled by bus I think I must have been a good looking boy angelic face and all I seemed to attract the attention of older men quite often a man would sit beside me and without chatting he would place his hand on my thigh this didn,t bother me too much...there was something else going on....everytime I travelled on a bus I would... read more

Solicitous Service

by Habu

Jan 05, 2014

Goran saw the young man standing nervously at the reservations desk and liked what he saw. He was even happy that Serge, the maître d, was pretending not to see the young man, because that meant that Goran, the waiter, could see him to the table—and could make contact of some sort with him on the way there. Goran was one to make an immediate assessment of the playing field and pick out who he... read more



by bobapple

Dec 30, 2013

Resuming my chat with Rod from 2009:Me: I don't know about you bud, but I have a raging hard on here.Rod: Me too. I'd luv to watch you stroke, do you have skype?Me: Yes, I'll load it up, I'd luv to watch you too.We are soon synched up and our boners on display for each other. I suggest he go first and he commences to stroke with a firm purpose.I really like watching his foreskin slide... read more


by bobapple

Dec 29, 2013

Years ago when I chatted on various sites with all kinds of guys, I saved a lot of them as text documents. Once in awhile I grab the flash drive that they are saved on and read them again. Some are pretty exciting, horny too. Be fore-warned readers that this blog might be a boner-raiser as it is very very graphic. I can not confirm that the situation is real or accurate in any way. Maybe I've... read more

A guy and I both arrived at the one-person men's room at the same time, and we could each tell that the other guy needed to pee as much as he did.... read more

On the Road

by robbass

Dec 08, 2013

Car breaks down in the middle of nowhere and Rob is picked up by a dude with a body looking like Conan the Barbarian, handsome face, dick of death and a need to get it on with a man.This is taken from a Kindle book of short stories called Further Sexploits of Rob Harris. It is based on a series starting with the book Isla Paradiso where an ordinary dude vacations at a Caribbean gay resort... read more

The helpful hand

by papercup69

Dec 03, 2013

It was a bright hot summer day in August when I was riding my bike on my way home from work at the library. The middle of the summer isn't a good time to be working in the library because it's inside, there's no air conditioning and the only people who come to the library on days like this are old ladies and nerds excited about school to start up again.But I need the money to pay... read more

The Cold Night

by rleithlter

Nov 18, 2013

It was a cold December night and John was walking home alone again. John’s boyfriend was being a jerk like always and treating John like he was not even there so he left for home. Many cars passed him some just honked and pointed at him like he was a fool for walking in the cold. It was a long a walk from Mark and Ed’s about five miles in total. John was hoping that someone would stop and offer... read more

Greek man

by David Johns

Nov 04, 2013

Constatine was a friend of mine from the local gym. I had seen him changing from his street clothes to his swim suit several times, so I knew he had a nice cock about the size of mine with a nice tapering foreskin (Greek men seem to have the hottest looking foreskins!). But we had never showered at the same time.This afternoon, though, it happened. Constantine and I both entered the shower... read more

Homeless Hero

by Solo_DR

Oct 31, 2013

Homeless HeroI would see him every morning on my way to the metro. His name was Jake, so his little cardboard sign read, and... read more

Only a Custodian

by Habu

Oct 27, 2013

“And a ten-inch cock.”“You’re shitting us now,” Oliver said.“Yes, I’m shitting you,” Porter answered. “But, really, I would want him to have a nice cock on him.”“Well, high on my list is that he has to be willing to take out the trash without being asked to,” Adrian interjected.“And put the toilet seat down too?” someone asked. They all laughed.“No, thank god,” Adrian answered... read more


by bobapple

Oct 11, 2013

Saturday morning, I am standing in the express line at Wal*Mart with my jug of milk. Ahead of me, I see a woman who obviously cannot count. The express line is for 1 to 12 items and her cart is half full, maybe 25 items at least. The guy behind me has 2 three foot tall Halloween lawn decorations. I gesture to the woman with the full cart and whisper... read more

I was in an area packed with small towns doing leadership training for a small manufacturing company and it was going well but I’ve been here for a week with no sexual relief.My body had been transformed earlier this year by a mysterious guy named Thax at a gay resort in the Caribbean called Isla Paradiso. The transformation left me with this smoking hot body, a metabolism that lets me eat... read more

At the gym

by David Johns

Sep 30, 2013

I had seen the parking lot when I arrived at the gym, just an hour before it closed, and it looked like (besides the ladies at the check-in station) that I was about the only guy there. So I exercised like I usually do and then headed for the showers.What a sight to behold when I entered the gang shower room! There was a guy already in there. He had a nice body, a cock about my size with a... read more


by bobapple

Sep 15, 2013

This may not be a very exciting read for all of you who indulge in anonymous washroom sex but for an old geezer like me, I enjoyed the following occurrence, mild and vanilla as it may have been. I am not being a holier-than-thou guy either. For me to engage in any oral encounter, I would need to know the guy well and be convinced of his being free of disease and cleanliness. So for what it’s... read more

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