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My family doctor recommended that I visit a Urologist and get a prostate exam. I made an appointment with a Dr. who had been around for a long time and am in the exam room waiting for him, I'm naked from the waist down. After a few minutes the Dr. enters, he is a very tall slender man, he is dressed in light gray scrubs which are very thing and which reveal a surprisingly well preserved bubble... read more

Doctor Fantasy

by David Johns

Jul 25, 2015

** This story is a complete fantasy. If it were real, it would be totally inappropriate and could lead to the doctor's losing his license. Just a fantasy. **Dr. James and I would frequently run into each other at the gym. We'd say hello and then do our thing on our own. I did notice his dick, however, when we were both in the showers. It was very nice looking, with a nice foreskin... read more


Physical with Dad

by David Johns

Sep 22, 2014

Dad and I both had to have our annual physicals, and we both went to Dr. Johnson. After waiting quite a while in the waiting room, the doctor asked us both to come back. He explained that his schedule was running behind, and said he needed to ask us something that was kind of unusual: In order to save time, would we be willing to be examined together?Well, Dad and I had frequently seen each... read more

I’d got to the medical suite about twenty minutes before the time the doctor had set up for me with his medic who did physical therapy, and the nurse had told me to go from the medical suite in the embassy office building to the gym – in the men’s locker room there was a therapy room, and that was where I was to wait. I went into the small, windowless room – there were some workspaces around the... read more

Dr. Craig

by NattySoltesz

Aug 23, 2014

Dr. CraigBy Natty SolteszI’d been having this pain in my stomach. In retrospect it was probably just nerves, but mom insisted on sending me to the doctor.I got there by bus on a rainy Wednesday afternoon. I was the only one in the waiting room but I still sat for over an hour. Finally a nurse took me back to an exam room.“Get undressed and put on this robe. Dr. Thompson... read more


Medical History

by Furlong

Aug 05, 2013

MEDICAL HISTORYPart of the 'Butt Monkey' series of stories by Robert Furlong... read more

My Mate

by Foundhim2012

Feb 17, 2013

I knew that walking in downtown would not be a good idea. My thoughts were cut short every-time the man behind me ripped me more. Walking through downtown New Bern at night is pike walking in New York City's alleyways. It is highly..ow!!!!!! Why the fuck did this guy have to be so.................James was found two days later beaten and raped. He had little pulse and was barley... read more

Into the Dark

by Habu

Feb 16, 2013

Momma, please. I won’t talk back anymore. Let me out of the closet, Momma. Or turn on a light. You know how scared I am of the dark. Don’t leave me here in the dark, Momma. Please. Please Momma. Momma? Momma?* * * *Brandon leaned over the low, padded cubicle wall and winked at Colleen and told her she was looking mighty fine today. Then, as he turned and moved down the corridor between... read more


He continued “It looked as though you were both enjoying yourselves when I walked in; I must admit like most other guys I have wondered about gay sex and what it was like”With that he reached out with his hands pacing one on Mike’s chest and one on Keith’s, both men gasped at his touch and glanced at each other.Steve moved his hands back and forth over their two chests “You’re both very... read more

Keith had plenty of time to think over the next week, he was excited about what had happened, but he had never thought about sex with another man before Mike. But he had really enjoyed both meetings and the sex he had with Mike, but at the same time he was worried about the future. What is someone found out about them, it would destroy his marriage; career etc let alone what his 2 sons would... read more

PE Teacher’s Physical Part 2To give himself more time he suggested to Keith “That was fantastic Keith but perhaps we both need time to think about what we have done, why not meet up a week today here and decide?”Keith felt strangely disappointed but said “That would be great Mike, I look forward to that”Both Keith and Mike spent the following week thinking about what had gone on, and... read more

Keith Wilson was 47, married with 2 sons at University, and the PE Teacher at the local school and it was time for a full physical examination.He went about my normal day and headed for the gym about 4:30pm to meet the Doctor. The local doctor was Mike Hardy, a married man in his late thirties with short cropped brown hair and a beard, who had come home to join his father's medical practice... read more

Ask the Doctor, Part 3 -This is a fictional story. Enjoy!Dear Doc: Why can’t I piss and poop at the same time? Signed, Yellow & BrownDear Yellow & Brown: You’re an idiot. Next question please.Dear Doctor: When I married my husband, I knew he was “small”, if you get my meaning. While I don’t have a lot of complaints in the bedroom, I would like to experience a “larger” man.... read more

(This story is true up until masturbation begins. Then it's fantasy.)I was all set to have a routine visit with my urologist, which I do every year. But I was surprised to see another man walk into the examining room who was not the doctor; it was his physician's assistant.... read more

Jason received a call from the doctor, inviting him to dinner the next day. The doctor instructed Jason to wear a white shirt, khakis, and to go commando. Jason figured the doctor was planning something and of course he would go along. Jason could think of several ways to end up in a three-way with the doctor and his wife, but it was the doctor’s fantasy and Jason let him set it up.... read more

AUTHOR'S NOTE: This story originated as The Lawn Boy. If you have not read it, you may want to read that first. Jason's story has developed in a way I had not thought of when I first began writing about him. Thank you for all the comments and feedback I have received. Enjoy.Jason went to his second appointment with the doctor by himself. As he was checking in, all of the office... read more

Doctor's visit

by David Johns

Jun 10, 2012

Andy M. had made an appointment with me for his annual physical exam. I like Andy because he was so friendly, so I knew this would be a nice exam. He was my last patient for the day, so I sent my staff home.When Andy came in, we made a little small talk and then I told him to take off his clothes and I would be right back. I went to the rest room to pee, enjoying the look of urine... read more

Doctor helps me

by David Johns

May 28, 2012

[This is strictly a fantasy. My real doctor would never do anything like this.]I had noticed that my cum didn't shoot as far as it used to, so I decided to visit my urologist to make sure everything was OK. I had gone to this guy for quite a few years and felt very comfortable talking with him and being touched by him. I knew that he would know what to do to help.When the nurse took me... read more

Jason’s businesses continued without any problems. He had Mr. Tucker under control, and that man now sucked his cock better than any of his female clients. Things seemed to be going well for Jason; until his father came into is room one evening. Jason looked up from his computer as his dad entered.“How are things going, Jason,” his dad asked, seeming a little nervous.“Everything is... read more

Dr office j/o

by nudedon66

May 19, 2012

This happened in 1995. Couldn't have sex with the Dr but came close another time. I hurt my back while at work and had to see the dr. I went in at 430pm and was finally taken back to the room at 450pm and the office was supposed to close at 5pm. I was told to strip and put a gown on and the dr will be in. so I changed and there were no gowns so I just sat there nude and waited. Finally the dr... read more

MOUNTAIN CLIMBERA Story from Dr Wallace’s summer, a guy came into my surgery asking if he could talk to me about something which was important to him but which wasn’t, as he put it, “necessarily medical”.Normally I’m far too pushed for time to act as a counsellor, but he was my last appointment before lunch so I nodded and he... read more


Here it was Friday and I had thought about the therapist invite to go back to his house for a free bath and another massage. Now i was beginning to think am I gay ? But then I said to myself I never have been kiss by a man or been fuck by a man or had a desire to do either, so I called him up and went over to his house, when I got there he said he was happy that I had decided to come... read more

After I had had my first full body massage and left the therapist house I was wondering if I should go back for another treatment at the clinic. I decided that I would because if I didn't and I had another problem maybe my company wouldn't want to foot the bill again because I didn't finish the full treatment. I do have to admit it but his treatments where working. I went back on Mon at the same... read more

This is a true story , I was working on a truck trying to put up a gas tank and I tried balancing it with my leg and I got a big pain on my inner upper thigh when I tried to push it up into position ,it was so bad that I drop the tank on the floor. I had a very hard time just trying to stand up. i told my boss what happen and he said to go down to the company clinic that our company uses. I went... read more

Mit etwas Herzklopfen - wie ich es immer kannte, wenn ich, auch früher schon, zu einem Doc musste - klopfte ich an. Der Türöffner schnarrte, und ich trat ein; der Doc begrüßte mich -Gottlob war der Assiboy nicht zu sehen! -, und ich erzählte ihm meine Story.... read more

JULIAN Julian adalah anak-tetanggaku. Kami tinggal di gedung apartemen yang sama. Walaupun umurku dengan Julian terpaut jauh - tetapi aku kenal-baik dia - seperti teman.Sebab,kami terkadang nge-gym bareng dan jogging bareng. Julian masih duduk di SMA/SMU [High-School].Aku suka Julian, karena dia anak baik dan rajin belajar - dia juga seorang cowok yang cakep.Meskipun begitu,Julian bukan... read more

Teil 6:Im Stuhl zurück bleibt ein Trucker, Mordsständer der in die Luft ragt, dicke Eier darunter und nochmals darunter eine ca. 6 cm gespreizte Arschfotze, ein richtig aufgeilendes Bild. Trotz des Abzapfens vorhin scheint der Trucker äußerst bereit zu sein, seinen Samen diesmal auf natürliche Art zu spenden. Da kommt Axel die Idee: Hat er doch letztens ein neues Spielzeug entdeckt... read more

Cooper McLaughlin, the handsome and hung young quarterback on Mike Capiletti's football team stood trembling in the afterglow of an intense orgasm. Sweat glistened on his hairless, alabaster chest like a mirror, making each muscle seem even more defined. Each long breath he took swelled his pecs and made each ridge of his eight-pack tighten. His uncut cock lay twitching against the... read more


As the doctor toweled the sweat pooling in the ridged abs of his trussed captive, he took a moment to admire the heterosexual perfection that was Mike Capiletti, the 25 year old gym teacher. Every taut muscle sheened with perspiration, like polished marble on a greek statue. After having been forced to fuck the milking-machine to three explosive orgasms -- orgasms whose potent... read more

physical exam

by jackjames

Dec 05, 2010

dad had taken his son jack to the tailor to get a jockstrap. Jacks dad was a big fan of jockstrap. When they arrived at the tailor dad got the tailor to take his son to a changing room. there was no one in the store except for jack and his dad and the owner of the store. jacks dad asked if the tailor could meaure jacks penis. jack got embarassed but his dad see each other naked all the time. The... read more

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