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WHAT HAPPENED IN HARVEY'S ROOMPART 1: CIRCLE JERKby Robert five of us gathered round Harvey's laptop, pulled our dicks out and he loaded up the movie so we could all wank off to it.I was new to the academy and I'd never been in a circle jerk before, so it seemed funny and horny at the same time for us... read more

First time Part-1-of-1.This past summer during a few days off from work, I found myself home surfing through some cruising sites online. I was trying to building up the nerve to actually meet someone and suck my first dick. I had been thinking about it for months but the time was never right. Today would be different, my wife was away for the day and I was off work..I drove over to the... read more

First GulpPart-1-of-1.I got up, my legs trembling slightly, breathing hard and sat on the edge of the bed. Joel rolled off the bed and moved around and stood in front of me. .... read more

A New Adult Bookstore Part-1-of-1I had gone to an adult bookstore in the past, not far from my house, but usually to browse through the books and magazines and to watch a movie or two. There was always something exciting about it, the allure and the ever present smell of sex. Just being ‘dirty’ I guess. Then I became a salesman and had a territory some 300 miles wide, encompassing... read more

Billy Bob Gets his Dick suckedPart-2-of-2.Before he could say anything I hopped out of the car and quickly went around to open his door. He was trying to put his cock back in his pants but I was having none of that. I reached in and grabbed him by his cock and lead him the roughly thirty feet to his front door. It’s a good thing it was so late at night...and he didn't protest..I’d been... read more

Billy Bob Gets his Dick SuckedPart-1-of-2.My best friend, Billy Bob (and why I don’t know it was always Billy Bob, never just Billy or Bill...always Billy Bob) and I had been out to the bars with other friends, but they were being drunken idiots and that wasn’t either of our styles. We were in a 24 hour diner getting a midnight breakfast and some coffee. We were just about the only people... read more


The Furlong Gene

by Furlong

Dec 31, 2015

... read more

Jerry and I were best friends - inseparable. As boys, we believe we know a lot about sex - but, of course, knew little.One Saturday in July, we'd been out hanging around various favorite places - just doing mid-teens guy stuff. We ran out of things to do, so went to my parents' house. I had a bedroom on the 2nd floor - 2 twin beds. No one else around - and no one expected. As such, we went to... read more

CuriousPart-1-of-1I’m Arnold an 18 year old senior in high school. Seeing the other boys for years in the shower after gym class made me curious. I placed an ad on the inter-net a couple of months back and started emailing a guy named Kevin. We finally exchanged cell phone numbers and spoke on the phone for a few weeks. Kevin, having already graduated was 2 years older than me. I... read more

Okay - first chapter .... hope you enjoy.Let me know what you think. The main character is based on myself from the looks to the desire he has to be a real man's lover. Feel free to hit me up guys. Dlcollegejock69@yahoo.comIsland Rituals II saw him from across the party, a tall, mocha vision of broad shoulders and rippling muscles, skin glistening with sweat as he danced in the... read more

I go SUB

by anyman2

Dec 07, 2015

I would welcome comments at A look back at the first time I sucked cock. While I loved eating Pussy I wasn't getting any. I thought about male sex but not seriously. As time wore on, I became desperate. I started searching the net and chatted with a few guys. Finally, one sent me his phone number and it scared the hell out of me. In my desperation for sex, I decided to... read more

My first Tim e So one day after school ,it had been a long day and I was now juust lying on on my bed in my room texting on my phone when all of a sudden my best friend walks in the door (lets call him Tim ) so Tim was a black , dark skinned guy who was about 6ft 3 inches and was fairly muscular since he had started working out lately so he walks in and I do a complete stare of his body... read more

Richard taught me the pleasures of gay sex and, quite early in our relationship, I discovered the joys of threesomes. I had spent several evenings with Richard at his flat, for good company and great sex, but on this particular occasion there was another man there when I arrived. “This is my friend Graham” Richard said. “I have told him all about you and he wanted to meet you”.... read more

Richard's flat

by Phil Roberts

Dec 03, 2015

Richard gave me my first experience of gay sex in the fitting room of his shop. All those years of lusting after the men rather than the women in straight magazines, because I had never seen a gay magazine, had come true.I enjoyed sucking his cock that first time and I enjoyed it even even more the second, third and fourth times as I got to know Richard and started to relax with him.... read more

Young GuysPart-1-of-1.I recently had an experience with a young married guy in my neighborhood that I meet on line. He came over here and I gave him his first man to man blowjob. He was so horny that he shot his load in my mouth within seconds after I put my mouth on his dick. I haven't heard from him since but I find that is common with straight guys, just a one time fairly anonymous... read more

I was doing my usual thing one Saturday which was Willy watching on the beach, I had done so many times and loved seeing guys with an obvious hard on. I was 18 and had never had an encounter with either sex but sure had the urge to do so but as I seemed to make eyes at guys I knew it would be hard to have any sex. There was a man sat alone he must have been about fifty but he was lean... read more

Discovering that I’m a Cocksucker Part-1-of-1.In this forum, in anonymity, I’m not afraid to say it: I have an unbelievably high libido and all my adult life sucking cock has been just about the most important thing to me. My friends all rib me about my promiscuity, but I don’t think even they know how central swallowing cum is to my life. When I’m not doing it, somewhere in my mind I’m... read more

I'm now a straight 58 years old. I have only had one male encounter. I was a rock hard body 23 years old. Just out of the military.My friend sense 7 grade and had ask me over for the evening. It was a very hot day so all I had on was a pair of 505 cut offs a little to short and going commando.It was starting to get dark outside and he let's some candles and put some new age music... read more

Standard legal stuff applies. All characters in this tale are fictitious.When I was in High School, I was on the swim team and because swim,practice went late I had to take the bus home instead of getting a ride from my mom. When I was a senior I heard this friend of mine telling me about hitch hiking and getting hit on. I had a perpetual hard on at the time and just wanted to try... read more

My fantasyPart-1-of-1 .I'm in my 30's and my first time was a couple of years ago. I'd fantasized about it a lot, secretly though, never spoken to anyone else about it. I'd let 2 guys suck me off and checked out a few online ads and a lot of porn. I finally got my nerve up and saw an ad I liked on craigslist. We e-mailed back and forth a little. He sent me some e-mails of his cock; one... read more

Journal Entry #1He was cute and nervous about the idea of kissing a guy but I could see his bulging cock underneath his jeans. He wanted it. He craved it and I could tell he wasn't going to let his fear control his urge to kiss me. I put my fingers on his arm as I told him we could go as slow as he wanted. He mustered enough courage to pull me in and whisper in my ear,... read more

The Great Storm

by Phil Roberts

Oct 19, 2015

I felt the need to write this story after watching BBC News this morning. It was this day 28 years ago – 16 October 1987 - that we woke to the aftermath of the Great Storm in South East England. It was also this day 28 years ago that I first had sex with a man, in fact my first sex with anybody.I was 24 at the time and still living with my parents. I had thought I might be gay since... read more

My firstPart-1-of-1My first time was as a college freshman. I was very, very shy and a loner. I took a swimming class. In this class there was a guy named Clifford who used to be very pushy. I avoided him all the time and in the locker room I made sure to take a locker far from every body. Fortunately the class was very small. There were only about 4 guys and 3 girls so I was always able to... read more

First blowjobPart-1-of-1.I can’t remember the first time I thought about sucking a dick. It's just kind of always been there, lurking in the back of my mind. I wondered what it would be like to suck a cock. This thought has been happening more and more lately. I'm not sure if it was my desire to try it that was growing, or just the influence of the internet on my mind. .I'm 30 and can... read more

In Germany at 11-o-clock at morning in quiet town, there was one sexy blonde German guy named Friedhelm waited for his friends to come to his house for just hang out. He had ideas about fun he could entertain with his friends to win any kinds of it. In the appearance of Friedhelm, he was 5’11” tall, 21 years old, lean fit build, had buzz cut as hairstyle. He just read the motorcycle magazine... read more

The visitPart-1-of-1.When I knocked, the door was quickly opened. He stood in the doorway for a moment, looking at me with a lopsided know it all grin that I wasn’t sure what to do with. He was handsome enough, a day of stubble, broad shoulders, perhaps ten years older than me. He stepped aside and motioned for me to come in. ..... read more

After a long night of drinking at a sea-side bar,then a party until 7 a.m.,I walked back to the small cottage I had rented with my uncle,but found myself horny so I went out to our private beach and got naked,and started jerking-off.After awhile I fell asleep, I was awoken by a black guy with his 10... read more

Encounter at an Adult bookstorePart-1-of-1.I always considered myself to be pretty macho guy, only attracted to women. But one day I went to an adult bookstore and that all changed. When I entered the store and there were a few guys looking around the magazine racks and checking out the videos they had for sale. I just happened to glance out the corner of my eye and noticed that another guy... read more


by Buttascotch26

Aug 20, 2015

The alarm goes off, and I immediately jump out of my sleep. Damn this hangover is killing me. My head is throbbing, it feels like my brain is pounding on my skull, but i have to get up. I can't afford to be late, being a singer with the reputation that I've worked so hard to build. I have a performance at this new club named... read more

Blew a straight guyPart-1-of-1.I met a guy through an ad I placed in a str8 magazine in my area offering my cocksucking for a str8 guy. I’d placed the ad and put my cell phone in it and waited about 4 weeks until the magazine came out. After I finally went to an Adult Bookstore and saw the issue and found my ad I waited for a reply. I’d done this a few years back and hooked up with a guy in... read more

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