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June 2003, I had just turned 18 a week ago, I was finally a Man! Legally anyways, but I'd been living on my own for the better part of three years now. I had developed a pretty nasty crystal meth addiction at around the age of 16, which in turn led to me dropping out of school and becoming a full time dope dealer. I floated from couch to couch, was in and out of juvenile... read more

On Friday at night time in West Hollywood, his gay friends and Irving went to very new huge bathhouse club that has lots of Jacuzzis for good time. They arrived at there and got VIP tickets by paid for 6 people to partying and get warm in hot tub as the individual room as if they already make reservation before anyone took over. “Let me guiding you to room, my bro,” hot black host friendly... read more

Hunter Part-1-of-1.I was on my fishing boat, working the coves of my favorite lake all afternoon on this warm summer day, with limited success I might add. I spotted him just as I was coming around a bend. He was all alone tanning on the white sandy beach, a healthy looking young man with blonde hair and with a smooth swimmers build. I was surprised to see that he was sunbathing in the... read more

Eighteenth Birthday Part-1-of-1 .I don’t mind telling you that I Was excited. It was my 18 Th birthday and my first trip to an adult movie theater. When I moved across the lobby and walked into the darkened theater the smell had been overwhelming. The pungent aroma of sex was thick in the air. The room reeked of the quasi-chlorine smell of cum, cigarettes, sweat and the pungent ammonia... read more

My First BlowjobPart-1-of-1He looked around the dark parking lot nervously and smiled when he was sure we were alone.The sound of his zipper echoed inside my head as he reached into his pants and fished out his cock. It was still just semi-erect but already long and thick with a swollen purple head that glistened with pre-cum. I could feel my mouth water with anticipation. I’d never... read more

I was in my forty's when this happened before this I wouldn't have thought that I ever would do this with another male. I was straight and married I was very happy with my wife and especially with our sex life's. I had met with the guy that I ended up having sex with my first wife, we use to exchange sex partners and we had become very good friends. My ex wife and I would meet my... read more

In early 2030s, there are lots of international students in West Hollywood, California at small private porn university. Most of them look so insanely hot, walked around park near beautiful modern building in college area. They wore too sexy because of that rule as if they have to be open-minded and friendly in somehow silly in way to get good grade. If they flunk it, they must stay there until... read more

THE HALFWAY INN PART 1by Robert glanced across at Pete as I took off my shirt. Perhaps because he was a lot younger than me, he seemed oblivious to any sense of self-consciousness or embarrassment that the two of us were having to share a room and get undressed together. He looked young enough to have graduated from... read more

COCK WORSHIPPER PART 7by Jason read more

As a teen, I was into competitive swimming and owned several speedo like swim trunks. I discovered my enjoyment for wearing these, the smell of chlorine water and the sight of men wearing very little. By the time I was 19, I had a full on obsession. I could hardly go swimming without having to masturbate, just to get rid of my erection.I went to the same indoor pool twice a week and... read more

My First BlowjobPart-1-of-1He looked around the dark parking lot nervously and smiled when he was sure we were alone.The sound of his zipper echoed inside my head as he reached into his pants and fished out his cock. It was still just semi-erect but already long and thick with a swollen purple head that glistened with pre-cum. I could feel my mouth water with anticipation. I’d never... read more

Doubling Up Part 3

by Furlong

Sep 28, 2014

DOUBLING UP PART 3by Robert felt odd for my son and me to be squatting naked together, his back rubbing against mine, but I was sure it must feel even stranger for his best mate Marcus who was lying out on our front room carpet, facing upwards at our two splayed bums and pressing the twinned heads of a double-ended... read more

Sam has been on the beach all day and now needs a ride home to Manchestersam: me 18 year old teen, in shorts n tee after sunbathing on a beach all day. smooth bodied slim swimmer buildrob: Im early 40s, 5ft 11, ex rugby muscularsam: hotrob: Ok I see you and I pull up aheadsam: i run up to ur car, me in shorts tee n trainers with a small rucsac on my backrob: Hi. where you going... read more

Sam naked in the locker roompup: would be wicked to take your clothes from the gym so u had to stay nakedsam: bastard lol. What - while I’m in the shower you mean?pup: watch you search, everyone else dressing. You bullock naked out the showersam: I’ve left my locker unlocked by accident, and leave my towel outside the shower areapup: All your shit in therepup: I take the towel too,... read more

I have always thought of myself as straight with a little flair. I had been going to a gay sauna in Brisbane every few months for over 3 years but it always ended the same. Go there hoping for sex and end up having a wank by myself because I'm to scared of it hurting. Anyway today was a little different, I got to the sauna and I have told myself that I wasn't leaving until I had sex. So... read more

Me and my Brother

by Tom1091

Sep 23, 2014

My brother and I have always been close. We literally did everything together. He was a few years older than me, though it didn't matter much to us. My name is Eric and my brother is Dylan. I'm shorter with blonde hair and Dylan is tall with brown hair.Over the years we spent together i developed a crush on him but I thought it was innocent. I'd sneak peeks of him in the shower or... read more

COCK WORSHIPPER PART 6by Jason've already told you how I used to avoid PE lessons because of all the piss-takes I used to get in the showers after Bulmer told the whole school how I went down on him.Well, this particular week I happened to go to PE and I ended up feeling very glad that I did.Before I start this... read more

I had to leave on a business trip the day after our... read more

My name is Brad, I am a 40 year old, professional, fit, guy. People tell me I'm attractive, but I've never really concerned myself about that. I had been married, but am widowed now. I have had gay thoughts and urges since I was very young, but I had never done much more than fantasize. I've always kept the feeling suppressed within myself for some reason.After my wife passed, I knew... read more

Having A Laugh

by Furlong

Aug 03, 2014

HAVING A LAUGHby Robert started out with the two of us having a laugh. I showed Reece some photos on my phone of our mates doing stupid shit with their cocks out and he said we should go one better and pretend like we were doing gay stuff.So that's how it started and it seemed really funny at the time. Grabbing... read more

When we are in high school,We have our friends and we have our best friends. Tyler McKay was probably one of the best friends I have ever had the pleasure of having. We even attended the same college. Total opposites, he was a free thinker with an open mind and a beautiful architecture. I was the quarter back of our small college football team that wanted something more. I had been... read more

Was schon immer unausweichlich war.Wir hatten immer guten Sex und viel Spaß dabei. David und ich hatten uns vor etwa zwei Jahren im Internet kennen gelernt. Genauer gesagt auf Gayromeo. Er war damals 25 und ich 21. Begonnen hatte es mit einem Date in Berlin, bei dem wir auch schon unser erstes Mal miteinander hatten. Es hatte von Anfang an gepasst. Ich mochte seinen kräftigeren, athletischen... read more

This is my first sexual experience and still one of my hottest experiences ever. I grew up next door to my friend Gerald and we always stayed over at each others house on the weekends, on this weekend Gerald parents were away, his mum was always away on business and his dad was fishing with a friend for the weekend. Gerald had gone to bed early so i went to his parents room to sleep... read more

Sam snatched after a football game and used Private Chatsam: hi theremike: hi...hows u sam: doing good tasam: excited that u want to kidnap me in rpmike: love the idea of stalking and snatching a lad. snatch u in ur kit after a gamesam: nice one yeahmike: muddy...sweatysam: me hot n exhaustedmike: easy preysam: hehesam: drag me to ur van before i can begin to... read more

AWAKE WITH JAKE PART 4by Robert looked at the clock. It was going on for three. At this rate, I was going to need half a jar of coffee to get me going in the morning.I'd been enjoying having horny thoughts about the first time I'd hooked up with Marcus, and it had been nice to lie here snuggling into his back and... read more

Senior Year

by nathanieldupont

Jun 08, 2014

My name is Nathaniel; I'm 6.3ft, dark brown hair, hazel eyes. by the time this storie happened I was part of the football team and just turned 18, beefy arms, really nice six pack and a pretty bubble butt... and let's not forget pretty hung (8.2inch) It all started the first day of my senior year...After spending all summer partying with my friends and my former GF in the hamptons,... read more

I got into bed with Marcus, having to push him to one side so that the two of us could fit into the single bed.... read more

It was my first time ever at a bathhouse, I was checking out the hot young stud action and getting hard as a rock. I decided to rent a room and went inside. I lay on my belly an left a tube of k y and a condom on the dresser. After 5 minutes someone came in. I turned to look. It ws the most beautiful boy of 18 with a thick throbbing 8 inch cock in his hand. He started to put on the ky and the... read more

AWAKE WITH JAKE PART 2by Robert read more

Fun Massage

by NewJerseyGuy123

May 12, 2014

I've been friends with Roger for years. Like some gay buddies (so I've read), we would sometimes jerkoff together while watching porn - so we were pretty comfortable nude together and being ourselves with one another. I recall one night a few years back I was over for dinner - catching up and enjoying each others company. After clearing the dishes, we decided to do a little internet cruising... read more

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