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After I met my wife, We enjoyed talking to other men, women or couples about my foreskin. Before I met my wife, I was embarrassed and shy when around other women. Especially in a new relationships when I was in School. I was an athlete and all the other guys were circumcised on the team. They openly teased me as a friend but not to be cruel. We passed around or picked up other team... read more

I recently met a local couple at a bar. They got on the subject of infant circumcision and I had told them that we did not have my son circumcised and that my wife and I didn't believe in it because I was uncut and we have had great foreplay and sex. They said the same and by talking about it the rest of the evening, we all got turned on and they invited me back to their house for a 3-... read more

I masturbated as far back as I can remember. I loved how my foreskin made me feel and the things I could find to do with it or to it. I was extremely disappointed when I tore my frenulum. I was more upset because I thought it would never be the same. The doctor tried very hard to get me to agree to a circumcision. He said it was the best opportunity to cut off the foreskin and... read more

Intro to Docking

by David Johns

Sep 01, 2014

Decades ago, before the age of mini-cams and when it was much safer to look for sex in men's rest rooms, a favorite hang-out of mine was in a J.C. Penney's store in suburban Washington, D.C. Located on the second floor, not many men seemed to use it, so it was a great place to meet up with like-minded horny guys.One day as I was sitting in a stall waiting, another guy (older than I was)... read more

Quick Looks

by David Johns

Aug 23, 2014

I really needed to piss, and as I entered the men's room I saw that there were 3 urinals without any dividers. I usually stand at the left one, so I can possibly see another guy's dick if he's holding it with his right hand. (wink)In came another guy who stood at the right one, with the one between us vacant. As I peed I took a quick peek at his dick. It was about my size, but he was cut.... read more

By chance

by David Johns

Aug 16, 2014

I was going down a local highway on my way home from an evening meeting. I saw that a rest stop was ahead so I decided to stop to take a piss.There was one car in the parking lot, so I assumed that at least one other person would be there. But I sure didn't know what was going to happen!As I went into the men's room, I saw that there were two urinals without a divider, and two stalls... read more

BobApple and I have been enjoying each other's foreskin-related stories here at MOTNES for some time. We have also seen each other's dick pics on other sites, and have shared e-mails back and forth. But something new was getting ready to happen.BobApple wrote me that he would be in my city for a one-night stay at a hotel, and I was welcome to visit him if I wished. Of course I said yes. I... read more


by David Johns

Jun 19, 2014

Daniel and I had known each other since graduate school. We had both taken a class in human sexuality, so we had talked about sexual matters in class and privately but we had never seen each other's cocks or done anything together. This year, he and I were going to share a hotel room at an out-of-town business conference.After the final meeting we went up to our room. I decided to make the... read more


by bobapple

Jun 12, 2014

Several months ago, Paul, one of my online email buddies, mentioned what a thrill it might be for us to dock with each other. Paul is circumsized but he has a fondness for uncut dick. He mentioned docking again last month. As luck or good fortune would have it, my wife and I needed to visit his fair city. As Elvis would sing,... read more

Hotel rooom

by David Johns

Jun 03, 2014

I was at a three-day business conference, and I was sharing a room with a guy from another part of the country whom I had never met. I was really looking forward to learning more about him.Soon Brian arrived. He looked very nice, about my age, and about my built. We exchanged pleasantries, and then a need arose. He needed to shower before the first meeting that night, and I decided that I... read more

The Professor

by vacili

May 27, 2014

Hi Guys I just couldn't wait to write this story I am a student at UCI in Irvine Ca.For the longest time now I have had a professor names John and I am Steve studying anatomy. I always notice John he is six foot six with a mustache and blonde wavy hair and I can not help but notice the huge bulge in his pants day after day.Well one evening around ten p.m. he asked me after class if I would... read more


by bobapple

May 18, 2014

I awoke at 4:00AM with that warm fuzzy feeling throughout my whole body. My right hand had a fully erect penis in its fist. Mine. I was thinking about that gas station guy and how delightful it would be to run into him again. Maybe in a washroom. I'd stand at the middle urinal, unzip and pull out my pecker. If my bladder lets me, I'd hold off on taking a leak. When he enters, I start pissing. I... read more


by David Johns

Apr 28, 2014

Daniel and I had been friends from work for some time. We were getting ready to know each other much better as we had been sent to a business meeting and would be sharing a hotel room.After the meeting, as we relaxed in our hotel room, I asked Daniel if he would mind if I stripped since I really enjoyed laying around nude. He said no, and that he would join me. So we stripped off our... read more

THE BRIDE'S BROTHER PART 2by Robert threw our jackets on the floor and then kissed again, grinding our erections together through our open zippers, regardless of the fact we were smearing each other's precum across the fronts of our trousers.Ricky smiled as my tongue entered his mouth and this time he let me... read more

Mr. Edwards

by bobapple

Apr 12, 2014

About 35 years ago I was hospitalized for dehydration from a nasty flu/bug/virus or something. I was in a ward with 4 beds. I was hooked up too two IV’s and told to stay flat on my back. When I was admitted, I was so weak, I had passed out in the ER. During the week, I gradually became more aware of my surroundings and my room mates. Looking past my feet, that bed was occupied by a 20 year old,... read more

Craig and I had been friends in the office for some time. I didn't know anything about him sexually other than that he was married and had kids. I had never seen him at the urinals so I didn't have any idea what his dick looked like. But all of that was going to change.Craig and I were going to an out-of-town business conference, and we had been asked to share a hotel room. That was fine... read more

A dream or real?

by David Johns

Feb 19, 2014

Brian's car was stuck in the ice and snow and he couldn't move it, so I offered to let him stay at my home. He said he was grateful, but of course he didn't have any pajamas. I said that was fine since I don't wear pajamas either.... read more

Double D Dorm Pt. II

by Solo_DR

Feb 13, 2014

Double D. Dorm II : A lesson in giving head.I had just had the most amazing experience of my life. The most amazing sexual experience I ever had. The first sexual experience I ever had. It was my first week in college, and I had an asshole of a roommate, Omar. But what he and his girlfriend Luna surprised me with, when I returned home from class one morning, changed my life and my... read more


by David Johns

Feb 08, 2014

There is this guy whom I frequently see in the locker room at the local gym who has looked my way (meaning towards my crotch when I am naked) on a regular basis. Of course I return the favor by looking his way (meaning toward his crotch when he is naked) on a regular basis, too.One day, when it was nearly closing time for the gym, I was in the gang shower beginning to wash myself when this... read more

All events are … surprise, not based an real events or real people. There is Male/Male sex and later even incest in this story so if you're not 18 or older than pleaseleave, but than again … I can't stop you.This is my first try to write an erotic story (and English not being my native language doesn't makeit easier) so please feel free to comment, suggest and criticize just... read more

By chance (?)

by David Johns

Jan 17, 2014

Some of my guy friends and I decided to camp out together one weekend. We each had our own tent, and we placed out tents around a safe campfire in the middle.I did not know one of the guys very well. He was really... read more


A guy and I both arrived at the one-person men's room at the same time, and we could each tell that the other guy needed to pee as much as he did.... read more

In the steam room

by David Johns

Dec 21, 2013

At the end of my workout session at the local gym I really enjoy going into the steam room. The warm, moist air really helps me relax, and I stay as long as I feel I can. Today, though, I was in for a big surprise.When I opened the door of the steam room, I saw someone else was already in there. It was a friend from work, Jerry. Even though we had known each other for some time, we had... read more


by bobapple

Dec 07, 2013

Hi there, I hope you get a chuckle out of this.When I entered the washroom this afternoon, it was crowded armpit deep. All the stalls and urinals were occupied. There was a guy waiting for an opening by standing with his back against the first sink. I went over to the 3rd sink and leaned against it and waited. Another guy came in and looked around and said... read more

Can I? Huh?

by David Johns

Dec 05, 2013

Kevin and I had been friends for many years. We had shared rooms at out-of-town meetings, we had showered together at the local gym, and we freely talked about sex and other private subjects. But I wasn't ready for what was going to happen next!We were standing next to each other in a men's room, peeing. Kevin was circumcised, and I noticed him looking at my dick more than usual (we always... read more

Dad and me

by David Johns

Nov 28, 2013

One time when I was home from college I thought that I had the house to myself for several hours, so I stripped, found some porn on the Internet, and started to jack off.Little did I know that my father had come home earlier than I thought. I was so engrossed in what I was viewing and what I was doing that I was unaware that he had come in the back door and walked over to the family room... read more

A Man in My Bed

by Furlong

Nov 28, 2013

A MAN IN MY BEDPart of the 'Butt Monkey' series of stories by Robert Furlong... read more

Greek man

by David Johns

Nov 04, 2013

Constatine was a friend of mine from the local gym. I had seen him changing from his street clothes to his swim suit several times, so I knew he had a nice cock about the size of mine with a nice tapering foreskin (Greek men seem to have the hottest looking foreskins!). But we had never showered at the same time.This afternoon, though, it happened. Constantine and I both entered the shower... read more

Lying on sofa

by David Johns

Oct 28, 2013

[The part about the lube is true. The setting of the story is fantasy.]I was relaxing on my sofa dressed in just some gym shorts (no shirt, no underwear). Because the sun was shining so brightly through the window, I decided to wear sunglasses.My friend from down the street came in the back door quietly (he knew he was always welcome, so he didn't have to knock). With the sunglasses I... read more

FATHER AND SON MOMENTSPart of the 'Butt Monkey' series of stories by Robert Furlong===... read more

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