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by UCSJM38

Sep 03, 2014

Got to tell you I like where our younger generation is headed.I had a day off during the week and decided to head out to a known location by the river where mostly all gay guys know to go to lay out, pick up on or meet for some action. Although it was a weekday, there were an abundance of men laying around and cruising the area. I made my pass and didn't see a single guy who had a... read more

Intro to Docking

by David Johns

Sep 01, 2014

Decades ago, before the age of mini-cams and when it was much safer to look for sex in men's rest rooms, a favorite hang-out of mine was in a J.C. Penney's store in suburban Washington, D.C. Located on the second floor, not many men seemed to use it, so it was a great place to meet up with like-minded horny guys.One day as I was sitting in a stall waiting, another guy (older than I was)... read more

Out on a Dirt Road

by KotaBoy19

Aug 29, 2014

I just turned 18 maybe a couple months fresh, and I was staying with my cousin out in a small country town. I had been there a few weeks and I started getting a little hot, not just because the temperature was 98 evenall day. I was in a rural area in a town of 300 or so people and as far as I knew none of them were into guys. So I went to the internet, I had heard of... read more

my second encounter

by jeff4381

Aug 27, 2014

Finally i had masturbated in front of another guy he told me he was fifty eight years old i was still eighteen and when i masturbated for afterwards he asked me if i would do it for him and two of his friends it made me nervous but i said yes i went to this house and there three older guys sitting there and they asked me to touch myself in front of them i hesitated doing it for one guy... read more

my first time

by jeff4381

Aug 27, 2014

It started in Ft lauderdale i got stranded and was drinking and asked this random older guy for a ride home he said he would and as we we were driving he asked if i was gay i said no he asked have you ever thought about it i answered yes but i had never done anything he asked me what i thought about i told him masturbating in front of another guy i was so nervous telling him that i was... read more

Es war einer dieser dunklen, tristen Herbsttage an denen man eigentlich den ganzen Tag nicht so recht weiß was man tun soll. Ich war gerade 19 geworden, hatte vor kurzem mein Abi gemacht und jetzt jede Menge Zeit. Das Studium würde erst im Oktober beginnen und die viele Freizeit wollte ich dazu nutzen meine Erfahrungen mit Männern zu intensivieren. Seit ich als Jugendlicher gemerkt hatte, dass... read more

My name is Brad, I am a 40 year old, professional, fit, guy. People tell me I'm attractive, but I've never really concerned myself about that. I had been married, but am widowed now. I have had gay thoughts and urges since I was very young, but I had never done much more than fantasize. I've always kept the feeling suppressed within myself for some reason.After my wife passed, I knew... read more

I started working part-time for an IT firm in the city, to help support my University life. It was good experience as I was going to be a computing graduate anyway. I liked having cash so I could live above the basic student level.I had a bit of a dirty secret. I was really into older men. As I was only 20, there were plenty of those around. I liked to go to a particular swimming pool... read more

I guess it is safe to say that I'm a daddy's boy. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. In school, I tended to get what I wanted from the older teachers. Of course, I never did any sexual favors until a few days after I had turned 18. My gym teacher, Mr. Browning was one of the teachers I had wrapped around my finger and I knew he would do whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. I... read more

This is my first sexual experience and still one of my hottest experiences ever. I grew up next door to my friend Gerald and we always stayed over at each others house on the weekends, on this weekend Gerald parents were away, his mum was always away on business and his dad was fishing with a friend for the weekend. Gerald had gone to bed early so i went to his parents room to sleep... read more

Die Geschichte die ich euch jetzt erzähle ist so abgefahren, dass ich sie selbst noch gar nicht richtig glauben kann und das obwohl ich sie erst vor wenigen Tagen so erlebt habe! Aber am besten falle ich nicht gleich mit der Tür ins Haus und erzähle euch erst mal etwas von mir: Mein Name ist Moritz Wang und ich bin 18 Jahre alt. Ich bin Halbasiate, genauer gesagt kommt mein Vater aus... read more

I love older men, daddies to be exact, a hot older men that love fucking younger men, dream about it younger men and want nothing more than a young man in his bed so that he can make him his boy and show him how a young man should treat his daddy. And, I love a daddy with a big cock. I like a thick 7 or 71/2 inch cock and have even had an 8 inch one.I recently met a daddy that I had been... read more

You need to know the initial background of this to see how what just happend came to be, so although I'm pretty sure I told you about my gay sauna a few months ago (maybee not all the detail but I am sure I mentioned it like a month ago when we spoke?). If not - basically this is the details ... and you will understand when you read what happened today why its relvant in how I ended up... read more

My first ever male on male action, my first ever real lover and my first older man...It all started back in high school, bully which lead to what seemed like a fairy tale. As a freshmen entering high school, and being one of 100 asian students I was bullied quite a lot. Spent most of my time studying, playing baseball and studying. My group of friends were mostly white, since the school... read more

Stuart Miller hatte schon immer die Fähigkeit sich in Schwierigkeiten zu bringen. Schon als er noch in der Grundschule war zog er immer den Ärger von Lehrern und Eltern auf sich. Das lag vor allem daran, dass er immer schnell die Beherrschung verlor. Es verging kein Tag an dem er sich nicht von irgendeinem Mitschüler geärgert fühlte und diesem zur Strafe ein paar Schläge oder Tritte... read more

Letztes Kapitel: Eine vereinte FamilieIch war ganz in Gedanken versunken während ich in Granpas Armen lag und er zärtlich über meinen nackten Körper strich.„Was ist los Patrick? Hat es dir heute keinen Spaß gemacht?“ fragte er besorgt.„Nein das ist es nicht Grandpa. Es ist nur... ich vermisse Dad so sehr“ antwortete ich bedrückt.„Das verstehe ich ja mein Junge, aber denk daran... read more

Alonso was not a bad kid. But there was something different about him. But I guess I'm getting ahead of myself. My name is Matthew Carns. I teach twelfth grade English at St. Manuel's School For Boys. Alonso Ortiz is one of my students. He's not a trouble maker and always scores above average on his tests. Though I suspect that with just a little more effort he could excel. Alonso seems to be a... read more

All names real or implied are fictional and just made up.The man that lived on the place next to us was an older man. He was married and had two boys. They were older than i was. His wife always smiled at me. We shared a common back fence. The older mans name was Dr. Holmgrain. He was mostly bald and combed his hair over the top of his head. He was one of those older guys that... read more

In an Alley Way

by Solo_DR

Mar 04, 2014

In an Alley WayWhen I was 18, and still in high school, there was this certain special shortcut I used to take home everyday. It ran through this really secluded area of town, near a bunch of old abandon factories that ran alone the train tracks on the outskirts of town. It was a real spooky place. It was like a ghost town of abandoned factories, that most people wouldn't dare venture... read more

60th Birthday Orgy

by damptrunks

Mar 02, 2014

I arrived at the party as my job requested, it was an old man's 60th birthday and his friends wanted a young male stripper, for him. It sounded like there wasn't too much going on in the hotel room, unlike the wilder ladies nights I had stripped for.I knocked on the door and waited for the response. A man answered the door. He was was probably in his fifties but not bad looking, as he... read more

________On Friday at the large mansion with all lighting on in the warm evening, it was so beautiful house for everyone who wanted to live. There’s blowing-your-mind fountain located at center of the around driveway near the entrance of the building. The tan broken stone masonry settled on every wall to show its detail. It has phenomenal landscape as many bushes as the fence, one willow tree near... read more

I made porn films back in the 80s. A lot of them. They paid money that enabled me to pursue an education I would never have been able to afford otherwise. Twenty years later those films came back to haunt me and a nephew living with me found out about them. Repackaged on DVD with pictures of how I looked back then, they were displayed in the adult section of most video stores.What... read more

Mr. Barnes

by DavidGS744

Jan 28, 2014

**My first story. Any feedback is appreciated!**I remember graduating from college. I had just finished going to school for civil engineering, and had a summer's worth of free time between finishing school and starting at an engineering job. My friends and I started hanging out all the time, my job at the downtown coffee shop gave me a small pay raise, and my parents announced a party... read more

Sechzehntes Kapitel: Das Praktikum„Du siehst toll aus, der Anzug steht dir wirklich ausgezeichnet!“ sagte Grandpa der mich dabei beobachtete, wie ich unsicher meine Krawatte enger zog. „Meinst du wirklich Granpda?“„Ja aber sicher doch, du wirst gleich einen guten Eindruck in der Firma machen, das verspreche ich dir!“ antwortete er und legte seine Hände auf meine Schultern.... read more

The Marine Sweats At Dawn.I awoke at 05:35 with a raging hardon, right out of the middle of a HOT dream about my even hotter former French Canadian lover, JP (Jean-Pierre), whom I’d seen the year before again while on a trip back to Paris. JP was about the only recurring stud who visited me in my dreams, his ass always needing another slam-fucking, always his hot swimmer’s body inviting... read more

Last Rodeo

by Habu

Jan 19, 2014

Lattimore stopped at corner of the cookhouse as he was crossing from the main house of his ranch outside Laramie, Wyoming, to the corral to train the quarter horse he’d bought on the last cattle drive to Omaha. He leaned on a fence and watched young Kit chopping wood. The young man was stripped to the waist while he chopped.Bulking up real good, Lattimore thought. Maybe it wasn’t such a bad... read more


by Habu

Jan 19, 2014

“First the tide rushes in, plants a kiss on the shore . . .”Matt often started a set with something quiet and slow, like “Ebb Tide,” when there was a convention or two in the hotel, like there was today—electricians and bankers. What a combination. Something quiet tended to settle and quiet them down to the point that he could stand it.It wasn’t a question of being a prima donna and... read more

SURPRISE NUMBER 1There were times that my dreams brought back the memories of the last time I had seen my older brother but today it was a message online from my nephew. I recalled that early morning all those years ago stood in my brother’s living room when he had confronted me. I had stayed the night on his couch after a night out on the town with him and his mates and had woke up and... read more

Fünfzehntes Kapitel: Ferien bei GrandpaIch lag in meinem Bett und versuchte einzuschlafen, doch immer wieder kreisten meine Gedanken um den morgigen Tag. Mein Sohn würde morgen früh von meinem Vater abgeholt werden um bei ihm Ferien zu machen. Schon jetzt war mir klar, dass die vier bevorstehenden Wochen ohne meinen Patrick ziemlich einsam werden würden. Früher, bevor Patrick zu mir... read more

Tiga bulan yang lalu aku baru keluar dari penjara . Biografi singkat mengenaiku, tinggi 178cm, berat 69kg. Tubuhku proporsional dan atletis. Memiliki perut six pack dan kulit berwarna putih. Hidung mancung , mata tajam, rambut botak tipis, memiliki kumis dan brewok tipis serta sedikit bulu dada. Aku keturunan Timur Tengah dan Amerika Latin. Penisku ukurannya sekitar 8 inci dan cukup... read more

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