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Mein Opa, der Sexsklave 2Manchmal kommt es mir so vor als wäre es erst Gestern gewesen als ich die geheime Identität meines Opas entdeckt hatte. Ich kann mich noch gut erinnern wie irritierend es für mich war zu erfahren, dass mein Opa ein Sexsklave ist und sich von einem Meister im Internet öffentlich vorführen lies. Dieser Umstand hatte mein Weltbild als naiver, gerade erst 18 Jahre... read more

I'm now a straight 58 years old. I have only had one male encounter. I was a rock hard body 23 years old. Just out of the military.My friend sense 7 grade and had ask me over for the evening. It was a very hot day so all I had on was a pair of 505 cut offs a little to short and going commando.It was starting to get dark outside and he let's some candles and put some new age music... read more

Standard legal stuff applies. All characters in this tale are fictitious.When I was in High School, I was on the swim team and because swim,practice went late I had to take the bus home instead of getting a ride from my mom. When I was a senior I heard this friend of mine telling me about hitch hiking and getting hit on. I had a perpetual hard on at the time and just wanted to try... read more

The Great Storm

by Phil Roberts

Oct 19, 2015

I felt the need to write this story after watching BBC News this morning. It was this day 28 years ago – 16 October 1987 - that we woke to the aftermath of the Great Storm in South East England. It was also this day 28 years ago that I first had sex with a man, in fact my first sex with anybody.I was 24 at the time and still living with my parents. I had thought I might be gay since... read more

A Good Day

by guystuff

Sep 18, 2015

I am a mwm, 53, who, like a lot of other guys, likes to play m2m on the side sometimes. So when I get horny I usually cruise CL and some of the other hookup sites and I have found it there from time to time, but I live in a small conservative metro area and there is very little on-line action around here.We do however have three city parks that can be fairly productive. There are a... read more

The hotel pool was notorious for being a gay haven. Feeling a bit horny, my boyfriend (I use the term loosely) took me down to the pool from our room. We had only been seeing each other for a few months. He was a 45 year old lawyer with a fairly fit body and I was a cute 21 year old with a daddy complex. We left the male changing room in just our tight swim trunks. The pool area was... read more


by Buttascotch26

Aug 20, 2015

The alarm goes off, and I immediately jump out of my sleep. Damn this hangover is killing me. My head is throbbing, it feels like my brain is pounding on my skull, but i have to get up. I can't afford to be late, being a singer with the reputation that I've worked so hard to build. I have a performance at this new club named... read more

I met my big brother Roy the day I turned 18. He told me he found out I might be his brother his father. He said he wanted to get a DNA test done. I agreed because it would be great not to be an only kid anymore. Even though he was 37. Shit we looked just alike. Same lips, nose, and ears. We both had short cropt hair dark brown hair that almost looked black, (mine was faded. His hair was... read more

I always thought my dad was a pretty cool dad. However, he went to the top of the cool chart when I came home from college classes a little early one day.I attended the local college and my class schedule was different every day, but having a car made it easy to get to class whatever day and time schedule I had to keep.One Friday, one of my professors let us go early, and I drove home... read more

I woke up the next morning at around 8 am. Normally when I get up for a morning run it's much earlier, however since I was doing an evening run I normally sleep in. I went to the kitchen and made some coffee and a bowl of cereal and was eating the cereal when there was a knock on the door. I opened it and there was Sean wearing only a bathrobe.... read more

Viertes Kapitel: Der GefallenEs war schon 16 Uhr vorbei und ich lag immer noch nichtstuend im Bett. Draußen strahlte die Sonne, doch ich wollte nichts von ihr wissen. Es war Sonntag und natürlich hätte ich gerne mit meinem Skateboard ein paar Runden im Park gedreht doch es gab ein kleines Problem: Ich hatte ja keines mehr! Diese Arschlöcher hatten es ja letzte Woche kaputt gemacht.... read more

Erstes Kapitel: Vier Jahre Später„Patrick! Das ist ja eine Überraschung!“ sagte Dad. Sofort warf er die Heckenschere auf den Rasen und kam auf mich zu. Er war sichtlich froh mich zu sehen und mir ging es nicht anders. Seitdem ich studierte und im Studentenwohnheim lebte sahen wir uns einfach zu selten. „Ich weiß, eigentlich wollte ich ja erst morgen da sein, aber es war so ein... read more

DOING THE DIRTY PART 1by Robert read more

Younger lover

by Nickyboy2222

Jun 13, 2015

I normally don't go for guys younger than me. I am not too big on the younger generation. Yes, at the start of this I did accept a position teaching Spanish in a high school. My interest in young people was simply to educate them, to see them grow in their knowledge and get them out in the world. I don't go for older guys as well as the thought of being with a guy who is old enough to be my... read more

Coach Winchester was hot- there as no denying it. At 35, with tanned skin and powerful frame, the guy was built like a mule. He scared the guys in truth- the way he looked them up and down, towering over them with hand casually on hip, explaining the rules of soccer, wearing hotpants basically- to show off his huge ass, and intimidating the teenagers with his thickly haired things and fat... read more

Losing My Cherry To DadMy parents divorced when I was about 5 years old. Dad evidently had had a long time sexual affair and when Mom found out about it, she couldn’t accept that. I rarely saw my father once they separated as he moved to California shortly thereafter. During the summer months, I would almost always visit Dad for 3 or 4 weeks and I really enjoyed those visits. I loved him so... read more

As a young boy, I felt a somewhat feminine in thought. Physically. My breasts were larger than normal and I was very small between my legs.By the time I was 10 or 11, I had begun to occasionally put on my mother's panties, bra , make-up and hair pieces when I was alone after school. This was a tremendous turn on and I had fantasies of a man seducing me while made up as a girl. By the time... read more

Daddy's boy

by Loboclique

May 06, 2015

I guess I should introduce myself before I begin. My names josh Henderson. I had the 'fortunate' luck of being born into a Military family. I'm finally 18 and starting college in a couple months but I'm still in high school. I actually just moved so I'm starting over once again at what is now my 5th high school. I'm skinny, only 119 pounds and 5 foot 3. I have an athletic body because... read more

This was my first and only time at a bath house. His name was Joe and we'd already had rowdy dirty sex at his mother's who was out of town's house. That was fucking rad. Before thar night which was itself totally unexpected I had only been fucked once before by my friend at he time, Tony. Before that I'd fucked his cock with my throat not knowing I could and he came not at all... read more

Jake & Me

by bottomslut4tops

Apr 29, 2015

Jake & MeOne summer during my high school years, my parents sent me off to spend a few months at my grandparent's farm. I tried to protest as I thought I'd be bored silly out in the boonies, but my parents insisted that they knew what was best for me. Little did I know or expect what was in store for me. I had known at an early age that I was attracted to men, especially masculine,... read more

Maybe my own fascination started because my father left when I was young and before I ever got to be a man. My first affair was with an older married man but not just any older man, a best friends Dad. I was the one who had done the seducing but I never believed it would lead anywhere. I wonder if even then with so little experience part of me picked up on the chemistry between us. The so... read more

I was a pro pilot and out with friends from work. I was not looking but I'd been fucking my ass with really big plastic vibrators and I knew getting my ass fucked by a hardcore top I could cum really hard. But I wasn't looking. Until I looked to the door and saw him!! Holy fuck I thought!! He's not from around here. I read him as from Minneapolis, Chicago, San Francisco or... read more

Driving to his grandpa’s house in his black SUV, Matthew couldn’t help but wonder what the urgent text massage had been about. It had just said to come over as soon as possible, so Matthew drove to his grandpa’s house in his shorts and vest after swim practice, enjoying the cool wind on his arms from the open window. Once inside the house, Matthew found neither one of his... read more

Drittes Kapitel: Der GeschäftspartnerSeit der gemeinsamen Nacht mit Oliver waren nun schon mehr als zwei Wochen vergangen. Zwei Wochen in denen wir Beiden uns kaum gesehen hatten. Oliver war kaum noch zuhause und jedes Mal wenn ich ihn mal erwischte und fragte wann wir mal wieder etwas zusammen machen könnten, nannte dieser einen anderen Grund warum er keine Zeit habe. Allmählich... read more

The Gamble p1

by rightnowpls

Apr 10, 2015

Another loss pushed him into despair, Steven stood there in shock as his final shot bounced off the cushion hitting the black and finally sinking it. The thought that the double or nothing match against his long time rival had paid off and he had cleared the £400 debt he had racked up in one night... until the white ball followed suite falling into the top pocket. Feeling a knot in his... read more

It had been a long day for Christopher. He had started with his company straight out of college and over the past 13 years had worked his way up the ladder. Now at 35 he was the head of his entire department. This was a good thing. But that meant lot of travel, which Christopher hated. So, that was a bad thing. He boarded the plane at 5:00 and made the two hour flight to the home... read more

At about 312 BC in most beautiful city called Rome Republic, where those people lived in the luxurious lifestyle. The nine of ten on those people in the empire were extremely good-looking. It was very breathtaking of their naturally beauty from God’s masterpiece. However, there had many kinds of the events for people to enjoying the entertainment of hot naked sport players. Only fully mature... read more

I wanted him inside me. I had seen this 50 year man several times walking, showering and swimming around the pool. He looked hot in his black, tight, Adidas swim trunks. I saw him checking out my 22 year old body a few times and I had found his online gay profile. He was a perfect match. I stood next to him at the lockers, dripping wet. Our eyes met. I ran my hands down my body to my... read more

After a recent episode with his father, Matthew had become braver than ever in living out his exhibitionist fantasies. The fact that he had a swimmers body that he worked to amplify at the gym was probably the reason he’d never gotten in trouble for his escapades. Well, that and the fact that he was the most popular guy at school. Matthew could not say the same for his popularity in... read more

ThisThe door shuts with a BANG. I look out the window to make sure that my mom is gone before I run excitedly upstairs to my room. I just got home from college, and the only time I get to watch porn is when my mom isn't home. However just as I'm about to start, I hear a knock at the door. I look out of the blinds from upstairs to see a large African American man standing at the door.... read more

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