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He's Greek To Me

by good30040

Nov 21, 2014

At 19 I was a tall muscled black haired guy who had been loving getting butt fucked for the past year. I'll keep my life prior to that a secret. All through the last year my buddies and I were always fucking or sucking each other. We all had girlfriends who would occasionally put out but with the guys it was always a sure thing.Anyway, as it turned out I loved to bottom. There is... read more

COCK WORSHIPPER PART 5by Jason took us ages to find each other. The building site was way bigger than I'd expected and David Hetherington hadn't specified where he wanted to meet me.I wandered about trying to dodge the night watchman and getting soaked through to my skin from the endless freezing rain.I wound up... read more

COCK WORSHIPPER PART 4by Jason says I need to put more about my feelings into my journal entries and include a lot less detail about the sex.... read more

Nice to Meet You

by regularguy

Aug 14, 2014

It was such a nice weekend with blue skies and perfect weather. It seemed as though there should be other people taking advantage of the campgrounds. But fortunately for me, there wasn't. All the better as I could use some time by myself with no one around, away from the daily grind. A nice relaxing couple of days to myself.I set up my tent, got my gear in order and settled down to... read more

Today was a good day in the woods! I have been going to this place for over 10 years and it almost never disapoints. Today was no exception!! I took a personel day from work with the intention of going here and having fun all day long. I got up with a huge hard on my cock was awake before me knowing of the fun we had instore. I jumped in the shower and prepared my self for a long afternoon... read more

Sex in the woods

by Snoopy

May 25, 2014

This was a true story. I was camping this past week and caught a guy masturbating in the bush off the beaten path. I surprised him, but I said... read more

Trail Tales

by diggy

Apr 08, 2014

Over the past couple of years I have developed a routine in taking my dog out for a walk every morning between 10:00 to Noon. When the weather is willing, we, the dog and I, take our time and have a couple of different routes and trails we would take. There is a state park not too far from the house with well maintained trails that we like to take advantage of. The downside is that the... read more

Stuart Miller hatte schon immer die Fähigkeit sich in Schwierigkeiten zu bringen. Schon als er noch in der Grundschule war zog er immer den Ärger von Lehrern und Eltern auf sich. Das lag vor allem daran, dass er immer schnell die Beherrschung verlor. Es verging kein Tag an dem er sich nicht von irgendeinem Mitschüler geärgert fühlte und diesem zur Strafe ein paar Schläge oder Tritte... read more

In an Alley Way

by Solo_DR

Mar 04, 2014

In an Alley WayWhen I was 18, and still in high school, there was this certain special shortcut I used to take home everyday. It ran through this really secluded area of town, near a bunch of old abandon factories that ran alone the train tracks on the outskirts of town. It was a real spooky place. It was like a ghost town of abandoned factories, that most people wouldn't dare venture... read more

________On Friday at the large mansion with all lighting on in the warm evening, it was so beautiful house for everyone who wanted to live. There’s blowing-your-mind fountain located at center of the around driveway near the entrance of the building. The tan broken stone masonry settled on every wall to show its detail. It has phenomenal landscape as many bushes as the fence, one willow tree near... read more

Last Rodeo

by Habu

Jan 19, 2014

Lattimore stopped at corner of the cookhouse as he was crossing from the main house of his ranch outside Laramie, Wyoming, to the corral to train the quarter horse he’d bought on the last cattle drive to Omaha. He leaned on a fence and watched young Kit chopping wood. The young man was stripped to the waist while he chopped.Bulking up real good, Lattimore thought. Maybe it wasn’t such a bad... read more

By chance (?)

by David Johns

Jan 17, 2014

Some of my guy friends and I decided to camp out together one weekend. We each had our own tent, and we placed out tents around a safe campfire in the middle.I did not know one of the guys very well. He was really... read more


Harmony and Dissonance

by Habu

Dec 02, 2013

“Are you sure this is the address?” Lars Krieger asked, as the hotel car stopped in front of a massive, carved-wood, two-panel door in an otherwise blank concrete wall on Bangkok’s Soi 51 Sukhumvit. The road was narrow, almost an alley, it seemed, to the young German engineer, with one, long stuccoed wall running down its full length on each side with doors like this and wider garage doors at... read more

Snaked on Anjajavy Beach

by Habu

Dec 02, 2013

I had both the advantages and curses of being a rock star. I could afford to go anywhere I wanted on the spur of the moment or as the mood hit me, but if a mood hit me that would land me in the tabloids, I’d better be prepared to go to the ends of the earth.The mood had hit me to get the most exotic and total fuck that I could find by the most talented cocksman I could attract. I had been on... read more

Last Sunday, mid-afternoon, I went to the northside mall and immediately went to the washroom in the food court. There, I met a guy just leaving the washroom. He has sort of a funny horny grin on his face. A few steps behind him, I meet another guy leaving the washroom. I quickly glance at his crotch and see that he has a boner or at least a semi going on in his jeans. To me it seemed obvious... read more

Congo Drums

by Habu

Nov 17, 2013

The riverboat hit a log, or something, on the hull right at my head, and I woke with a start. The first sensation in the soft, wavering light of a single lantern hung by the doorway was the sound of the drums and low chanting from somewhere above. The driver and cook at it again. The sound was monotonous and comforting all at the same time. It also seemed to be richer than before, almost... read more

Roadside Assistance

by Furlong

Oct 27, 2013

ROADSIDE ASSISTANCEPart of the 'Butt Monkey' series of stories by Robert Furlong===Driving over to Rugby for a meeting with a prospective customer, my car started spluttering on the A4304, and refused to respond when I tried to accelerate. Half a mile on, the engine was threatening to cut out altogether, so I pulled... read more

After going up to the cabin with Gary I guess that Larry must have thought I was mad at him for telling Gary about me because I didn't call or go to church for about a month,but it really was because I had to go out of the country for my job. When I got back I had all kinds of messages and emails from Gary and Larry. So I called them up and they both thought I was mad because of what was said... read more

Lonely Hippy

by Solo_DR

Oct 16, 2013

Lonely HippyGreetings. My name is Cole. And I am a buddhist. Usually when someone finds this out about me, they're rendered [for lack of a better word] quizzical. They have a thousand questions to ask me. First of which, is always:... read more

Jamaica Moon Dreams

by Solo_DR

Sep 11, 2013

Jamaica Moon DreamsI first saw him on my first day in Jamaica. He was leisurely walking the beach, every so often kicking at the tide as the beautiful blue ocean crashed onto the white sands. Despite the beauty of the island; he stood out to me as the most striking thing on the beach. The morning sun shone down on him, illuminating his every step like a spot light on a stage. And yes, he was... read more

CockTaleBarE-mail/Skype: cocktalebar@hotmail.comI'm a 22yo sex-addicted Bi college guy from the Netherlands with three passions in life: Fitness, writing, and sex.But to be honest, I only like to write about sex. I only write about Real-Life events. The names, however, have been altered to ensure everybody's privacy.My stories also are posted at read more

Swimming Lessons

by Habu

Aug 20, 2013

“I’d like to make an Australian Crawl.” Stan gave a hearty laugh and acknowledged an empty glass up the bar. While he was gone, Keith, in turn, acknowledged that his own beer glass had miraculously filled on its own. He didn’t have much doubt that Stan was trying to get him drunk so that Keith would go in the back room with him. The burly barkeep had been putting the moves on him for some time... read more

You have to read my first two parts to get thing one check them out:)Max and u have just started making out when there was a knock on the door. I was frozen by this shock ,but Max knew what to do.... read more

Ever since I was a young man I realized I was born with a nice round bubble butt. I always played the part of a heterosexual male and whenever I was with woman they would always compliment me on my nice swimmers body and cute butt. When alone I would often get naked and look at my butt in the mirror and fantasize about having a cock in it. On occasion, men would approach me at the gym or in the... read more

It all started a couple years after my divorce. Being in my late 20's I was horny all the time and didn't know what to do with myself. One day I remembered a hot spring in the local mountains and decided to hike there and see what it was like. What I found was a bunch of relaxed naked people of all ages and both sexes. I had a great time and the hot springs became a regular thing for me.I got... read more

Chapter 89NOTE: If you would like an updated list of characters in all the chapters, a map of my vision of the campground, and/or a listing of all the plots of all the chapters. Just email me. I do all this for myself to keep everything sorted out. Written by jarbear1974@yahoo.comIf you enjoy the stories on this Nifty website, your monetary contribution would certainly help to keep it... read more

Cowboy (Part 1)

by David Johns

May 12, 2013

Dean and I had known each other for some time as we were both members of a local service club. I knew that he was an honest-to-goodness cowboy who owned a ranch outside town, but that's all I knew about him. I had told him that I would enjoy spending the night out under the stars some time, like cowboys do -- or used to do anyway. This was the time he invited me to join him for just that.... read more

Palm Springs Fun Author: Ronn42 An older guy I met a year ago asked me if I wanted to go with him to a gay resort/bathhouse in Palm Springs. I'm a bottom and he's a top and has pretty much made a fuck slut out of me. I love to suck and fuck, but have never been with another guy since we met. He said it was clothing optional and would be fun. I said sure, not knowing what was in store for... read more

My brothers Cum

by hardmatt1964

Apr 09, 2013

There was a time when my older brother Dave and I used to play around. He used to fondle my cock. Then he would make me suck his cock. Sometimes after using the pool he used to make me lick his butt hole while he jerked off. However, I never saw him cum. My brother was a very good looking man. Shorter then I and much more mature even though he was only four years older then I.One afternoon,... read more

My friend and I were just coming back from SF Pride 2004. We were cruising down the freeway in my car that was adorned with pride stickers and we discussing the fun weekend we just had.We were driving at a good clip when a car pulled up besides us. We both looked at the driver (who was really cute) and he gave us a wink and a nod. We returned the favor and started chuckling.... read more

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