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Okay - first chapter .... hope you enjoy.Let me know what you think. The main character is based on myself from the looks to the desire he has to be a real man's lover. Feel free to hit me up guys. Dlcollegejock69@yahoo.comIsland Rituals II saw him from across the party, a tall, mocha vision of broad shoulders and rippling muscles, skin glistening with sweat as he danced in the... read more

Sex on the beach

by Phil Roberts

Dec 03, 2015

I have always found sex outdoors exciting. I like pictures of sexy men nude outdoors and I like DVDs showing sex outdoors. I have also been fortunate to enjoy some good sex outdoors. I don't know if it is the sun on my flesh or the feeling of being “at one with nature”, but there are definitely some sexual triggers there for me. This is a true story about a guy who knew what buttons... read more

In Russia where Nikon live, he was very professional hacker. What he did was illegal because he allegedly didn’t want to reveal his history. He stole the lots of information and falsely numbered profit from many kinds of corporation in all over the world. It was on Russia news but Nikon was proud when he saw himself on the national media. “Oh, yeah. I fool them! Yes!” Nikon lazily sit and... read more

Matthew smiled to himself. This was the first time he’d ever set foot on a beach without wearing a tight speedo that showed off his dick. He was walking with Ridge and Fred, the former a classmate who does extramural photography classes, the latter his assistant for the day. Ridge had heard via the grapevine about Matthew’s exhibitionist tendencies, and figured he’d be the perfect subject... read more

After a long night of drinking at a sea-side bar,then a party until 7 a.m.,I walked back to the small cottage I had rented with my uncle,but found myself horny so I went out to our private beach and got naked,and started jerking-off.After awhile I fell asleep, I was awoken by a black guy with his 10... read more


by Buttascotch26

Aug 20, 2015

The alarm goes off, and I immediately jump out of my sleep. Damn this hangover is killing me. My head is throbbing, it feels like my brain is pounding on my skull, but i have to get up. I can't afford to be late, being a singer with the reputation that I've worked so hard to build. I have a performance at this new club named... read more

Me habían dicho que aquella playa era tranquila y solitaria. Ciertamente, por la dificultad del acceso, tras un par de kilómetros de recorrido a pie por un camino que pasaba por los acantilados que la rodeaban, suponía que no habría mucha gente.Cuando llegué, me sobrecogió la belleza del paisaje. La playa era una cala rodeada de acantilados escarpados salpicados de verde. La arena, de... read more

At an afternoon in Moscow, Russia, the museum was called Kremlin, where people liked to learn about Russia history. But one tourist, as modeling agent from Europe, who wanted more than just to learn. He wanted to find guy who has potential to become model to put it in the fashion world. It was difficult for him to search then discover future model. Before he discovered, he enjoyed sightseeing... read more


I had just moved into a house on a beautiful beach. At night there was nobody around and i love to shave my body and walk naked on the beach. I had just oiled my body and put a nice plug in my ass and decided to go for a walk on the beach. There were bungalos next to us and always new tourist around. I had taken the drug molly and had a bottle of poppers with me. I sat down by the ocean and was... read more

Hairy Bear encounter at Nude BeachHad booked a few days away for the long weekend up the coast in Queensland to get away from work.. Not too far and a lovely beach nude beach. Woke up early and packed my bag for a day at the beach. After the long bush walk made it to the beach, it was deserted apart from a few local surfers. Took off my trainers and stripped down to my Speedo. It was an... read more


Harmony and Dissonance

by Habu

Dec 02, 2013

“Are you sure this is the address?” Lars Krieger asked, as the hotel car stopped in front of a massive, carved-wood, two-panel door in an otherwise blank concrete wall on Bangkok’s Soi 51 Sukhumvit. The road was narrow, almost an alley, it seemed, to the young German engineer, with one, long stuccoed wall running down its full length on each side with doors like this and wider garage doors at... read more

Jamaica Moon Dreams

by Solo_DR

Sep 11, 2013

Jamaica Moon DreamsI first saw him on my first day in Jamaica. He was leisurely walking the beach, every so often kicking at the tide as the beautiful blue ocean crashed onto the white sands. Despite the beauty of the island; he stood out to me as the most striking thing on the beach. The morning sun shone down on him, illuminating his every step like a spot light on a stage. And yes, he was... read more

Swimming Lessons

by Habu

Aug 20, 2013

“I’d like to make an Australian Crawl.” Stan gave a hearty laugh and acknowledged an empty glass up the bar. While he was gone, Keith, in turn, acknowledged that his own beer glass had miraculously filled on its own. He didn’t have much doubt that Stan was trying to get him drunk so that Keith would go in the back room with him. The burly barkeep had been putting the moves on him for some time... read more

It started off as a simple getaway. My boyfriend at the time had to fly out on a business trip for a few days, so the next day, I decided to check out a new gay nude beach on Cape Cod. It was a hot weekend and the weather was nice!! To my surprise, the beach wasn't packed like I expected it to be. Everybody had enough personal space. I found a soft, fresh untouched parcel of sand near the back of... read more

Enticingly Unnaked

by Habu

Jun 20, 2013

“How about I treat you to a drink? You must be thirsty from all that naked time on the platform.”I had just climbed down from the velvet-covered bench on the platform where I’d been posing, in the nude, for the past hour for Chad Simmons’s Savannah College of Art and Design night school art class. I’d barely had time to shrug my white cotton dress shirt over my shoulders. That didn’t stop the... read more

Do You Trust Me?

by Habu

Jun 01, 2013

Angelo had been so tense through his set at the café this evening, that he was afraid that it could be heard in his voice or in a change in how he coaxed the music out of the strings of his guitar. But those sitting around a smoking and drinking long after the food service had been shut down didn’t seem to have reacted any differently than before, with just those exceptions. Although all of the... read more

I have been loving my beach time. My stories are real experiences. i wa trying the craigslist thing but at the beach you can pick and chose and when you find the one you want, you get to tease and seduce him and see if you attract him thats really the funnest part. well you know me by now i stopped by my friends and got a small bag of coke. love snorting a big line it makes me so submissive for... read more

beach teaser

by xzibit

Apr 28, 2013

I have really been enjoying my time at the nude beach. I havent been working so I have been going during the day when everyone that knows me is at work. I have really been working on my cock sucking skills.Last time i went i did some cocaine and if you have read some of my previous stories i turn into a nasty faggot when i do coke. I also packed a new bottle of poppers in my bag. poppers make me... read more

Beach queer

by xzibit

Feb 28, 2013

I am a closet queer. Like thinking about being called a faggot it turns me on because i know inside i am. I have been trying to hook up on craigslist and its always such a hassle. I love laying out naked and have gone to the local nude beach, its very casual there and a beautiful place to swim . There are men and women there and the first couple of times i went i layed with everyone. It was the... read more

Bermuda Triangle

by Habu

Jan 11, 2013

“A candidate for the Bermuda Triangle, might you say?” Dean said to Penn across the cocktail table. They were sitting at a window of the Splendor Lounge on the Champion of the Sea mega tourist ship on the first full night of its sail from Baltimore to Bermuda.The two, both members of the ship’s dance troupe were looking over a thirtiesh blond, well-formed, and obviously well-heeled hunk... read more


by Habu

Jan 06, 2013

I waited until we'd almost reached Miami's airport, but I couldn't leave it here.... read more


A Week Into The New Life Of The Marine And The Attorney“Have a great day, babe,” the hunky, hairy and very well-fucked attorney who now shared my life said in my ear as he hugged me tight and kissed me on the neck.Day nine for us, and it’s probably absurd to hear a retired marine colonel gush about being in love, even more so about falling head over heels at first sight (ok, to be fair,... read more


Diese Geschichte entspricht teils der Wahrheit und teils meiner eigenen Phantasie.Es war ein wunderschöner Sonnentag es sollte wieder sehr heiß werden. Ich begab mich an diesen morgen auch gleich los zum Strand, es war etwa 6.30, denn ich dachte mir da sei nichts los und ich könnte mich mal nackt am strand legen obwohl es ja eigentlich kein FKK Strand war.Als ich am strand ankam suchte... read more

Behind the rocks on the beach.All the writers like to spell out how that day started so I will also even though I am not much of a writer. It started cold and cloudy and not at all like a summer day.“Get up, Bob! Please dust down my car as I don’t want Wendy Klutson to tell everyone I can’t even keep my car clean.”That voice and that request came from my Mom’s lips and then I... read more

I am getting much more daring these days. I was not always like that. Somehow if you want to get noticed, you got to show it.Down by the shore is a stretch of beach frequented by men. Few will venture further pass the outcrops but us boys. Someone called that stretch... read more

Summer Beach Fun

by aquarianguy

Jun 19, 2011

Summer Beach Fun Summer is always a good time of year, the sun, surf, beaches and the hot guys in their skimpy speedos and tight boardies. Summer has been an enjoyable time for me lazing back on my towel with my shades on perving on the guys all around. I had decided to go down to Maslin’s, which is a nudist beach down the south coast, to see if there was any hot eye candy around and... read more

Prom After Party

by fratboy_20

Jan 18, 2011

For years there has been a little tradition at my High School where the seniors would spend the weekend after prom in The Hamptons. Although this area on the east end of Long Island is known for housing some of the biggest celebs, it is the spoiled 18 year olds that have the real fun on these beaches.It was the night of prom and I was on the way into New York City with my group of 10... read more


Beach Encounter 2

by fellayshio

Nov 09, 2010

On my days off work I like to pay a visit to a local nudist beach if it is a nice day as I like to swim and sunbake and check out the cruising in the secluded shady dunes.This particular day I had been there for nearly three hours and apart from meeting two old guys separately and playing with one another's cock in passing nothing was happening.I was disappointed as I was very horny and had... read more

Beach Encounter

by fellayshio

Nov 09, 2010

It was a glorious sunny spring day and being on a rostered day off work I decided to head out to the local nudist beach to sunbake and see if there was any action available in the secluded shady dunes where horny guys like me cruise for cock.I am in my early sixties and due to my work am fit for my age and still have a slim toned body.I got all my gear off and naked walked a couple of hundred... read more

I had always been curious about the nude beach at San Onofre that I had heard rumors of since I had moved to San Clemente, CA. I wondered what it would be like to lay naked in the open and see others do the same. I had been told by a gay guy that it was a great place to meet other men and enjoy some anonymous outdoor sex. I mustered the courage to try it out one sunny summer weekday afternoon.... read more

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