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UPS Delivery

by LJonny1

Mar 27, 2014

UPS DELIVERY It was finally Friday and I was preparing to leave for the day I had prepared a long weekend with my wife. It was sort of an apology to her to make up for the extra time I’d been spending at the office and at the gym lately. Our sex life needed rekindling and, hopefully, this weekend would do the trick. I was about to grab my gym bag from the window sill when I heard a... read more

Afternoon Delight

by LJonny1

Mar 27, 2014

You would think that an adult cinema’s business was primarily at night....... read more

HYPOTHETICAL HITCH-HIKER PART 2by Robert both positioned our respective underwear in front of us – the outer and less intimate surface of the gussets facing towards us – and Dane lifted mine up to his nose first. I followed his lead, applying the outside of his shorts to my nose even though I would have strongly... read more

LIKE FATHER LIKE SON PART 2by Robert stood in front of them, my son grinning broadly at me while Marcus, still kneeling forwards with his hands prizing his arse-cheeks apart, peered over in wide-eyed horror.... read more

A dream or real?

by David Johns

Feb 19, 2014

Brian's car was stuck in the ice and snow and he couldn't move it, so I offered to let him stay at my home. He said he was grateful, but of course he didn't have any pajamas. I said that was fine since I don't wear pajamas either.... read more

By Natty SolteszWhen I was just out of college I went on a trip with Joe, my boyfriend at the time, to the mid-sized Illinois city where he grew up. Most of his family still lived there including his brothers Mike and Lee who, on our first night staying at Joe’s parents’ house, came over for dinner.His brothers were a total trip – loud and funny, constantly cracking jokes at... read more

LIKE FATHER LIKE SON PART 1by Robert first time I felt like I might be developing feelings for another man was the night when we'd gone out for a meal, and Marcus – my son's friend from university – made a joke that it was like I was Guy's boyfriend.We'd all laughed at the absurdity of the suggestion – after all, Guy and I are both... read more

Double D Dorm Pt. II

by Solo_DR

Feb 13, 2014

Double D. Dorm II : A lesson in giving head.I had just had the most amazing experience of my life. The most amazing sexual experience I ever had. The first sexual experience I ever had. It was my first week in college, and I had an asshole of a roommate, Omar. But what he and his girlfriend Luna surprised me with, when I returned home from class one morning, changed my life and my... read more

Double D Dorm Pt. I

by Solo_DR

Feb 13, 2014

Double D Dorm Pt. I : A Lesson in Weed & Freedom* This story was literally envisioned and written during one of the best highs I've ever been on... Enjoy... read more

The Furnace Guy

by jackhugh

Jan 23, 2014

The Furnace Guy The doorbell rang and my wife yelled down to me to answer it. It was the furnace guy I had called for yesterday when the fan had stopped working on one of the coldest days of the year. I opened the door and let him in commenting on how busy he must have been during this cold snap. He laughed and said the company could use a half dozen more guys to keep up with the calls. As... read more

Hi my names Aj, this story is about the first gay experience I've ever had. I was still in high school, junior year, and this day at school I kept getting a hard on like all day because I haven't jacked off in about a week. It was actually really annoying having it so long, and especially at school. I started thinking about jacking off in the bathroom, and I actually went to try but... read more


This has been building up for weeks now. From that moment when I met him at the coffee shop 5 weeks ago. I don't know what it was that tipped him off that I was submissive, and bi curious. But something did. Well one thing led to another. The talk we had then as we waited for our cars to be worked on. Web chats. Even a couple of phone calls with my wife in the house upstairs. I opened... read more

No wife weekend

by Snoopy

Dec 27, 2013

Our next session was amazing, not because of the sex, but because my wife went away for the weekend so we spent the weekend together. I think we got out of bed to use the bathroom and eat, the rest of the time was spent in bed having sex.When I got there we started slow, I sucked his cock, he sucked my cock and we 69'd slowly. We had the weekend to play and we wanted to enjoy and... read more

No more first time

by Snoopy

Dec 26, 2013

To continue my story:By now, I think you realize that I may be married and love my wife, I also love having sex with men, especially my black lover. Due to the unfortunate circumstance of me being married, I was able to visit my lover as ofter as I could. I always made the excuse of going to the driving range, but of course, I never made it, I always went to see my lover so we could... read more

DRIVING HOME FOR CHRISTMASThe epilogue to the 'Butt Monkey' series of stories by Robert FurlongContact me for the full series: looked over at me and we grinned at each other.I was desperately pleased to see him and I could see that he was pretty chuffed to see me, even though he hadn't found the time to phone home in over a fortnight.... read more

To continue, I thought that by having sex with a guy that it would now be out of my system and I can get back to normal, but that doesn't happen. It just made me want more, so I contacted my new bottom and hooked up again, with basically the same scenario as before.We hooked up about 5 or 6 times, always the same sex and the same ending until one day I decided it was time for a... read more

My first time

by Snoopy

Dec 12, 2013

Let me tell you about a true story about me and a guy I met. We met on Craigslist. I answered his post about him being a bottom and wanting to suck cock. He's a gay man and I figured this was the perfect opportunity for me to fulfill a fantasy of mine. I got to his place and was happy to see my craigslist bottom was a beautiful black man.After a little talk, we went to his bedroom... read more

JAKE'S CHRISTMAS PRESENTThe final part of the 'Butt Monkey' series of stories by Robert FurlongContact me for the full series:>> NOTE TO READERS>> I wanted to add a message to this final part of 'Butt Monkey' to say, firstly, thanks for reading and following my story (especially if you've very kindly messaged me to express your appreciation) and,... read more

Taking It All In

by Furlong

Dec 05, 2013

TAKING IT ALL INThe penultimate part of the 'Butt Monkey' series of stories by Robert Furlongrobert.furlong@rocketmail.comFind my older stories at's not every day one gets caught by one's own son being anally pleasured by another man, but that's how Saturday had started out for me.I'd woken rather later than I usually would, a consequence of a very eventful... read more

A Man in My Bed

by Furlong

Nov 28, 2013

A MAN IN MY BEDPart of the 'Butt Monkey' series of stories by Robert Furlong... read more

My Sister’s Boyfriend Joey By Natty Soltesz Part I The summer after I graduated from college I crashed on my big sister Trish’s couch for a few months. What else was I supposed to do? I had earned a bachelor’s degree in anthropology, which translated to no money and no job prospects. She had a little house in the woods outside the town we... read more

Been married for 25 years but for at least the past 30 years or so I've been curious about gay stuff.... read more

Family Connections

by fellayshio

Nov 25, 2013

My dad Pete phoned me and asked me to install some extra power points at his house me being an electrician so I arranged to go over on the next day.He showed me what he wanted done and left me to it while he went to have his hair cut.To install the points it was necessary to drill a hole through the wall of his walk-in wardrobes and I had to move a plastic storage box on the top shelf to get... read more


by jackhugh

Nov 25, 2013

The wife and I were getting ready to downsize. My daughter was already off on her own and my son was away at university and not planning on moving back. My wife had been making overtures about getting a condo so that we could travel more. Knowing that once an idea was in her head, there was no shaking it, I gave in and started decluttering. One of the first things to go for me, was an old stash... read more

Getting Together

by Furlong

Nov 20, 2013

GETTING TOGETHERPart of the 'Butt Monkey' series of stories by Robert Furlongrobert.furlong@rocketmail.comFind my older stories at read more

[Here it is, at long last. Thanks to all of you for sending the bags of feedback and all the constant reminders to get around finally to posting the next episode. Hope it was worth the wait...] As soon as I’d asked Mr Schulz to take possession of my anus, I felt his one hand that rested on my bottom squeeze it as I lay over his lap; the other gripped my inner thigh and drew me closer... read more

How Do You Like It?

by Furlong

Nov 16, 2013

HOW DO YOU LIKE IT?Part of the 'Butt Monkey' series of stories by Robert Furlong... read more

Church Boy

by Solo_DR

Nov 11, 2013

Church boyI found myself in this old, very familiar place from my past. A place I had not been to for quite some time. As soon as I walked in I could hear the sweet sound of the piano keys blaring, and the even sweeter sound of a voice that filled the air so perfectly. I walked up to him. He hadn't noticed me standing there. He was still singing and playing his heart out. His eyes were... read more

Troy Story

by Furlong

Nov 09, 2013

TROY STORYPart of the 'Butt Monkey' series of stories by Robert Furlong... read more

Replacement Bros pt3

by Solo_DR

Nov 07, 2013

Replacement Bros... The final chapter.It had been a few years since Sean had been fucked for the first time. The feeling of having another man inside him was more than mind blowing, it was life changing. And Jesus left a void that Sean tirelessly tried to fill every night since. He was of course still dating and living with Anna, but sex with her had become boring. He now craved the ass... read more

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