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Matthew stood on a bench in the locker room in front of the entire senior swim team. He wore his signature light blue speedo, at least two sizes too small to show off his four inch flaccid penis and plump sack. Matthew’s body was perfectly muscled and defined – a swimmers build with a little extra from the gym. His long blond fringe and blue eyes made him look like a grown-up Ken doll. In... read more

Eine schmutzige BegegnungFein säuberlich stellte ich meine Zahnbürste und die Zahncreme zurück in den Badezimmerschrank. Ich sah mir selbst im Spiegel in meine dunkelblauen Augen und rückte meine Brille zurecht. Ich kämmte durch meine blonden Haare und legte den Kamm danach zurück auf seinen Platz. Ehe ich das Bad verließ kontrollierte ich noch einmal, ob auch alles an seinem... read more

In the sauna

by David Johns

Jun 14, 2015

I used to go to a gym that had a sauna. The times I went there were not busy times, and often it was only one or two other guys in the locker room besides me.Frequently when I went into the sauna, a guy about my age would be lying on his back in there. He had a nice body, and a nice uncut cock (I'm uncut, too). He would have his eyes closed like he was asleep, but I could tell that he was... read more

Coach Winchester was hot- there as no denying it. At 35, with tanned skin and powerful frame, the guy was built like a mule. He scared the guys in truth- the way he looked them up and down, towering over them with hand casually on hip, explaining the rules of soccer, wearing hotpants basically- to show off his huge ass, and intimidating the teenagers with his thickly haired things and fat... read more

David 1: Paul

by kiwirules99

Apr 29, 2015

(Note; I would appreciate feedback. Thank you.)David was a pervert. Everyone knew that. He never kept a boyfriend for long and he was always having sex with people he barely knew. But nobody really blamed him; he was pretty good looking with a slight tan, freckles, blonde hair and green eyes on a tall semi-muscular body. David's specialty was total domination;he wanted the other guy... read more

I was a pro pilot and out with friends from work. I was not looking but I'd been fucking my ass with really big plastic vibrators and I knew getting my ass fucked by a hardcore top I could cum really hard. But I wasn't looking. Until I looked to the door and saw him!! Holy fuck I thought!! He's not from around here. I read him as from Minneapolis, Chicago, San Francisco or... read more

COCK WORSHIPPER PART 10by Jason read more


So, 3 days has passed since my sexual encounter with Deimos, we've been texting a lot lately, and I got the chance to know more about him. It was a nice quiet Wednesday night, it was late, but i was still texting him.*****Me: you go to the gym right?D: yup! Every Monday and Thursday :)Me: wow, :D how long have you been working out?D: two years maybe? :)Me: haha, you must get... read more

Cadet Firefighter

by Peterson

Nov 23, 2014

This is a story of sex between adult male members of the MILITARY. All legal disclaimers apply. If this topic offends you, do not read any further; and ask yourself why you are at this site. If you are under the age of 18 (21 in some areas) and too young to be reading such material or if you are in a locale or country where it is not legal to read such material then please leave... read more

COCK WORSHIPPER PART 8by Jason read more

I’d got to the medical suite about twenty minutes before the time the doctor had set up for me with his medic who did physical therapy, and the nurse had told me to go from the medical suite in the embassy office building to the gym – in the men’s locker room there was a therapy room, and that was where I was to wait. I went into the small, windowless room – there were some workspaces around the... read more

I have to admit I find more adventure from my gym than I do at the bath houses. Mainly I get a lot of interest from circumcised guys. I catch them looking trying to get a glance at how I work my foreskin when washing in the shower. There are very few of us that I have seen who are intact/uncut/uncircumcised/natural etc. There is this one gentleman I have seen and he is of a Hispanic... read more

It was mid-June and the first 90-degree day of the summer in New York City. Sunny and humid in a good way.Around 4 p.m., I headed to a gym in the NYU area that I had walked past many times but never before checked out. It was a gym that had a reputation for having a very cool vibe and very muscular clientele. I had taken a brief tour a few days before. Today was my trial workout.I was... read more

brother funAre family goes for camping trips every summer but this summer was something different.This year are parents decided to go for a trip down south to a provincial park near toronto ontario canada me and my brother have never really gotten along but we had something wasn't really sure intel the summer of 2013.Im a 18 year old french canadian boy about 5,7 ft and skinny with a... read more

It seemed that no matter where Trey Fisher went he just didn't quit fit in. Trey had spent most of his 18 years being raised by his widowed father. Even as a small child he always preferred books to baseball. That combined with his shy quiet nature helped set him apart. Then there was his look. Trey had the look of the stereotypical nerd from a 1980's movie. He had a mop of unruly brown curls... read more


by David Johns

Feb 08, 2014

There is this guy whom I frequently see in the locker room at the local gym who has looked my way (meaning towards my crotch when I am naked) on a regular basis. Of course I return the favor by looking his way (meaning toward his crotch when he is naked) on a regular basis, too.One day, when it was nearly closing time for the gym, I was in the gang shower beginning to wash myself when this... read more


In the steam room

by David Johns

Dec 21, 2013

At the end of my workout session at the local gym I really enjoy going into the steam room. The warm, moist air really helps me relax, and I stay as long as I feel I can. Today, though, I was in for a big surprise.When I opened the door of the steam room, I saw someone else was already in there. It was a friend from work, Jerry. Even though we had known each other for some time, we had... read more

Getting Trained

by Solo_DR

Dec 21, 2013

Getting TrainedIt had been a while since I felt good about myself. At 235lbs I was more than 50lbs overweight and more than a bit uncomfortable with my appearance. I mean, people would always refer to me as the cute chubby guy, or the pretty fat boy. But I just didn't like it. I know they were just trying to give me a compliment, but the chubby/ fat part completely canceled it out in my eyes.... read more

Hey there. I'm new to writing erotic stuff; do guideline me please at It would be very much appreciated. And enjoy my first instalment.... The day at the gym could just not get any better.I stood behind the counter, just being the assistant lackey I was, being sent to where I'm sent, smiling when asked, giving people stuff when they wanted them. Just being an... read more

Greek man

by David Johns

Nov 04, 2013

Constatine was a friend of mine from the local gym. I had seen him changing from his street clothes to his swim suit several times, so I knew he had a nice cock about the size of mine with a nice tapering foreskin (Greek men seem to have the hottest looking foreskins!). But we had never showered at the same time.This afternoon, though, it happened. Constantine and I both entered the shower... read more

Jim and I - Part 2

by bikiniteen

Oct 09, 2013

The next morning I heard a loud crash coming from somewhere in my house. Hungover and groggy, I reached for my glasses and instead knocked my alarm clock off my nightstand. I finally figured out where my glasses were and went to investigate the noise. I was still just wearing my green briefs but the heat in my house prevented me from putting on anything more substantial. I walked into the... read more

At the gym

by David Johns

Sep 30, 2013

I had seen the parking lot when I arrived at the gym, just an hour before it closed, and it looked like (besides the ladies at the check-in station) that I was about the only guy there. So I exercised like I usually do and then headed for the showers.What a sight to behold when I entered the gang shower room! There was a guy already in there. He had a nice body, a cock about my size with a... read more

Teil 5Am nächsten Montag morgen, trainierte ich meine Jungs des Fussballvereines. Die meisten im alter von 18-22 Jahren. Ich blieb an diesem Nachmittag bis zum Schluss, musste wieder mal noch ein bisschen aufräumen, was eben die Jungs vergessen hatten, weil die meisten ihren Kopf wo anders hatten oder schnell weg mussten, es einfach vergasen. Ich kam gerade aus dem Duschraum, war immer wieder... read more

Fuck! Why did I agree to meet his ass here in the first place, I thought. I shook my head and cracked my knuckles as I stood at the bottom of the dozen or so cracked cement stairs leading up to the gym entrance. For some reason I couldn’t move. I just stood there looking up at the glass doors. I felt stupid.Five long years had passed since I’d seen or heard from my old trainer, Deon. I... read more

Adam and Steve

by Furlong

Jul 27, 2013

ADAM AND STEVEPart of the 'Butt Monkey' series of stories by Robert Furlong... read more

My name is Mark, I am 19 years old with a strong build, pecs, abs, everything. Light blue eyes, dark brown hair.... read more

I was still in shock after being raped - though I guess any court of law would toss rape charges out knowing the full extent of putting myself on display, but I was also ok with it. I loved being in my straight world and having my secret of just having been fucked by a man.I went back to the gym on a very quiet night late in the evening. I just needed to do some cardio late one evening... read more

It all started at school when everyone was in class talking some doing their work. I was talking to my friends and this big buff guy was sitting behind me I notice that he was staring at my butt. When everyone was done with their work everyone started to head for the showers. When everyone was done they left I was the only one showering when I stepped out I graded the towel and... read more

Are You Relaxed Now?

by dantwick

May 26, 2013

I go to the gym frequently just to go to the locker rooms and use the showers to see all the old males that go there and to show myself off and catch them looking. On this particular day, things got a little more interesting. I am a 21 year old white male and attracted to older white males. I was about done working out and headed for the pool when this good looking older white gentlemen, looks... read more

I was posted to MCSOCOM (it was to evolve later to MARSOC) under the commander at Camp Lejeune. I’d gotten used to having my home base being the shithole we affectionately (and realistically) called “Camp Swampy” after having most recently transferred from duty at NATO and before that the US Embassy in Paris. Camp Swampy, as sultry and unsophisticated (I almost wrote ‘uncivilized’!) as it was,... read more

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