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My Asian Fuck

by benthar

Mar 11, 2014

Okay, here is the story...There is a guy that I had met a couple of times at bar, the gay bar that I go to every now and then. I have told you I like going there because it is a bit of a reality check; there isn't any guarantee of sex and I can judge if gay men find me attractive and want to hit on me. I went on a Sunday last summer and an Asian guy followed me into the urinal and watched me as... read more

How I learned I was born to be a bitchThe true (and unembellished) account of my first sexual experiences with a manProvincetown, Cape Cod, Massachusetts, August 1988Ever since I can remember having sexual fantasies I fantasized about being dominated. I was brought up playing organized sports and was a talented athlete. In high-school I played varsity football (running back) and... read more

The Marine Sweats At Dawn.I awoke at 05:35 with a raging hardon, right out of the middle of a HOT dream about my even hotter former French Canadian lover, JP (Jean-Pierre), whom I’d seen the year before again while on a trip back to Paris. JP was about the only recurring stud who visited me in my dreams, his ass always needing another slam-fucking, always his hot swimmer’s body inviting... read more



by bobapple

Dec 15, 2013

Years ago I used to chat on various gay sites with all kinds of guys. I saved a lot of them as txt docs and once in awhile I grab the flash drive that they are saved on and read through a few. Some were pretty exciting. Be fore-warned readers that this story might be boner-raising material as it is very very graphic. I can not confirm that the situation is real or accurate in any way. Maybe I've... read more

It was one of those hot summer days you had to be outdoors to breathe, and lucky me I had the apartments' pool all to myself..I don't know how long I slept, but when I woke up a young fellow I never saw before was at my elbow playing with a laptop. Startled, I sat up not knowing what to say. There was plenty of room out there, he didn't have to spread his towel next to mine.... read more

Homeless guy

by motorheadmike

Oct 13, 2013

This is a TRUE STORY, Its in letter form as i was writing this guy about an encounter with a homeless man, as he did the same. I don't condone this action in anyway, it just happenend and sharing this Great story. Could of turned out bad, but didnt.Enjoy as I enjoyed reliving this story as i wrote it down.Oct 7 at 11:18 AMHey Shane, Great story!I had one too,, True one!,, and... read more

It was summer afternoon last year. I had ordered a Home Theatre system over the weekend and was waiting for the salesman for the demonstration. I had already installed the system and was playing a few cds but it was not fully integrated with my TV yet. The salesperson was supposed to help me with it.The bell rang around 2.00pm. I answered the door. A very handsome good looking guy... read more

CockTaleBarE-mail/Skype: cocktalebar@hotmail.comI'm a 22yo sex-addicted Bi college guy from the Netherlands with three passions in life: Fitness, writing, and sex.But to be honest, I only like to write about sex. I only write about Real-Life events. The names, however, have been altered to ensure everybody's privacy.My stories also are posted at read more

A true story. Only the names have been changed for privacy reasons.The next morning I was out of bed early. I slept well concidering the fact that the night before I had jerked another man and he did the same to me. Technically speaking he could be my dad. He was 40 I was 19 but it felt more like good friends helping eachother out. I went for the shower quickly. I dicided not to... read more

One evening, I was in bed with my boyfriend. We were snuggled up in each other's arms, enjoying the rest after a busy day. The television was on, but neither of us were paying it much attention.... read more

A true story. Only the names have been changed for privacy reasons.The year I turned 19 years old was the year my grandmother turned 75. For her birthday she was going to pay a trip to Malaga (Spain) for the whole family. Nephews and nieces included. One of the nephews Harry was/is afraid of flying so he decided to go by car; He had this A-Team style van and was planning on... read more

This is a true story of how a military stud let me have him for a night. This was the first and only time I’ve made it with a straight guy.I’m one who believes all the “straight guys” who get it on with dudes are gay or bi and simply can’t deal with it. I don’t blame them nor hold a grudge nor judge. I’m just sayin. However, I’m not so sure about my military buddy. I really do think he’s... read more


by Bifucated

Jul 11, 2013

I had known for years that there was something very unusual about how I reacted to pain to specified parts of my anatomy. I enjoyed fixing very strong clamps to my nipples and I don't mean clothes pegs as they are useless. I used to lock myself in the bathroom, fix these very strong clamps which I had bought from a tool shop,to my nipples then attach them with fishing line to a long piece of... read more

I am an Indian life changed when I met an older man.I was 19 and Bill was 57 .he was white Dutch man .we met cruising in Durban shopping alleys,very popular on Weekends .not any more.our eyes meet.and he offered to take me to his flat.he offered me a drink and I was getting a bit tipsy and also very randy.we touched and I was rock hard.Bill was well built and hairy bold in the... read more

So this story fits in somewhere in the married man tales. This story is true and only names have been changed. So when I was married to my first wife I went through a period of serious curiosity of my sexuality. Now, I had... read more

So I did forget to mention one encounter that was pretty memorable. It happened a month before Marcy and I got married. At this point we still had separate housing. I was at home on a day off and Marcy was at work all day. Now, if I am not expecting company I just stay naked in my apartment all day. I have an upstairs apartment and so I have a balcony. In the warmer months such as the one... read more

Part 2.………..continued from Part 1One day there is a big meeting in the office and it is announced that 50 of us need to attend a company seminar in Chicago. We are told to make our own travel and accommodation arrangements so Travis arranges for us to bunk out at his Uncle’s. He has a rumpus room in the basement. We can save some money on the per diem. The bus gets us into Chicago on Sunday... read more

This Afternoon

by David Johns

Feb 16, 2013

[This is a mostly true story. Alan's description is completely true.]Alan was house-sitting for our mutual friend Bobby while he was out of town. Alan called me up and invited me to come over this afternoon and watch some TV with him. I told him I would enjoy that.When I arrived at Bobby's home, Alan peeked around the front door and let me in. He was naked! He told me that he loved... read more

Remembering Miles

by Habu

Feb 09, 2013

I hadn’t seen Cousin Miles for nearly twenty years, and he looked more like it had been thirty. He looked so defeated and withdrawn into himself. And my memories were of a vibrant athlete. He wasn’t really a cousin in the blood-relative sense. Uncle John and Aunt Frieda had adopted both him and his sister, Mandy, because they couldn’t have any of their own. You could have told he wasn’t really... read more

Walking my girlfriend home that day, I could not stop thinking about the typing teachers big thick mushroom cockhead. The memory of him swirling his precum around the big head with his fingertip was going to drive me insane. I tried to walk faster, just to get home and relieve myself in the easiest way an 18year old can. I left my girlfriends house, saying I had homework to do. When I got... read more

Graduation was only four months away. High school was never really my thing, so I just kept telling myself it was almost over. I had friends, but no one really close to me. I mostly believed it was because I was easily identifiable as gay. I'm a short thin Latino with way more hair than I know what to do with. I'm not exactly feminine, but I'm not a strapping buck either. This is... read more

I returned from a long trip and had to immediately move apartments. I hate moving .. it is always so stressful and hectic. Plus a zillion things to take care of.! Anyway .. after the hectic trip and even more hectic two days of moving and unpacking I felt like rewarding myself .. so I decided to get a massage. I really needed to relax! I browsed craigslist for massage ads and came across an ad... read more

How Big Is Mine?

by David Johns

Jan 05, 2013

[The part up to where he asks me about my foreskin is true. That part forward is fantasy.]Quite a few years ago I worked in an office where I did accounting things at night after the business had closed, and the janitor was a nice young guy in his 20s. We frequently talked about stuff, and I could tell that he trusted me.Once he told me that he wanted to have sex with a girl but was... read more


It was a typical Friday evening. For once, I wasn't hanging out with my friends... read more

I still remember the day fondly. It was my Senior year of high school. Wrestling season, the only sport I was really good at, was about to begin! I was really pumped finally being on the Varsity team after proving my worth and dedication being on the JV team during my Junior Year. My best friend and I both made the Varsity team, which was great since we were super close! We almost thought... read more

I'm going to share a true story that I never thought I would ever write. It was an ordinary Friday night out in Brussels. I had met up with some friends to grab a drink in a newly opened gay bar in centre of town. The premises were rather trendy; the crowd was young, cute and looked smart. People mostly stayed in their respective groups, distinctly cornered in, throwing a look now and then... read more

This is a true story. The only fictional part of this is my name, my father's name and brother's name. Besides having our last name in common, we all have a cock looks the same and shoots same. Growing up I did not know my biological father. My mother had gotten divorced while I was still in the womb. My mother left my father while he was in Marines and she figured she could get... read more

have found out, late in my life, that I am a man that loves to suck cock and eat cum! For about 25 years I have thought about what it would be like, to again, suck on a nice hard dick. And I get very turned on by the thought of be being able to get a guy off using just my mouth, just as I do when I get a woman to climax when I eat her out. I love to make people happy using my mouth, tongue,... read more

Married Cock-Sucker Becomes A Peeping TomTHIS IS A VERY, VERY TRUE STORY...This occurred on a Thursday night, September 06, 2012.Have you ever been walking or driving along, passing apartment complexes and houses at night and ask yourself, “I wonder how much sex, and what kind of sex, is going on in there right now? I wonder how many young girls are masturbating or how many young... read more

Where I grew up, just outside of town there was a huge stand of poplar trees. I used to go there and climb. I had a favorite tree and I would sit in it for hours contemplating things and life. I even jerked off up there a time or two. One afternoon while I was in my tree, I heard voices. It was Sam & Betty from school. They sit under a tree close by. I could clearly see them through the... read more

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