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Hello everyone! I love each and every one of you who has written to me to let me know how much you are enjoying my writing. Yes, it has been quite a while since the last part, but I am currently facing some technical issues. My laptop died on me. Now I’m reliant on many other people to get connection to the outside world. I’m so happy that most have you have read the other series to catch... read more


Hot & Hairy

by catcher4you

Dec 31, 2015

I travel for work and was going to be in Atlanta for a while, so I was looking for guys to meet up with while I was there. While looking at profile pics, I came across Bruce, a hairy top guy in his late 30s. His pics showed a nice cock, great hairy chest and just a side glimpse of a hairy ass. He seemed like my kind of guy, so I emailed him. We traded emails back and forth and decided to meet up.... read more

Are you a Bottom?

by catcher4you

Dec 31, 2015

I travel for work and was in Dallas. Horny, as always, I logged on to see who was out there and interested in an evening of sex. I’m in my 50s, average looks and body, a little hair on my chest and ass, 7.5” cut cock and a great ass. I’m versatile for everything except for fucking - then I’m a bottom.I saw a profile for a handsome guy, also in his 50s, who lives in Dallas. His pic showed a... read more

Hung and Hairy

by catcher4you

Dec 30, 2015

Tom and I met online. He is a top, in his mid 30s. His profile pics showed a nice thick cock and a good looking body. Turns out that his pics do not do him justice at all. I’m an early 50s bottom guy with a nice 7.5” cut cock and a hot ass for fucking.We decided to meet up one day in the late afternoon. When he answered the door, he was much better than his pictures. Tall, dark and handsome,... read more

Sensual Topping

by catcher4you

Dec 30, 2015

James and I had chatted online a few times, but never found the time to meet. Now, here I was, stuck in town at a hotel during a blizzard. I logged on with little hope of finding anyone willing to brave the weather on this night.James was online too and we started chatting. He’s a mid 50s guy, like me, and was hoping to find someone close by for a fuck tonight. He had described his fucking... read more

Thick and Meaty

by catcher4you

Dec 30, 2015

I travel a lot for work and found myself in San Francisco over a weekend. I normally stay at a nice hotel right downtown, near all the shopping and activities in Union Square.Friday night I finished up with work and prepared for a night of hot sex. I’m in my 50s, have a little bit of hair on my chest and ass, got a nice 7.5 cut cock and an ass that loves to be played with and fucked.I logged... read more

I was in Honolulu for work. The previous day, I had taken a load from a stud with a 9” cock and then had a hot session with the clerk from the sex toy shop next door. He came over to help me choose a cock ring, but we had sucked and rimmed most of the afternoon away. He was wearing a black tank top and board shorts over a black leather jock strap with a mesh pouch when he came over. Of course,... read more

I was in Honolulu for work and had just hooked up with a hot stud in his 30s who fucked my with his 9” dick and deposited a load in my ass. Still feeling horny, I decided to stop in a sex toy shop that was next door to my hotel before returning to my room. It was late afternoon, but there was still plenty of time for more action.When I walked in to the shop, it was empty except for the guy... read more

I travel for work and had to spend a week in Honolulu. I’m in my early 50s. lightly hairy body, 7.5: cut cock and a great ass. Sexually, I’m a bottom for fucking, but versatile for anything else.One afternoon, I decided to check out some sites to see if I could set something up for that night. After being online for a short time, I got a message. Checked out his profile and was confused that he... read more

I told my Cincinnati buddy Sam that I was going to be back in town. He wanted to set up a 3 (or more) some while I was there. We agreed that it would be at my hotel in town and set aside a Friday night for it.I made sure to clean out really well that night, since it promised to be a long session. When I was done and freshly showered, I put on a jock strap and waited to see who would come. While... read more

I travel for work and am in Chicago frequently. I met up with Derrick, an older guy there who loves to fuck. He is in his 60s and I’m in my 50s, but we still manage to fuck like a couple of 20 somethings. On one recent visit, he asked if I’d be up for a group and I said sure.He invited 2 other guys over to my hotel room. One was a 40 something top and the other was a 28 year old versatile guy... read more

I travel a lot for work and like to invite guys over to my hotel for a night of hot sex. This experienced happened in Chicago. I was staying in a hotel on the Miracle Mile, with floor to ceiling windows that looked out of the view of the city and the lake. Luckily, the room was on an upper floor, so it was private even with the drapes open.I prepped my ass and got online and started checking... read more

Fucks and Fingers

by catcher4you

Dec 30, 2015

Brett and I met online. He lived nearby and was a total top. He’s in his 50s, like me. His body is lean and hairy, which is a look I really like. He is mostly bald on top and shaves his balls and ass. I’ve got a little bit of hair on my chest and ass and a nicely furred hole.I went over to his place and we smoked a little weed to get the evening started. It was a cold night, but Brett had... read more

A Full Night

by catcher4you

Dec 30, 2015

I had chatted with David on a previous trip to the Bay Area. He has a partner named Matthew and they have a sling set up in a room in their house. David is a top and Matthew is versatile. As a bottom, it sounded like we’d have a good time together. We’re all in our early 50s. David is a furry cub with a nice long dick. Matthew is a stocky smooth guy with a short fat dick. I’m a tall lightly hairy... read more

Brad and I met online a while ago. We had played in his sling a lot and had some awesome 3 and 4 way sessions. He’s a top, really into working an ass over and having his worked too. He had a hot versatile partner named Daniel, who if muscular and cute. We’re all in our 50s, they both have smooth bodies and mine is lightly hairy. When we get together, we always make sure everyone leaves satisfied.... read more

By now, Brad and I had gotten together many times, sucking, rimming and fucking. Brad has a partner who also plays. While Brad is stocky, his partner Daniel is more muscled. Both have nice cut cocks and smooth bodies. Daniel also has a beefy ass that he likes having worked over. He’s versatile so anything goes with him. As for me, I’m in my 50s, like they are, and have a lightly hairy body, 7.5”... read more

We chatted online for a while before we met. Brad is a top, really into ass play and has a portable sling. I am a bottom and was really looking forward to playing with him.On our first meeting, he told me to strip to just my jock strap when I walked in the door. There was also a camo tank top for me to wear that had the word PIG on the chest. As I stripped and put on the tank top, I could hear... read more

Me & My Godbrother

by moeking14

Dec 23, 2015

Every bit of this story truly happened. I didn't use our names in case this falls into the wrong hands.When I was younger, I KNEW I was gay. Always knew that I was. I didn't come out until I was a teenager but I always knew I was gay. I feel like when you're gay, you can definitely point out who else is gay. Like a built in radar. I always knew my god brother was gay. He was just so... read more

Runaway Reggie

by Mustangman65

Dec 06, 2015

Hello All, This is a True story that happened most recently. My Friend Shane was my inspiration for posting it as we have some of the same taste in our ... connections..lolEnjoy,, FYI,, it was written as I was writing it to Shane to share., you will see as you read it.Runaway Reggie:----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Hey... read more

Richard's flat

by Phil Roberts

Dec 03, 2015

Richard gave me my first experience of gay sex in the fitting room of his shop. All those years of lusting after the men rather than the women in straight magazines, because I had never seen a gay magazine, had come true.I enjoyed sucking his cock that first time and I enjoyed it even even more the second, third and fourth times as I got to know Richard and started to relax with him.... read more

Thank you, so much, for all the love and support. I forgot how wonderful the Nifty community is since my last series. For those of you who were confused by my last intro and by some of the things in the last two chapters, just shoot me an E-Mail. Yes, I am still in contact with Mr. Madison. No, I am not still in contact with his son (the Jake from that series). As you saw in the... read more

After my story being submitted for such a short time, I have received so much love and support from you all! For those of you who have written to tell me (and especially to those of you who chose to show me), I so much appreciate it. I guess I forgot to add the disclaimer part to the first chapter. While most of the events in this line of stories are based on truth, I have changed... read more

“What do you think? Would 500 points work?” I pondered. “Fuck, dude. I don’t know. Kissing?” Jake debated. “The people want to see a show. Cocks out was 250. I think a kiss would be double that, at least.” I flexed for the camera while negotiating the price. I knew I could talk him into it if I persisted. Jake is a sucker for any kind of money. I finally talked him into... read more

The Great Storm

by Phil Roberts

Oct 19, 2015

I felt the need to write this story after watching BBC News this morning. It was this day 28 years ago – 16 October 1987 - that we woke to the aftermath of the Great Storm in South East England. It was also this day 28 years ago that I first had sex with a man, in fact my first sex with anybody.I was 24 at the time and still living with my parents. I had thought I might be gay since... read more

This story begins 30+ years ago when I was 18........I graduated from high school in 1979-I had my own car, my own... read more

The Men's Club

by benthar

Sep 12, 2015

I am a married guy and had always identified as straight; star athlete, homecoming kin; all the fantasy things you see in the movies regarding the All-American male. Well, there was the incident at twelve years old at the sleep over where I convinced my eleven year old neighbor friend to show me his cock and to let me suck it. It was intriguing but I soon buried the experience and continued on... read more

Lido’s-(CS-39)-part-1-of-1 Lido’sPart-1-of-1.God I’d be so long since I’d sucked a dick I couldn’t wait. As I pulled into the parking lot the anticipation was building. My ex-girlfriend Linda and I had gotten back together and I’d tried but not even for Linda could I resist the temptation. I’m just too weak. I needed to be on my knees with a hard dick in my mouth sucking and bringing it... read more

Eigentlich wollte ich heute gar nicht raus, hatte gestern erst ein Date auf dem Parkplatz Schwerin-Ost. Ein geiler Typ hatte mich neulich schon mal durchgefickt, erst sein Freund, mit Gummi, danach er mich, blank, was sein Freund nicht wissen soll. - Der Typ hat mich bei GR wiedererkannt, wollte nochmal, wollte auch blank durchgezogen werden, gestern Abend hat's geklappt. Erst hat er mich mit... read more

Letztes Wochenende, Leipzig, X-Club: Nacktparty, genau mein Ding. Also erst mal rumrennen, Lage sichten, ein paar Bier zum Lockerwerden. Schließlich der erste Typ, der mich so dreist anschaut, daß wir gleich darauf in der Kabine verschwinden (gleich im Gang mochte er nicht). Dort ging's zur Sache, er konnte geil Knutschen, hatte nen schönen Schwanz, als ich mich allerdings daraufsetzten wollte,... read more

Ms. Domina and Bobby

by benthar

Aug 16, 2015

It was out of the blue and quite honestly, I suspected that it was a hoax. The website is called Fetlife and it is a “dating” site for kinky people but not many are looking for a married, middle aged man, yet this woman was contacting me to gauge my interest in some kink play. I immediately sent her an answer that I was fairly inexperienced and MARRIED. I had done so kinky play, naked house... read more

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