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I was ordered to visit my Leather Priest. I knew better than to refuse. It had been more than a month since our leather-gloved encounter in his van, and I was very ready for another experience with this charming and one could even say sexy man. I thought about him constantly; I believed that he had indeed become an obsession for me.I had learned that my Priest had... read more

Part FourBrave Mr. Bear said, “I really wanted to have a hard go at your gut before, well, you know. But as you also know I don't have much of a bargaining chip since you took me apart. I am really good with my gloved fists but I'm not going to beg. If you're ready, I'm ready to use my tight cop gloved fists on your gut, big man!” “Well, let's see what you can do. Here's fair... read more

Part Three The next moment I was holding Mr. Bear from behind and he felt my hard cock against his ass the same way. It was very hot to see two fully erect cocks in front of me at the ready. The Sergeant Major's cock was bigger, but my Mr. Bear's cock was more veined and pulsing. I wanted both of them in my mouth!The Sergeant Major cop started by cupping Mr. Bear's hard cock and... read more

Bear in a Boss Part TwoWith Mr. Bear driving it took no time at all to get to the courthouse. We had talked in the past regarding what might be our perfect experience. We both knew we'd just seen the man.We went inside and saw a fellow typing. I presented the business card to him and, returning the card to us, he said that he had been given to understand that the Sergeant Major was... read more

Bear in a Boss

by icyhot44

Feb 20, 2014

I'm a hot guy from North Texas on vacation in Pennsylvania. It's summer and I'm riding in a hot Mustang Boss 302 with a beefy, ruggedly handsome bear! This fun car is his new acquisition, and my big bear is wearing shorts, a yellow polo shirt covering a husky chest, and a quality pair of tight dark brown leather gloves. At his request I'm also wearing leather gloves. My favorite are skin-tight... read more

How I learned I was born to be a bitchThe true (and unembellished) account of my first sexual experiences with a manProvincetown, Cape Cod, Massachusetts, August 1988Ever since I can remember having sexual fantasies I fantasized about being dominated. I was brought up playing organized sports and was a talented athlete. In high-school I played varsity football (running back) and... read more


by David Johns

Feb 08, 2014

There is this guy whom I frequently see in the locker room at the local gym who has looked my way (meaning towards my crotch when I am naked) on a regular basis. Of course I return the favor by looking his way (meaning toward his crotch when he is naked) on a regular basis, too.One day, when it was nearly closing time for the gym, I was in the gang shower beginning to wash myself when this... read more


A Semi Autobiographic Rape Fantasy?..............As a writer, I spend a considerable amount of time at home, in my little studio apartment in Alphabet city. That was, especially so at the time of this story. I was in the beginning phases of compiling a volume of my old college essays, and short stories for publishing. An old professor of mine thought it'd be a great idea to publish... read more

Can I? Huh?

by David Johns

Dec 05, 2013

Kevin and I had been friends for many years. We had shared rooms at out-of-town meetings, we had showered together at the local gym, and we freely talked about sex and other private subjects. But I wasn't ready for what was going to happen next!We were standing next to each other in a men's room, peeing. Kevin was circumcised, and I noticed him looking at my dick more than usual (we always... read more

The helpful hand

by papercup69

Dec 03, 2013

It was a bright hot summer day in August when I was riding my bike on my way home from work at the library. The middle of the summer isn't a good time to be working in the library because it's inside, there's no air conditioning and the only people who come to the library on days like this are old ladies and nerds excited about school to start up again.But I need the money to pay... read more

A Son's Father

by gaybottom25

Nov 23, 2013

I was 18 years old when I first met my father. Not even a man yet really. My dads name is Ronald Crawford. My mother had me when she was 15. He was 17. Then he moved or something.Just reasently he moved back here. He didn't even know my mom was pregnant or he would of helped out. So we forgave him for not being around. He told us his mom and dad moved them away from Hagerstown. He still... read more

Security Check

by Jii_bear

Nov 20, 2013

Setelah selesai tugas di luar negara, joe pun menuju ke airport untuk balik ke malaysia. Flight petang dan dijangka akan sampai di KLIA dalam jam 10pm. Setelah sampai di KLIA, joe terus menuju ke pintu ketibaan. Tiba-tiba, joe dihalang oleh seorang polis bantuan yang bertugas, dia kata dia menjalankan pemeriksaan secara rawak dan joe diminta mengikut dia ke bilik pemeriksaan. Joe... read more

Snowy, Snowy Nights

by Habu

Nov 11, 2013

In most senses Bran had been invisible at the Hayden saloon the couple of months he’d been there. But as he came out of the back room into the main saloon hall, carrying the bucket of water Levi Yost, the saloon keeper, had told him to use to freshen the bowls in the rooms upstairs, he looked at the tall Christmas tree in the corner. Sadie, Katie, and Faye were busy happily decorating the tree... read more

The repairman

by David Johns

Oct 16, 2013

I had the house to myself for the rest of the day, so I stripped down to nothing and sat in from of my computer to jack off while looking at free online porn (I do this most every morning anyway).There I was, completely hard, working my foreskin back and forth over the head of my cock, while I watched guys with foreskins enjoying themselves alone, or with men, or with women, or with both.... read more

Two Men in a Dungeon

by Habu

Oct 05, 2013

The Hulk crouched near the bolted heavy oak door, eyeing Rab, ready to pounce, trying to anticipate where Rab might try to scurry next. The stone-walled chamber wasn’t small, but it wasn’t so large that Rab had much of a chance evading the Hulk much longer. Both men were panting, having played this cat-and-mouse game for several minutes, but Rab was more winded than the Hulk was. No one in his... read more

One night I got so horny chatting with this 62 yr old that lived only across town I agreed to ride to walmart with him. So he picked me up and said his name was bear which he was a big bear of a man. I love my men large and hair is nice. Anyway when we got to walmart it was nice and dark out so I reached over and rubbed his crotch and felt his big bear dick. He let me fondle him and feel... read more

For the past 7 months I have been exploring my sexual attraction to men. I have a strong preference toward older larger hairy uncut Daddy type men. I have been seeing such a man for some time now and I am seeing him tomorrow morning at his place. I am 51 and he is 67. When I arrive the door will be unlocked so I can just walk in and then lock his door. He will greet me in his robe just... read more

Craig - A Shave and a Hand jobAbout 21 years ago, my husband, Jeff and I moved to Florida from Des Moines, IA. Wehad had enough of the long Iowa winters. We initially rented a townhouse in northTampa until we could get settled, then buy a house in an upper-middle classneighborhood.The day we moved in, we met the neighbors. That certainly was an interestingexperience. The black... read more

In the Mirror

by tight n black

Apr 29, 2013

On my knees huge King sized bed. The room is whote, sheets are white, Sun is shining brightly in the huge bedroom. Im looking in the mirror. Im sweating a little, my eyes are glazed over, my hot 5 ft 9 muscled frame is dlowing as i just had a great tanning seesion, and massage. so my sking is nice and tanned, glowing. My thong line is deep, and my phat, heart shaped, smooth ass is hot. My thick... read more

It was mid August a relatively free time for the corporate high-flier like me. Our firm sends us for conferences to network with other professionals. I was sent to North Wales for a four day conference and my partner was away on holiday. I am in my mid 30's and am partnered to a man and we play together, and sometimes separate. The first day ended on a high note, with drinks flowing... read more

Jake looked down at Kyle, the cocky college swim team stud whose naked, sinewy form was held fast in padded restraints face down on Jake’s bed. Under Kyle’s belly was a thick pillow that pushed the rounded white mounds of his ass cheeks into sharp relief in the flickering candles on the nightstands. Kneeling next to Kyle, the beefier Jake stroked across Kyle’s broad shoulders and down his back to... read more

This is the sixth story in this series, written January 13, 2013. The five prior stories are:1. An Unexpected Sauna Encounter2. Dad Takes Charge3. Turnabout is Fair Play4. Squeaky Clean5. Taming Dad’s ButtAfter my hot and sweaty “workout” with dad when I went home for spring break, I slept in his arms with my head on his furry chest. I had a dream about what dad mentioned before I... read more

Chapter 85NOTE: If you would like an updated list of characters in all the chapters, a map of my vision of the campground, and/or a listing of all the plots of all the chapters. Just email me. I do all this for myself to keep everything sorted out. Written by jarbear1974@yahoo.comWhen I entered the room under the barn loft where the party was to be held, it seemed that everyone went... read more

I am not a writer or even have good grammer or spelling. A story from 2008, That takes place near Chicago IL . Eventualy causing this person to move to memphis TN. Fiction or Non fiction?This man that preferd smaller stature hard body younger women was his atraction! after meeting Tina, They started dateing,They moved in together, She was half his age! at 40 y/o , she was 20 y/o. He was... read more

Chapter 83NOTE: If you would like an updated list of characters in all the chapters, a map of my vision of the campground, and/or a listing of all the plots of all the chapters. Just email me. I do all this for myself to keep everything sorted out. Written by descended the loft ladder and... read more


Dad Takes Charge

by SwissGuy

Dec 17, 2012

This is the second of a series, edited January 3, 2013. The first story is “An Unexpected Sauna Encounter”.After the unexpected sauna encounter with my dad, we went to dinner as originally planned. It was relaxed and fun, since we were both tired from an afternoon of multiple orgasms and dripping sweat. His 5 o’clock shadow had left burn marks in my crotch, between my ass cheeks, and along my... read more

He continued “It looked as though you were both enjoying yourselves when I walked in; I must admit like most other guys I have wondered about gay sex and what it was like”With that he reached out with his hands pacing one on Mike’s chest and one on Keith’s, both men gasped at his touch and glanced at each other.Steve moved his hands back and forth over their two chests “You’re both very... read more

Keith had plenty of time to think over the next week, he was excited about what had happened, but he had never thought about sex with another man before Mike. But he had really enjoyed both meetings and the sex he had with Mike, but at the same time he was worried about the future. What is someone found out about them, it would destroy his marriage; career etc let alone what his 2 sons would... read more

PE Teacher’s Physical Part 2To give himself more time he suggested to Keith “That was fantastic Keith but perhaps we both need time to think about what we have done, why not meet up a week today here and decide?”Keith felt strangely disappointed but said “That would be great Mike, I look forward to that”Both Keith and Mike spent the following week thinking about what had gone on, and... read more

Keith Wilson was 47, married with 2 sons at University, and the PE Teacher at the local school and it was time for a full physical examination.He went about my normal day and headed for the gym about 4:30pm to meet the Doctor. The local doctor was Mike Hardy, a married man in his late thirties with short cropped brown hair and a beard, who had come home to join his father's medical practice... read more

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