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The Stallion Club, Part 5a


submitted August 16, 2000

Categories: Men's Clubs

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This story is the property of Please do not redistribute this story without my e-mail reference and website address. SINBAD'S HOUSE -

Tom had just finished his morning workout with Doctor Menzies and been told that his progress had been better than expected. Each passing day had morphed his body, larger and more muscular. He was easily able to remain at his pumped size for a good 12 hours and his cock had also developed nicely, 11 inches by this mornings measuring.

"From tomorrow Tom, you won't have to come and see me any more", said Doctor Menzies. "The initial growth phase has ended and tomorrow you can take your hormone treatment in tablet form, like everyone else". "I want you to take 2 of these tablets, every morning at breakfast, and I'll see you in a weeks time to see how things are going".

As the Doctor handed Tom a small bottle of pills he reached for the stud's still semi-hard cock and brought it to his lips. He licked the head with his tongue cleaning the cum remnants which he had left behind earlier.

"I'm going to miss having this big cock to suck on every morning", said the Doctor.

Tom smiled and lent down to kiss the Doctor on the mouth.

"An I'm going to miss having your velvety throat drain me dry every morning", said Tom.

After probing each other's oral cavities for a short while their mouths separated and Tom began to dress.

"Don't worry Doc", said Tom. "I'm sure we will have lots of opportunities to get together again, I hope to live and work at Stallions for a long, long time.

As Tom left the room, the Doctor realised that the young man was destined to become one of Stallion's greatest stars.

Chapter Eighteen

Normally, Tom would go to the gym after his session with the Doctor but today being his seventh day at Stallions, he was asked to go to the Boss's Office. He knew what was coming, today he would either be offered a 3-month work contract or be told to pack his bags and leave. He suspected that a contract would be offered but he also knew that nothing was a certainty.

As he arrived at Mr Michael's Office, he waited a few moments to compose himself before knocking. He knocked on the door and heard a voice on the other side say come in.

"Mr Michaels, you asked to see me", said Tom.

"Ah yes Tom", please take a seat".

As Tom walked further into the room and closer to his boss's desk, he noticed that Andrew his assistant was on the floor between his legs giving Mr Michaels a blowjob.

Paul noticed the slight surprise on Tom's face and said, "I hope you don't mind but it's time for Andrew's 10 am feed". "The poor boy gets very upset if he can't blow his boss a few times each day". "Don't you Andrew". "He feels it's his duty as my assistant".

Paul patted his assistant on the head and let him continue his task whilst focusing his attention on Tom.

"As you're aware Tom, today is the last day of your trial period with us". "Today we have to make a decision on whether you are to remain with us and start your initiation period or if you're to leave". "Do you want to stay", asked Paul.

"Of course I do", said Tom. "How could I not want to stay and work at a place like Stallions".

"I'm very glad to hear that Tom, all I've received is rave reports about you". "You've impressed quite a few people since your arrival, most of all Robert".

Paul adjusted himself in his chair and caressed his Assistant's face with his hand.

"How about you take off those clothes of yours and show me what Doctor Menzies done with your body thus far".

Tom slowly stood and began to strip. First he removed his oversized shirt which had loosely covered his massive body and then the white singlet that clung like a second skin. As he placed the singlet on the chair, Tom stopped momentarily to play with his hard nipples, flexing his chest and bulging arm muscles for his employer to see. Paul looked pleased. Next came his drawstring shorts and finally his jock strap that had struggled to contain his heavy cock. As he stepped out of the white fabric, Tom began to stroke his large cock and bring it to a full erection, before walking to his boss's side to give him a closer look.

"Well what do you think", asked Tom.

His boss pummelled the striations of his abdominals as he moved his hand across the rippled surface.

"You certainly have filled out since you first arrived", said Paul.

Paul's hand moved to the hard shaft that was only inches from his face and slowly wanked the monster cock, watching it twitch to his strokes. Paul's tongue darted at a few droplets of fluid which had formed at the slit and he savoured Tom's manly scent.

"What do I think", said Paul. "I think this thick dick of yours needs to be blown".

Paul's mouth immediately encircled the tip of Tom's cock and worked the crown thoroughly, wetting its entire surface with his tongue. The heavy tool became coated in his saliva and Paul gradually worked more and more of the cock into his oral cavity. Up and down the shaft he moved, feeding on the hard muscle. Deeper and deeper the thick rod pushed making him more excited. The combination of Tom fucking his throat and Andrew sucking his cock was pushing Paul closer and closer to an orgasm. Paul reached for the back of Andrew's head and pushed himself deeply into the assistant's willing throat. Instantaneously, he began to spray his love juices directly into Andrew's stomach. The Assistant happily lapped at the sweet nectar.

Gradually, Paul's moans of pleasure subsided and Andrew let the softening tool slip from his mouth. He rose from the floor and straddled Paul's lap bringing his moist mouth close to Tom's cock. Andrew licked at Tom's heavy balls and waited for his employer to release the heavy tool to his hungry mouth. Sensing Andrew's desire, Paul gave the shaft one final soaking in his soft throat and then offered the wet rod to him.

Being a long time member of the stud stable, Andrew was easily able to handle Tom's engorged tool. He sank the thick shaft deep into himself and allowed his lips to massage the base of the long rod. Up and down he moved repeatedly, causing Tom to moan and groan. Paul's hands meanwhile, had moved to Tom's arse cheeks and he squeezed the firm flesh between his muscular fingers.

After a short while, Andrew released the tool to Paul's mouth once more and watched as his boss continued the attack. Over and over again the heavy rod moved from one mouth to the other, without allowing Tom any time to regain his composure. He was being drawn closer and closer to an ejaculation and knew he could hold out much longer.

Andrew felt the rod pulse within his mouth and knew what would soon follow. He slid the shaft all the way into himself and waited for the flood to begin. Tom screamed and the avalanche began, his balls pumped cum into Andrew's open mouth over and over again. Paul not wanting to miss out on the meal, extracted the thick cock form Andrew's throat and drained the remaining cum form his young charge.

The ejaculations gradually subsided and Paul, released Tom's still pulsing cock from his mouth. He tuned the young star around and brought his mouth to Tom's hole, rimming him for a few moments before ending the session with a slap on the arse.

"Well Andrew, what do you think", asked Paul. "Is Tom worthy of joining our little stable".

The Assistant smiled and kissed Tom's heaving abdominal. "I think so, don't you", said Andrew.

Tom leant forward and kissed first Andrew and then his boss before returning to where he had left his clothes. As he dressed, Paul indicated that he would have his contract ready for signing latter that afternoon.

"Tom, come back at 3.00 and we'll make it all official", said Paul. "From tonight you'll be working towards your initiation".

Paul turned to Andrew and asked him to get the guest register for this evening. He soon returned with a large book with Paul scanned. After a few moments, Paul placed his finger on a name in the book and said out loud, "I have the name of your first client Tom". "You'll be spending the evening with a Mr Turner". "He's one of our regulars and I'm sure he won't mind breaking you in so to speak, especially since he'll be getting two hot studs for the price of one". "I understand you've become good friends with Cory Hunt, well you can take him along for guidance and moral support".

"I won't let you down Mr Michaels". "Cory and I will have Mr Turner begging for more".

They all laughed and Tom left.

Chapter Nineteen

It was lunchtime and Tom was famished. He was certain that Robert would already be in the dinning room and went in search of him. As he walked into the room he spotted Robert by the buffet table helping himself to an assortment of goodies. Tom walked up behind Horse and pressed his body deep into his trainer's flesh making certain to grind his still semi-hard cock into the crack of Robert's arse. Horse turned to face his young charge and was greeted with a passionately kiss. Tom gave him the good news and watched as the put down his tray and encircled him with a congratulatory embrace.

"Well done Tom. I knew you would make it", said Horse. "You've been one of my prized pupils".

Horse gave Tom's cock a quick squeeze and kissed him once more. Collecting their lunch they both moved to a table and talked about the meeting with Paul.

"I know Mr Turner", said Horse. "He's a very wealthy Texan who just loves to get dicked". " With you and Cory both servicing him this evening, he's going to get more than his money's worth". "He'll be begging for you both to stop".

Tom sniggered and said that he couldn't wait. "I'm horny just thinking about my first client".

Horse's hand moved under the table to Tom's lap and he stroked the stud's hard cock through the fabric of his shorts. Tom enjoyed being man handled by Horse and spread his legs wider so that Robert's hand could slide up the opening of his shorts and come into direct contact with his cock.

"You truly are incorrigible", said Robert. "Don't you ever get enough". "Am I meant to fuck you even whilst I'm trying to eat my lunch".

Tom smiled and said, "Yes". They both laughed and kissed each other before ending their foreplay to eat their meal. As they ate, Horse gave Tom some extra tips and told him he'd need to get together with Cory beforehand to organise a plan of attack.

"Furthermore", said Horse. "You need to have Cory give you the treatment before your date". "Tell him I've said you need the treatment and he'll understand what I mean". "You can do that after training this afternoon".

Having finished his lunch, Horse pushed his chair from the table and quickly removed his training trunks. He sat with his legs spread wide so that Tom could feast his eyes on his huge cock. He held out his hand and invited Tom to sit on his lap.

"Now I've finished my lunch, you can have your congratulatory fuck", said Horse.

Tom put down his fork and moved to his master. Robert eased his hands into Tom's shorts and massaged his hard cock before easing the fabric down Tom's muscular legs. Robert's mouth moved to the head of Tom's cock and he nibbled on the crown for a few moments before pulling Tom closer to himself and his own hard dick. The other's in the room had noticed the performance and chorus of wolf whistle rose around the room. Tom acknowledged their attention and then sat across Horse's lap so he could be fucked.

Inch by inch the thick shaft moved inside him. Pushing deeper and deeper into the now familiar hole. Tom bite into Robert's neck as the final few inches entered into him. In and out Horse bucked, stretching Tom's hole wider and wider. A few of the guys in the room came closer to get a better look.

"Yeah, Tom take that big dick", they screamed. "Make, Horse cum".

Simon, Tom's predecessor who was in the room, stepped out of his shorts and brought his huge cock to their mouths. Tom and Horse took turns in sucking on the thick Rod as they fucked. Gradually other staff removed their clothes and mirrored the threesome's actions and soon, everybody in the room was sucking and fucking.

Still buried deep inside Tom, Horse lifted himself out of his chair and lay Tom on the floor. He pushed hard and fucked Tom with the full length of his cock. The young stud began to moan with both pain and pleasure. Horse called one of the men around them to come and plug Tom's mouth with his cock. The lucky candidate was Andrew, Mr Michaels Assistant. He pushed himself deeply into Tom's mouth and began fucking his throat. Tom couldn't take the attack and began to violently spray his warm cum all over the place and still Andrew and Horse continued to pound him. In, out, in, out they moved over and over again, not stopping for a single moment.

"Yes 'cock-boy' take your medicine", said Horse. "Show my cock how much you love him inside you".

Tom tried to scream but Andrew's cock in his throat kept him silent.

Again Tom began to shake violently and once more he coated in his own body with his own cum. In the mist of this second orgasm, Tom felt Andrew's cock begin to pulse and soon his throat was being filled with Andrew's hot load. He couldn't keep up with the flood of hot semen and it began to spill from his lips. The sight of the white liquid was enough to pushed Horse over the edge and he to began to fill Tom with his seed.

All around them were cries of ecstasy as one by one everyone began to loose their loads until eventually the room began to grow quiet once more.

Chapter Twenty

That afternoon, Tom had worked out in the gym for an hour and a half and before taking a quick shower and going in search of Cory to tell him his news. His colleague was in the video production centre editing the last video shoot; a video tentatively titled "Bikers Bang".

Cory gave him a big smile as he walked into the room.

"I hear you've made it into the club", said Cory. "Congratulation partner, now the fun will really begin".

"How did you know", asked Tom.

Cory looked directly into Tom's face and retorted with, "I think everyone knows by now, especially after your little display in the lunchroom".

"Where you there", he asked. "I didn't see you".

"No I wasn't but by the sounds of it I wish I had". "Apparently it was quite a spectacle".

Cory lent forward and kissed Tom on the mouth momentarily before Tom began to tell him the rest of his news.

"We're going to work together this evening, I have my first client", said Tom. "A guy by the name of Turner".

Cory didn't know whether to be happy, sad, excited or depressed at the news.

"Hey, what's the matter", asked Tom. "Don't you want to work with me, I thought we were buddies".

Cory smiled and said, "No, we are buddies and I do want to work with you, it's just that guy's a real arsehole". "Last time he was here he fucked me until I was red raw and he didn't even give me a tip".

Tom got up and wrapped his muscular arms around his buddy. "Don't worry tonight there will be two of us". "I'm sure we can keep him in check".

"I don't think it's likely, but we can try", said Cory.

After kissing Cory once more Tom began to explain that Horse had suggested that they devise a plan of attack. They discussed a number of scenarios and settled on a plan which involved overload the guy's senses so he became exhausted. Tom also told Cory that Horse had said that he needed the treatment.

Cory laughed at his buddy.

"What is this treatment", he asked.

Standing, Cory said, "come on and I'll show you".

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