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My husband was gay Part-1-of-1.I married my husband, Curtis when I was 19 and he was 22. Curtis had been blessed with a large cock that was 8-inches long and 5-inches around, the perfect size for sucking. He loved his cock which he felt wasn’t too big but bigger than most. One look at it and I wanted to suck it. .Curtis stood 6-foot 2, 220lb, with broad shoulders, and a soft fury... read more


In Paris, France, there were two hot guys just came out of the ice cream store as they licked it. They brought it after their lunch time. Anything was so romancing about them as if they loved each other. Paris may be known as it called city of love. However, French-Vietnamese Twink-size guy named Exiqu Sano described to be 5’ tall, long black-haired, and aged 31 years old. His dream job was... read more

My pal Jack

by anyman2

Dec 10, 2015

Jack and I would get together every Saturday and have a few beers and chit-chat.This one weekend in particular, Jack's girlfriend Patty, joined us. I don;t know what she was drinking but it wasn't long before we were all pretty well shot. The conversation started to get a little raunchy. Eventually we got around to oral sex. Patty was bemoaning the fact that Jack would not go down on her.... read more

Young GuysPart-1-of-1.I recently had an experience with a young married guy in my neighborhood that I meet on line. He came over here and I gave him his first man to man blowjob. He was so horny that he shot his load in my mouth within seconds after I put my mouth on his dick. I haven't heard from him since but I find that is common with straight guys, just a one time fairly anonymous... read more

A Scary BikerPart-1-of-1.So, as usual, I was feeling horny today. A straight dude showed up at my door. He’d e-mailed me to get my address but I wasn’t expecting a 5-foot 10, 175, thick body, tats, tan and bandanna biker wearing Mad Dog sunglasses. I was a little nervous because he was very tough looking..Turned out he was a bit of a pussycat in his demeanour but just a sexy, muscly... read more

I'm now a straight 58 years old. I have only had one male encounter. I was a rock hard body 23 years old. Just out of the military.My friend sense 7 grade and had ask me over for the evening. It was a very hot day so all I had on was a pair of 505 cut offs a little to short and going commando.It was starting to get dark outside and he let's some candles and put some new age music... read more

James Sucks CockPart1-of-1..It was so strangely sexy, this new toy James had brought home. I'd secretly always wanted one, but never knew how to ask him for it. It's as if he knew that deep down inside, I did. Now, it was real. A real life-like strap on cock. He even got one that fit into my pussy to stimulate my clit while I was wearing it. It gave me the shivers the first time I put it on... read more

The Jack-Off PartyPart-1-of-1.I’d been wanting to have a jack-off party with all married guys for a while now. I was looking at craigslist personals, Men looking for men. I said, “Uuuum,” this might work. I put an ad in... read more

Ich hatte ein langes Wochenende vor mir, denn ein Projekt war sehr erfolgreich abgeschlossen und der Chef gönnte uns zwei Tage am Wochenanfang zusätzlich frei. Schon die ganze Woche stieg meine Geilheit Tag für Tag an und ich wollte unbedingt geile Action am Wochenende.Ich bin ein TV und ich liebe ausgiebigen Analsex passiv, das kann auch gern mal die härtere Tour sein. Wovon ich allerdings... read more

Male DancersPart-1-of-1.... read more

Ms. Domina and Bobby

by benthar

Aug 16, 2015

It was out of the blue and quite honestly, I suspected that it was a hoax. The website is called Fetlife and it is a “dating” site for kinky people but not many are looking for a married, middle aged man, yet this woman was contacting me to gauge my interest in some kink play. I immediately sent her an answer that I was fairly inexperienced and MARRIED. I had done so kinky play, naked house... read more

First threesomePart-1-of-1.I had my first threesome and now I am very confused. I am a 27 year old male straight male. The other night I had my first MMF threesome. I am going to give a lot of details and I am sorry if it is too long but I can't get this whole experience out of my mind..I dated Barbara girl years ago when I was in college and we’ve been best friends since and often... read more

DOING THE DIRTY PART 2by Robert's odd but strangely compelling to watch your own son masturbating right there in front of you. I was fascinated to see how different his technique was from my own – his hand seemed so much more frantic and his fingers more agile – while marvelling at so many physical... read more

DOING THE DIRTY PART 1by Robert read more

Rush Hour CocksuckerPart-1-of-1.I am total and complete cum slut. I have no shame, no manly pride…just a hungry mouth, raging hard dick and dripping wet face..By the time the fourth cock slid through the hole in the wall, I’d already been there long enough to burn through more money than I was accustomed to spending in the video booths but I was on a roll. Even though my jaw was... read more

I was a pro pilot and out with friends from work. I was not looking but I'd been fucking my ass with really big plastic vibrators and I knew getting my ass fucked by a hardcore top I could cum really hard. But I wasn't looking. Until I looked to the door and saw him!! Holy fuck I thought!! He's not from around here. I read him as from Minneapolis, Chicago, San Francisco or... read more

The Gamble p1

by rightnowpls

Apr 10, 2015

Another loss pushed him into despair, Steven stood there in shock as his final shot bounced off the cushion hitting the black and finally sinking it. The thought that the double or nothing match against his long time rival had paid off and he had cleared the £400 debt he had racked up in one night... until the white ball followed suite falling into the top pocket. Feeling a knot in his... read more

SelfOur First MeetingAugust 19, 2014..The Strip Club Part-1-of-1.It was Friday night and I was in the mood to suck some cock. It was my intentions to hit a couple adult bookstores…one with glory-holes and one with a movie theater. They’re active at different times so hitting the hot times at both is easy. Unfortunately at the last minute my plans were thwarted when some of my... read more

Up At The Crack

by Furlong

Feb 22, 2015

UP AT THE CRACKby Robert few months ago I met a guy called Edward and it turned out that, among his varied and chequered past, he'd been divorced and has a son in his late teens, just like me.His lad is called Ashley; he's eighteen and at university in Sheffield. My son is Jake who's nineteen and at Leeds.... read more

My BF Likes to Fuck

by Horny_guy

Jan 30, 2015

My boyfriend and I have been dating about 3 months. This is my first relationship with a guy. He has been with other guys before. I am 24 and he is 31.Now, my bf is pretty hot. Everyone things we make a super cute couple. In the relationship I am the... read more

A few years ago I wanted to take drum lessons, so I found a local add from a music teacher. He was in the neighborhood so I called him up and he said he worked out of his house so I made an appointment and went to see him. He was a few years older than me and we hit it off right away. After the lesson we were just hanging out talking. Then he told me he was bi and asked me If I would... read more


So, 3 days has passed since my sexual encounter with Deimos, we've been texting a lot lately, and I got the chance to know more about him. It was a nice quiet Wednesday night, it was late, but i was still texting him.*****Me: you go to the gym right?D: yup! Every Monday and Thursday :)Me: wow, :D how long have you been working out?D: two years maybe? :)Me: haha, you must get... read more

Before reading this, please read High School Memories: Part One - Nine.Let's get back to where we left off.Just then the fire alarm goes off and the back doors to the movie theaters came flying open. The first people out the theater were Sean and Tiffany.... read more

Before reading this, please read High School Memories: Part One - Eight.Let's get back to where we left off.----------------... read more

Before reading this, please read High School Memories: Part One - Seven.Apologies, for my delayed posts! I know I say this every time, but I will do better....promise! New job, so I'll have more time to write! Let's get back to where we left off.----------------Ohhhhh...shit! Yeaaaaaa...right there! Give me all you got Daddy! WHY DID I SAY THAT?! He twisted my body to... read more

Web Cam Lust

by WinstonManly

Dec 19, 2014

Jordan tried to remember just when he had gotten started doing web-cam sex with Ronald, the older man he had met through a gay on-line chat site. It had to have been at least six months ago. At least that.Jordan had never really thought of himself as... read more

Mark and I had come in from playing a game of basketball. Standing in his living room and Seeing his sweat drenched black tee stick to his rock hard body made me want him more. He was like a god. The way his perfectly ?chiseled abs and pecs looked under his shirt turned me on so much. I had to get a closer look. “Damn bro, you’re drenched!! let me help you with Ya shirt.” I said. “Thanks... read more

Hey, my name's john abby, I'm 22 years old, tall, and good-looking, I have short black hair, and I'm a Filipino by the way (I live in cebu city, philippines). I'm bisexual, but more on the gay side, hehe.I have a church friend that I've had a crush on for a while now, his name's Deimos; he's 26, very tall (much taller than me), his hairstyle is usually a buzzcut, he has nice light... read more

I was in my forty's when this happened before this I wouldn't have thought that I ever would do this with another male. I was straight and married I was very happy with my wife and especially with our sex life's. I had met with the guy that I ended up having sex with my first wife, we use to exchange sex partners and we had become very good friends. My ex wife and I would meet my... read more

Names have been changed. Even if I told you their real names, they'd say yo shoulda been there.Ithe 31 and consider myself... read more

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