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I'm now a straight 58 years old. I have only had one male encounter. I was a rock hard body 23 years old. Just out of the military.My friend sense 7 grade and had ask me over for the evening. It was a very hot day so all I had on was a pair of 505 cut offs a little to short and going commando.It was starting to get dark outside and he let's some candles and put some new age music... read more

The Hitch Hiker Part-1-of-1I was driving over the mountains through Vermont on a cold snowy January night. It was about 9:30 and I was returning home from a business trip to New York. The snow was coming down so hard you could barely see. As I came up the hill past the last little general store I spotted a person standing on the side of the road hitch-hiking. I never pick up hitch-hikers... read more

It had been a few days since I was on my knees looking up at Jimmy, his jizz dripping down my face. I was still surprised at how quickly it had all happened and how easily I let myself be used by that nerd. Something about it made me cum hard though and had kept me horny ever since. So horny in fact that I hit the bar that evening and picked up a chick and took her back to my place for a good... read more

I Sucked a Guy OffPart-1-of-1Stocked up on cokes and junk food, I pulled back onto the highway and left the gas pumps at the convenience store behind. Four hours to go, give or take a few minutes. I’d be glad to leave Oklahoma behind, what a godawful state to drive through. And Tulsa, why would anyone live there?I took a swig of my cold coke and pressed the Scan button on the radio... read more

In Germany at 11-o-clock at morning in quiet town, there was one sexy blonde German guy named Friedhelm waited for his friends to come to his house for just hang out. He had ideas about fun he could entertain with his friends to win any kinds of it. In the appearance of Friedhelm, he was 5’11” tall, 21 years old, lean fit build, had buzz cut as hairstyle. He just read the motorcycle magazine... read more

Jock meets Geek

by funstuff961

Oct 05, 2015

HiMy name is Steve and I am a straight guy, 19, bit of a jock and generally pretty popular with the girls. That probably has something to do with my 5ft 10 inch frame complete with muscles and tights abs not to mention the bubble butt. Of course the dirty blond hair doesn't hurt either LOL. All that being said, I was on a bit of a dry spell, no girlfriend, no hook ups, no sex. That does not... read more

Larry, Part 1

by SonicWyoming

Oct 01, 2015

2/6/2015He moved in a few weeks ago. Larry and I had been friends for 7 or 8 years. He is straight. I am gay. We were both cabinet-makers and had helped each other on various projects over the years, that’s how we became acquaintances, then co-workers, then friends.I had met most of his girlfriends and he knew most of my boyfriends, he didn’t have a problem with me being gay, and I... read more

This story begins 30+ years ago when I was 18........I graduated from high school in 1979-I had my own car, my own... read more

Giving OralPart-1-of-1.Through my tears I watched the neon of the bar get brighter. Sandra had dumped me, for good this time. I'm not angry with her, but with myself. All my attention had been focused on other things, including porn and everything but her. Maybe a few tequila shots will make me forget. This was the perfect place for alcoholic amnesia. The whole bar was filled with men who... read more

Ms. Domina and Bobby

by benthar

Aug 16, 2015

It was out of the blue and quite honestly, I suspected that it was a hoax. The website is called Fetlife and it is a “dating” site for kinky people but not many are looking for a married, middle aged man, yet this woman was contacting me to gauge my interest in some kink play. I immediately sent her an answer that I was fairly inexperienced and MARRIED. I had done so kinky play, naked house... read more

JUST LIKE MY DAD PART 2by Robert I drove Ivan back across town in my swanky new car, I asked him how he'd ended up seeking out men for sex in spite of being married to such an attractive woman and having what he'd described as an 'enjoyable' sex life.... read more

JUST LIKE MY DAD PART 1by Robert met my friend Ivan because I bought my car from him.I liked him because he was so unlike the younger, cockier salesmen I'd encountered in all the other dealerships. I'd been trawling showrooms most of the weekend and had long since grown bored of being pestered by smarmy... read more

Look at that!

by David Johns

Jul 19, 2015

Some years back I had to make regular trips between two cities because of work, and I found that about half-way through the trip there was a rest stop with old fashioned furnishings: 2 stalls without doors, and 2 urinals without dividers.One evening, rather late, I went it to pee at one of the urinals. Suddenly another guy came in and stood at the other urinal. Of course -- like most guys... read more

In a most beautiful heaven, one gentleman was handsomely made by Jehovah called Lucifer. He was too gorgeous and genius than someone would be. Jehovah, as God, made something so perfect. Lucifer over-investigated God’s secret which caused Lucifer wondered about people’s right to be do something whatever they like to do. He felt that those people can’t obey God forever. He asked God about their... read more

One summer

by David Johns

Jun 18, 2015

One summer in college a friend named Alan and I shared an apartment. The first time we saw each other nude, we both noticed something that was so far unsaid: Our cocks were about the same size, but his was cut and mine wasn't.One afternoon Alan said to me hesitantly,... read more

DOING THE DIRTY PART 1by Robert read more

Wal-MartPart 1-of-1.I could hardly believe this happened. On Saturday afternoon I was in Walmart with my wife, Barbara. We’d gone out to eat before going to the store and about 10-minutes into our shopping I had the sudden urge to take a crap. So I rush in, went to the only open stall. I was in the smaller restroom at the rear of the store so the handicapped stall was the only one open.... read more

After his domination of his friend Paul the day before, David walked through the door of his collage with a spring in his step.... read more

slippery when wet

by allniter

May 26, 2015

First let me tell you I have a fetish(?) about fit guys chest. A shirtless guy will get me hard instantly. I was driving thru a typical Florida afternoon thunderstorm, they happen everyday but this time I got lucky!It was raining so hard I didnt see him in time to stop, I circled the block praying someone wouldnt beat me to him. I got to him first, what a stud he was!! He was soaked to the... read more

Daddy's boy

by Loboclique

May 06, 2015

I guess I should introduce myself before I begin. My names josh Henderson. I had the 'fortunate' luck of being born into a Military family. I'm finally 18 and starting college in a couple months but I'm still in high school. I actually just moved so I'm starting over once again at what is now my 5th high school. I'm skinny, only 119 pounds and 5 foot 3. I have an athletic body because... read more

Male Hooker Part-1-of-1.It was early Friday evening and I was on the way home from the gym. It was a great gym but it was located in a part of town I didn’t normally frequent. I was standing on the corner waiting for the light to change so I could cross to where my car was parked. A car pulled up and even though they had a green light stopped. The driver leaned across the seat and asked,... read more

This was my first and only time at a bath house. His name was Joe and we'd already had rowdy dirty sex at his mother's who was out of town's house. That was fucking rad. Before thar night which was itself totally unexpected I had only been fucked once before by my friend at he time, Tony. Before that I'd fucked his cock with my throat not knowing I could and he came not at all... read more

My first BBCPart-1-of-1.Dwight and were chatting on line when I asked him what he was packing. He said 9 inches long and a girth of 4 inches at the top and going up to 5 inches near the base. I told him that it would be an honor if he would allow me to give him a blowjob. He gave me his address and I headed right over. .When Dwight let me in I saw that he was in later 20s. He told me... read more

The Gamble p1

by rightnowpls

Apr 10, 2015

Another loss pushed him into despair, Steven stood there in shock as his final shot bounced off the cushion hitting the black and finally sinking it. The thought that the double or nothing match against his long time rival had paid off and he had cleared the £400 debt he had racked up in one night... until the white ball followed suite falling into the top pocket. Feeling a knot in his... read more

Bunk Buddies

by Furlong

Mar 21, 2015

BUNK BUDDIESby Robert fuck-buddy Rob has always been fascinated to hear about my time in prison. I told him early on in our hook-ups that life inside hadn't actually been that interesting – that it was mostly mind-splittingly dull and that the sex, such as it was, was brief and infrequent – but he keeps asking about... read more

Max & Alex, Part 1

by Sebastian

Feb 27, 2015

This is a story about two straight men. Both are in their late teens, and both study at the same university. Alex is extremely popular, both with men and with women. He’s athletic and attractive to the extent that he’s even done some modelling work. He’s a keen member of the soccer and athletics teams. He’s one of those people that others tend to envy, born with good looks and a wide... read more

COCK WORSHIPPER PART 11by Jason old fella, Frank Parkin, had me proper figured out from the way I was flaunting myself in my tight, bleach-washed jeans and sipping at a rum and coke because I couldn't stomach pints. He must have had his eye on me from across the other side of the working men's club and then followed me... read more

MANKINI BEARCUB PART 2by Robert read more

As I was driving down the road minding my own business and deep in thought about the situations I faced all day long and the feelings I bottled up inside me about my life and how it was going, just drove me almost completely insane, figuratively speaking, but none of that mattered at that moment until I noticed the red and blue flashing lights in my rear view mirror. Great, just what I need a... read more


by bobapple

Jan 09, 2015

This blog is dedicated to all dick.netters who have had sex OUT BEHIND THE BARN. Or in the barn. Or in front of the barn. Or beside the barn. Me, I’ve never had sex in those locations. However, I have jerked off behind the barn. And in the barn. And beside the barn. And in front of the barn. After all, jerking off is one of my lifelong pleasures, as you may have gathered if you’ve read any of my... read more

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