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Sleepover with a Friend

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I have this friend. He's muscular. GOD he's so muscular. And smooth too. He's just pure sex and I've got the biggest crush on him.

Well last summer we both were at a party and drank a little bit, so I let him crash at my place. He fell asleep on my bed. Now I had been planning this for weeks. After I was sure he was asleep, I laid down next to him. First I kissed him. Then I rubbed his rock hard pecs and abs. I started to grope and lick his ass. Then I slowly reached down his pants and stroked his cock and played with his balls for hours on end.

He only stirred once, when I accidentally squeezed his big nuts too hard. He was completely submissive and it totally turned me on. It was one of the most sexual nights of my life, and I've done it many times since.

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True Love

Dec 01, 1997

It happened on a day when you would think nothing might happen. My best school-friend Todd and I went to a party of Todd's ex-girlfriend. The party was nothing special compared to the others I had visited throughout the last weeks. We met a lot of friends from school and talked about the old times. Todd and I were rather good at drinking Whisky and beer. So it was at about three in... read more

My parents got divorced when I was in the ninth grade. It was a big surprise to both my brother and me, but we loved to spend time over at Dad’s on the weekends. During one of these weekends, when my twin brother and I were 18, we found a stack of my Dad’s porno magazines. There were a lot of straight pictures, but a few of them also had pictures of men. My brother and I both... read more

Truth or Dare

Aug 16, 2000

One hot summer day I was staying over at my friend’s house while his dad was away for the weekend in Iowa, we were sitting in his bed room talking and then he said lets play truth or dare. “OK I” said. “I dare you to hump the bed with your pants down.” So I did and I dared him to act like he was striping and he did. He made me pull down my pants and face the wall I heard a... read more

Two Friends Go At It

Aug 15, 2000

It the middle of May! Very very hot day it was. So I decide to go swimming since I had nothing else to do. I get to the country club were my parents are members. It was about 11:30am and the pool opened at 12:00pm. I go to the shower room to change and put on my swimmers. Well while was changing my best friend and life guard for the day Jeremy came in to change also. He is about... read more

Ultimate Pleasure

Apr 11, 1997

"ULTIMATE PLEASURE" Jim Collins I approached the storefront on West 18th street somewhat apprehensively, but excited nonetheless. My body tingled in expectation, my nipples were erect and my cock was semi-hard. The ad that brought me here had said: WANTED - Male 25-30, successful professional. Must be open to new ideas and willing to investigate concept of pain as... read more

Esta hisotria fue escrita por una persona a quien conocí hace poco más de un año.. Yo estaba perdidamente enamorado de mi mejor amigo de la universidad y le pedí que me escribiera algo como lo que leeras a continuación. Si la persona que escribió esta historia algún dia la llega a encontrar por aqui espero que no le moleste que la haya publicado sin haberle consultado, pero... read more

Weekend Slave

Apr 11, 1997

Weekend Slave Steve P. Slave arrived after a long journey without any bag or any thing except the clothes he was wearing. Master opened the door and let slave inside, then carefully locked and chained the door. As instructed, slave got on all fours and found Master's bare feet, and began to lick them. He licked one foot from toe to heel, then the other foot. When he thought... read more

It was late on Saturday night, I was finishing up my job--busing tables at a local restaurant. Kevin, a waiter on the serving staff was helping me move tables back to their right spots, after a group of 50 people had come and gone. I was busy clearing all the wine glasses, water glasses, plates, bread baskets, and silverware from the tables, along with tablecloths. Kevin is... read more


Jul 16, 2001

I was new to Los Angeles and joined the local gym in my neighborhood. I had been working out for quite a few years and was making good progress. My pecs were a huge 40" tapering down to a 32" waist. Although I wasn't quite as large as I wanted to be, I was happy with my results at the gym. After a hot workout I liked to go home and admire my muscles in the mirror while I was still... read more


May 04, 1997

* *Wrestler now, most people on this Board are probably tired of reading about my sex life. In point of fact, I never get tired of my sex life, but mine may be a different point of view. Anyhow, a couple of weeks ago the System itself made a nice contribution to my sex life, and I think it only fair that I share my experience with some of the other members: ... read more

Ýzmirli Gay s, Part 1

Apr 05, 2002

Selamlar... Ben orta yaþa yaklaþmýþ gizli gayým. Bundan yýllar önce Ýzmit"te askerlik yaptým. Askerlik öncesi uzun süreli bir gay iliþkim olmuþtu. Askerde bu tür iliþki yaþayabileceðim aklýma bile gelmezdi… Neyse... Acemilik günlerimi bitirip Ýzmit"teki usta birliðime gittikten kýsa bir süre Ýstanbul"da minübüs þöförlüðü yapan, benden biraz uzun boylu, biriyle arkadaþ oldum. Bu... read more

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