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My First Encounter

by fitlad91

Jun 07, 2012

A Malaysian-born Chinese with mixed look. I am a genuine Chinese with no mixed blood but my friends keep telling me that I have a figure that no Chinese has. The big round eyes with brown colour pupil, high cheekbones and brown colour hair. I am very keen in keeping my body in best shape so I work out 4-5 times a week and yeap, I have a fit Asian body with fair skin. 1.71m in height and... read more

I was married with a successful business and had everything I ever wanted. So why did I feel so attracted to the guy who washed the dishes? I'd always fantasized about gay sex but never really acted on it. Steve was only 22, ten years younger than me but he was very confident, attractive and slighlty effeminate. Every time I saw him in the restauarant kitchen I found my eyes wandering over to... read more

Fast forward 15 years to the present day, both Chris and Tim got to know each other better and became best friends. There was a mutual respect between them and over time, that respect and friendship grew stronger and stronger. Although they both loved their partners, there was an underlying connection between the two men which grew over time. For Chris it was all rooted on that first night they... read more

The Valet, Part 2

by Jettero

Jun 06, 2012

The bathing and drying done, Ryan dressed Chris for the evening. Chris left again, and Ryan cleaned the bathroom, again. He had found a large supply of towels, and it was a good thing since they were going through them.After he finished cleaning, there was another knock on the door. He found a place to hide a pair of pants and shirt next to the door, so he could put them on quickly.... read more

The Valet, Part 1

by Jettero

Jun 04, 2012

Ryan was looking through the want ads trying to find a job. At 22, he just graduated college, but the economy was bad and he had no real experience. He was getting desperate and stopped looking for a career and started looking for a job, any job.He was answering any ad he thought he might have even a slim chance at getting the job. One ad was for a valet, and it showed a website. He... read more

Also das ist meine erste Geschichte sie basiert auf Fantasien und Hoffnungen von mir selbst naja manchmal :) Meine erste Geschichte handelt um meine erste Klassenfahrt die noch erst statt findet im Sommer 2012.Zu mir, mein Name ist Alex und ich habe dunkelblonde Haare 1,70 ca. klein :) bin etwas mollig und habe manchmal mehr von einem Mädchen als wie mir gut täte denn ich habe vom... read more

I had always known that I was bisexual but had repressed that part of my identity because,... read more

Roger That, Marine!

by billyc

May 27, 2012

Sunday tennis with an equally non-penitent recovering Catholic like me. It was a frequent ritual and a bit of a private joke among us that tennis was our version of worship. It was like that with Ames and me, at least since we’d both retired from the Marines at roughly the same time. Oh, yeah, and for roughly the same reason. But that’s another story.This Sunday was the beginning of... read more

Twenty-two years ago I was a freshman at the University of Texas. It was a huge campus, and I had grown up in a small town. So at first I felt overwhelmed to be at a college that had so many students. My dorm roommate was not someone I knew - he was assigned to me two weeks before the first semester began. His name was Kevin; he was from a very small Texas town near Amarillo. I liked him, but... read more

The Model, Part 2

by Jettero

May 11, 2012

Another two weeks went by before Steven heard anything about his “interview.” His agent, Mr. Johnson, called Steven and told him that the president wanted to see both of them in his office the next day. He told Steven that this only meant one thing; they were going to offer him a contract.The next day, Steven went to the corporate offices, but this time he dressed a little more... read more

My eyes were glued to his body. I imagined I was the sweat gliding down his neck to his chest and over each ripple of his hard abs. I felt my dick throbbing, pressing hard against my jeans. I shook my head and came out of my daze. God, why was I lusting after this boy? He wasn’t even my type. Hell, he wasn’t even gay.Damien was fine as hell. No one could deny that. But I wasn’t really... read more

by Troy BoySo back in March of 2010; Springtime, I finally made it to Paris, it's a very strange city, even the sun dies a little differently here. Instead of collapsing, exhausted, onto the cityscape, it floats quietly away on a dream. I hitchhiked there as a backpacker, with my long hair uncut for months, trying to find myself. I love travel, it's so liberating when no one knows who you... read more

This story is fictional, I don't know Jeffrey Dean Morgan personally and I haven't had any sexual intercourse with him (even though I wish)It was a hot summer, my 20 years old body was boiling from desire to get with a man, not any man, a man older than me, a daddy, to fuck me tender or hard. I thought to go for it, I was a virgin for so long, I need to make this ass open for the... read more

This story has a true-enough beginning...I've just taken the liberty to rewrite the ending to suit how I think it might've gone, if I'd been smart enough at the time to read the cues.This was the... read more

Dan went to the bathroom and returned with a wet washcloth. He wiped all his juice off the carpet and went back to the bathroom and returned with a towel which he used to dry the wet carpet.... read more

Ass of a Titan

by Jettero

Apr 01, 2012

Disclaimer: The following is a work of fiction.I played the role of Perseus’ brother in the remake of “Clash of the Titans”. Now you may be saying to yourself that you don’t remember Perseus having a brother in that movie, and you’re right. Unfortunately, my part was cut out of the movie, but I had an interesting experience during the filming. As Perseus’ brother, I got to hang out... read more

This isn’t my next SHOE STORE SEXPERIENCE but, at popular request, it is my first gay one. I was labelling some new stock in the back room. My uncle was dealing with a customer about his age. He was a cute bald headed dude, wearing a nice blue suit. I finished the pricing and took some new stock out to the front to put on display. The customer was leaving empty handed it appeared and my uncle... read more

The Grim Reapers

by kilroy0123

Mar 26, 2012

I am a 58 year old bi man an never thought I wood be interested in sex with another man but little did I know . about 8 years ago I was just playing around on a new computer an found my way in to a gay chat room an found myself reading the chats of other men an found myself with a hard cock. I thought to myself that cant be I have never been interested in men an had never... read more

Trouble Pt 1

by TimeKiller

Mar 16, 2012

I walk towards the school and I hear someone calling out to me. Tsune! Wait up for me! I turn around and my childhood friend, Rex, came racing towards me. Followed by Sasha, another friend of mine.... read more


by bobapple

Mar 04, 2012

Let me tell you about Smitty. Smitty and I went through High School together. We were good buddies. We played baseball together, went to movies, double dated, got drunk together. One night when we had been out drinking beer, we both had to piss and I got to peak at his dick in the moonlight. I didn't see much but needless to say I wished there had been more light :-). We both went to different... read more

I was in Seattle at a gay bar many years ago. (I was not aware that it was gay when I went in). I was drunk. When I realized where I was I turned around and tried to leave, but two young guys stopped me, and asked me where I was going. I told them that I was here by mistake, and I was leaving. They told me that they weren't going to let me leave, and that they were going to punish me. I... read more

MOUNTAIN CLIMBERA Story from Dr Wallace’s summer, a guy came into my surgery asking if he could talk to me about something which was important to him but which wasn’t, as he put it, “necessarily medical”.Normally I’m far too pushed for time to act as a counsellor, but he was my last appointment before lunch so I nodded and he... read more

Rick arrived at my house early. I was still in the shower.... read more

Confession of a Straight Bondage BitchanonymousI’ve read some bizarre fantasy stuff about gay sex and forced sodomy, and what doesn’t quite ring true is the erotic romanticizing of homosexual bondage and discipline. There is nothing sexy about gagging on a stiff cock ram-fed down your throat while you are cuffed wrist to ankle and another faggot is drilling your rectum for depth. The... read more

This is a true story that happened to me when I was 48 years old. It is also the story of me finding out that I was gay.I was in El Paso, TX on business. I had driven over from Phoenix on that Monday. On the way to dinner, I noticed a sports bar and made a mental note to stop there on my way back to the hotel and watch a little football. When I went into the bar, it was a little darker than... read more

When I heard that I just looked at him. I didn't think he was being serious. So to test things out I wraped mi hand aroundk his now semi hard dick and slowly started pumping his dis already 10 inch monster to its full erection. He just leaned his head back and enjoyed the pleasure I was giving him. When his dick was fully erect it stood 13 inches long by 6 inches thick! At first I was... read more

By Write me and let me know what you think. I answer all emails. Also, I have a layout of the campground as I see it when I write the chapters. If you would like one to go along with the chapters as you read them, just ask and I'll email you a copy. I keep an outline of the chapters & list of characters as I go to use as reference so I don't get mixed up. If you'd like an... read more

The following series is a continuing series of fantasies which i have been experiencing for a few years about some of my classmates from my school life. Names have been changed. Hope you enjoy and i would appreciate your feedback. Thanks. Please don't reprint it, in part or in whole, without permission.This is the second part of the series and there is ongoing continuity so some parts... read more

The following series is a continuing series of fantasies which i have been experiencing for a few years about some of my classmates from my school life. Names have been changed. Hope you enjoy and i would appreciate your feedback. Thanks. Please don't reprint it, in part or in whole, without permission. First point. I had always known I was different. I had always been attracted... read more

Tired of Hookups

by Nickyboy2222

Jan 01, 2012

I was a senior in high school and I was tired of just sex. Tom had just came inside me and he turned over and went to sleep. I had half wanted to get dressed and go home. The only thing that kept me there was that if I were to be picked up by the cops on my way home that I could be picked up for breaking curfew. Tom lived in a different town and was on a rival football team. He and I placed a... read more

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