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Tired of Hookups

by Nickyboy2222

Jan 01, 2012

I was a senior in high school and I was tired of just sex. Tom had just came inside me and he turned over and went to sleep. I had half wanted to get dressed and go home. The only thing that kept me there was that if I were to be picked up by the cops on my way home that I could be picked up for breaking curfew. Tom lived in a different town and was on a rival football team. He and I placed a... read more



by bmbm

Dec 30, 2011

The Thompson twins were a pair of fantastic looking girls. Nice and tall and well built with tits that just screamed out for attention, long legs that appeared to end with a meaty, juicy pussy and nice round figure skater asses, not that Marshall or Bill thought much about their asses beyond looking at them of course. Unfortunately they were also consumate cock teases and while they would always... read more

New to cock

by Luckyraise

Dec 19, 2011

I went to visit my old college roommate in DC who recently got divorced. He's 43 (I'm 45 and married). Long and the short of it, he told me over a few beers that it didn't work out because he was interested in exploring men. I was a little taken aback as he's a good looking fit guy who never showed any indication he was bi. I asked him if he had any experiences with men yet, he... read more

I couldn’t believe my coach Ryan and I were actually bathing together. We sat opposite each other, him with the faucet pouring water down his torso. I loved watching the water run down his hairy chest. It was hot and the whole bathroom had already started to steam up. He had a very nice muscular body, definitely a man’s body. His legs were so big they almost took up the whole space. Then he... read more

This is a story I’ve never told anyone. Only me and one other person know the details of what I’m about to reveal. It’s a story of me and my first sexual encounter. My name is Brian and as a kid, I was always really reserved and quiet. Never caused problems or complained and always kept to myself. People would think I was a little awkward until they got to know me. Once I became comfortable... read more

Superman's Dilemma

by krysm

Nov 27, 2011

He was getting close, and Lois showed no signs of stopping. She was riding his sodden shaft like she was riding a bucking bronco, except he lay utterly still. Her bouncing breasts drove him crazy. He wanted so much to explode right inside her, but he couldn’t.“Stop, Lois.”“Almost there. Just a little –”He lifted her off his penis with utmost care and set her down. Seeing her... read more

It's been years now since Jake and I came out to our families. I created quite a stir in our conservative hometown. While our families didn't reject us(in fact when we came out they were quite accepting) we knew that because of our sexuality we could never live in that town again. It was fun seeing the look on my bitch of a sister's face when Jake told her that he had dumped her to be with me.... read more

To My Readers: I am giving you a work of fiction but I hope you almost believe it happened. I will feel good if you do believe. Just maybe it did. I also hope you will find a part in the plot for you to imagine being involved as you might want to be. It might just have been written about you..However, it is also a story in which men have sex with men (as they sometimes do) and if such a... read more

(Continued from Part 4)Jim found a parking spot in front of his apartment. He carefully removed his bike and cycling gear and brought everything inside his home. He wasted no time peeling off his clothes and getting into the shower. The warm water and liquid soap felt great after working up a sweat during the bike ride. After he dried, He liberally splashed on some Issey Miyake cologne.... read more

The log incident was a turning point in the friendship of Alistair with John and Jonny. For the next few days the three of them found themselves spending much more time together on the island. Both John and Jonny were also surprised at this turn of events but were glad that Alistair trusted them enough to be honest with them and also both of them had greatly enjoyed the fun they’d had by... read more

By Write me and let me know what you think. I answer all emails. Also, I have a layout of the campground as I see it when I write the chapters. If you would like one to go along with the chapters as you read them, just ask and I'll email you a copy. I keep an outline of the chapters & list of characters as I go to use as reference so I don't get mixed up. If you'd like an... read more

Continued from Part 1I suddenly realised I hadn’t given thought to Shahzad by the door. Though it was hard to concentrate on anything else with Ibrahim’s humongous cock filling and refilling me, I glanced at towards the door to see if Shahzad was disgusted, or worse, had left never to return. All I noticed by the door was a pile of his clothes lying in a heap on the floor. I realised... read more

Warning : The following contains material of a Adult nature, specifically gay male on male interaction. If you are offended by such material or underage or live in an area where accessing such material is illegal, you MUST stop reading Tonio. Aug. 21, 2011(If you like the following real story, please e-mail me at All names and businesses are fictional... read more

Dr. Cooper ... David ... and I had just had just spent our second night together, at the loft apartment of an artist friend of his in the city.We’d only had our first date a week before, and until that Friday night I had been a complete virgin. I was 19 and a sophomore at the college where David, 29, was a psychology professor. I’d been in his class the semester before, but we’d met... read more

First off this is my first story ever so give me a break but do welcome criticism to my email thanks and hope you enjoy. I'm a young puerto rican in Vegas and was visiting some family of my moms boyfriend at the time. I met all the females and got along just fine since me and my mom lived in Cleveland Ohio before moving to las vegas and they were from New York. We were over for a special... read more

My first blow-job

by Fioridamike

Jul 09, 2011

I want to tell the story of receiving my very first blow-job. This is a true story.First, I was only eighteen and did not own my own car yet and my mother did not own one. I had to do most of my getting around on the city busses.This was back in the early fifties, when going to a midnight movie was a big deal. I had several friends, who had their own cars and I was able to go to the midnight... read more

Over the years I have collected many stories. It pleases me to be able to share some of them with you. My brother Danny and I had met with our dad to discuss his future. His second wife Karen, with whom he had a very active sex life, recently died. Dad, only in his late 40s, was dispondent and falling apart. We urged him to begin to consider sex with men and had worked out that an escort,... read more

Over the years I have collected many stories. It pleases me to be able to share some of them with you. Our parents divorced when my brother Danny was 12 and I was 11. Our little sister was 6. We found out later that dad was spending time and money on a hooker and after years of this mom had just had enough. But the house belonged to dad so the four of us moved out. Mom... read more

SF, my twink friend

by ipohboy

Jul 02, 2011

I met SF from a gay website, he posted his email online and then I saved his email and soon found him online. We had a friendly chat and found out tht he lives in Menglembu, half an hour drive from my home. It was in 2008 and I just finished my SPM. We agreed to meet up and the venue was in stadium's swimming pool but due to a certain function going on, we shifted to Jusco instead. I met him for... read more

First time encounter

by ipohboy

Jul 02, 2011

I live in Ipoh, a city in Malaysia and a discreet one too. I had my first sexual encounter with Roy, a friend i knew in Axcest. It was in 2008 and when i browsed Axcest, I saw his profile and was attracted coz he has 7 inch cock. I sent him a msg and he replied me with his hp num. Then, we sms each other. He is an Ipohan but works in KL, some sort of shopping complex but i forgot. One day, he... read more

Tile Laying Dream

by HotHands

Jul 01, 2011

Building a house is both exciting and nerve racking... My partner and I had designed and were building our dream house. My partner, Pete, was a personal trainer and male model, so he was hot and hung, we never had any problems in bed and we were always very satisfied. When we started this project we met with several contractors and got the ball rollng. Pete had to go out of town on a business... read more

This is a story told to me by a guy I had just sucked off and we were talking to calm ourselves down.George (Not his real name) was maybe 30, quite masculine, good looking in a sort of boyish way and had the self confidence of a man who had made his fortune and was now casting about for something to do to keep himself busy. His cock, for those of you who feel that is important, was... read more

I know i have always been a faggot for men and cock ,i was married had kids but i always crossdressed and thought about getting my faggot hole stretched.always dreaming of having many men fuck me.when i was young i went into a video place and i had never seen such big dildoes and porn like that.i was walking around the booths and there was an older man in one .no one was around except this girl... read more

Live Again

by krysm

Jun 22, 2011

Craig was studying for his finals when the front door opened and slammed shut. He felt the floor vibrate through his bare feet a split second before his books shook on the dining table. He sighed and closed his big blue eyes, running his curved fingers through his long blond locks. Though he could feel his step-father's heavy steps stomping ever closer, he kept his head bowed and eyes closed.... read more

Jason's Awakening

by Need2xist

Jun 21, 2011

Jason sat in the locker room, head down sweat dripping from his blonde hair. He’d enjoyed his workout and was relaxing just a bit prior to hitting the steam and showers. This was his favorite time at the gym, where he could unwind and reward himself for all the hard work he’d put forth. It had payed off, he was now the envy of everyone who saw him. The girls wanted to be with him and... read more

(Für diese Geschichte emphiehlt es sich, den ersten Teil der Geschichte auch zu lesen, um die Zusammenhänge zu erkennen.)Zwei Wochen seit dem unglaublich geilen Erlebnis mit meinem Vater sind bisher vergangen. Ich redete mit meinem Vater nicht mehr über das Erlebnis, allerdings war unser Verhältnis zueinander so gut wie nie zuvor.Ich mache gerade mein Abitur und hatte gerade Ferien.... read more

This is a true story , I was working on a truck trying to put up a gas tank and I tried balancing it with my leg and I got a big pain on my inner upper thigh when I tried to push it up into position ,it was so bad that I drop the tank on the floor. I had a very hard time just trying to stand up. i told my boss what happen and he said to go down to the company clinic that our company uses. I went... read more

It was 1964 when I had just turned 18 and was on leave from the Navy visiting family in Ohio. My parents were strict Mormons and did not approve of drinking at all but I wanted a beer or two. Ohio had 3-2 beer and I took a bus downtown and wandered about finally seeing what appeared to be a... read more

Over many years I have collected stories. It pleases me to share some of the with you.When my boyfriend Todd and I were moving into our new townhouse, Todd came in and said that he had seen a beautiful boy just a few houses down working in the front yard. Both Todd and I enjoy twinks. We agreed that he would go down and invite the boy to come and help us unpack.A few moments later Todd... read more

Disclaimer: I neither own nor know the sexual orientation of any charactersin this story. If you are under 18, don't read it.Recap:... read more

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