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Sometimes you just never know the name of the guy you just fooled around with. This was the case with... read more

The First

by benthar

Sep 23, 2012

The FirstI met him on the internet…hard to believe! I had put an advertisement on one of the sites that I was looking to be dominated. I explained that I was submissive and wanted a woman to control me. It was less than five minutes before I received my first reply. She was a domina but she wanted to be paid. I was in no mood to go to a pro…it just doesn’t seem real when you pay someone... read more

My Life with Prince Harry: Chapter 2***I don’t know the sexuality of His Royal Highness nor am I implying his sexuality. This story is purely fictional and only in my mind. This story contains male to male sex so if you are offended or not of the legal age in your jurisdiction to be reading this please leave. Thank you and enjoy my story. *** After we got out of the shower, we... read more

When he got outside, Mike kicked himself mentally in frustration. What the fuck was that? Shit, hell and damnation! What is going on? He’d had 3 orgasms in the last fucking 12 hours. Granted two were self-inflicted. Why the hell did his dick twitch every time Kenny was around? He needed a run to clear his thoughts. He went back to the trailer and changed into running clothes. Thirty... read more

Mike had gotten a trim and barbers shave. He was wearing nice slacks, a nice forest green shirt and and a classy brown suit jacket with no tie. He made sure his breath was minty fresh and he had condoms in his wallet. He always turned heads but he looked particularly good this evening. The forest green dress shirt under his suit jacket made his green eyes brilliant. He was 6 ft. even and 168... read more

Michael felt anxious about the social gathering welcoming Kenny home. He had nothing to bring in the way of food. And he was always uncomfortable with the inevitable sympathy offered over his wife’s death. A heavy rap at the door startled Michael. It was Sey coming to get him, probably anticipating Mike’s reluctance to attend the party. Sey yelled “Come on princess, finish your... read more

Michael awoke to the smell of wood burning stoves that heated Nooksack tribal homes in the village. He sat up and tried to pull his thoughts together as he regained consciousness from a deep sleep. It had been 4 months since Angela died. He had gotten into a nice routine being back on tribal lands. It was healing after Angela’s long illness and gave him time to think. His trailer was... read more

Michael’s head pressed against the window as the cold Seattle rain pelted the Town car. He felt empty. A huge void resided inside him. The rain was welcome and matched his melancholy mood. A hand covered his. Deana, Angela’s mother comforted him. Angela’s father spoke in a deep but broken voice. “You will always be our son, Michael. Her passing was beautiful, it was peaceful. You... read more

As you recall I recently told you about my first older daddy Paul, and his partner Kyle. After our 3 way on Saturday night, I received a phone call at work on Monday.It was Paul asking if I wanted to come over that evening. I agreed to drop by about 7pm.I rang the bell and Paul answered the door. We immediately went upstairs and sat down in the TV room where He, Kyle and I had our 3 way... read more

was just to young

by Prama

Sep 05, 2012

I was always helping people out who went to my church,and one of them was talking to the head pastor about how helpful I have been ,so one day when I was leaving the church after mass the pastor ask me if I could come to his office where they lived behind the church say at about 6:00 pm that he wanted to talk to me,and I said yes. Well at 6 I was there. I range the door bell and the pastor came... read more

“They’re finally ready... Cody, Ryanand Leo”, The Scientist replied, making some notes briefly on hisclipboard, and then asked, “But where will you keep all three clones, Sir?” “An Island”, I answered, “A little one just offMaldives... Tell me, Doctor, why did you need so many of my pictures, a videoof me, and even a sample of my DNA? How am I a part of their creation?” “We... read more

Ghost Of Me

by Chocol8moonlight

Sep 04, 2012

I felt myself dissolving. Darkness. A thought. A wish. A vision. A flash. And there… Madrid. Spain. Midnight. I’m actually here. Finally. I’m standing in this street. This very street. Near the driveway that leads up to Tate’s House. I can’t believe it. I need to savour it. This moment of reckoning… Grey rays of pale moonlight filtered through the trees that were being battered and blown... read more

10pm. Rain-thuds. Windless. Fingers of mist rolled off the roofs of my neighbourhood houses which looked like giant ships anchored in a dead calm sea of darkness. Depression. Hopelessness. Sensitivity. I'm 18 year old Steele Sanders, and I'm sitting on the rainy front stairs that lead up to my suburban home, lonely, still and blank. My black Nike hoodie drenched, only revealing the... read more

That evening, 18-year-old Troye managed to sneak out to take his new humanoid robot Rambo for a test. He ran down the block with Rambo following. Troye then hid around the corner of one of the buildings which stretched up majestically, lost in the misty city night-sky. Rambo stopped at the corner and looked around for Troye. After a few seconds, he discovered where Troye was hiding, and... read more

Chris lag auf dem Bett und starrte an die Decke. Heute war der erste Ferientag. Er war jetzt 18, das hieß: nicht mehr viele Ferien! Das hieß, dass jetzt sechs Wochen lang Freiheit vor ihm lagen. Allerdings auch sechs Wochen Langeweile, denn in seinem Leichtathletikverein lief dann auch nichts. Na, es würde sich schon etwas finden lassen. Natürlich wäre es leichter, wenn seine Eltern nicht so... read more

The Beginning Part 4As the weeks went by the Camp became fuller and livelier. During August it was mainly young families and a Grandparents. Alex was ‘in’ with a crowd who when not working would be partying in the Jolly Roger. Alex and Jim still shared a Chalet and were getting on really well. Although Alex had to admit his feeling for Jim were far greater and stronger than Jim’s feelings for... read more

The Beginning – Part 3 A summer job liberates Alex.As College broke up for the summer early June for almost three months, Alex decided rather than work local he would apply to work away. Searching through job vacancies he came across an advert for young people 18+ to work at a large Holiday Camp on the South Coast. They had loads of vacancies ranging from kitchen porters to office staff.... read more

The beginningPart 2 A teenager’s story of sexual pleasureFollowing our return from Granddads, life continued as before – Chris started dating a girl from his year at College and I, after the incredible sexual awakening I had experience, was determined to improve my body image. Barry, an old school friend since junior school, and I decided to do something about our scrawny bodies. We... read more

The Beginning

by ColinEdward

Aug 08, 2012

Part 1 – The beginningA boy’s story of sexual awakening.My name is Alex and I was brought up in South London. I lived with my Mum & Dad in a typical London suburb. Although I had no siblings, I did have two cousins who lived just round the corner with their Mum & Dad. Chris the youngest was almost four years older than me, and John the elder was about six years older.... read more

Hey there hope u like my stories feel free to email me at to give helpful tips and more stories thanx :DJustin says first there are some things i need to tell u...i said what is that?Well i dont know if im going to come out of the closet any time soon so we will have to keep this a secret.But what about Miranda? She already knows about how i feel about... read more

One day last summer when my wife is out shopping with her sister, I am spending a relaxing and enjoyable afternoon in my garage tinkering with my '67 Mustang. I have been horny all day and once in awhile I give my partially semi-hard cock a squeeze or two and fondle my nuts, giving them a good scratch. I want to edge this way for a good long time and prolong it as long as possible so that I can... read more

The day started off like any other friday. I woke up at around 930 am and got in the shower got dressed and went to work. When i got home at around 4:00 i was tired and went into the living room to see my (step)brother watching tv when he saw me and the look complete surprise on my face he said i texted u I took my Phone out of my pocket and turned it on (surprised to see that it was... read more

After a crazy month as an account manager in an advertising agency, I was nearing my limit. Working 16 hour days, no lunch breaks, exceptional stress levels, and a super demanding client were all combining to make me an absolute mess. My body felt like it had been crammed inside an airtight container for way too long… I needed some ‘me’ time. At 36 years old, I was used to spending more... read more

Jason graduated high school and was free for the summer. When he showed up at Mrs. Douglas’ house to mow her lawn, he saw she was getting into her car. He walked over to her car and she rolled down the window. “Where are you going Mrs. D, I’m here to mow your lawn,” he said with a wink.She reached out and put her hand on his arm, “I’m going shopping. My nephew is staying with us for... read more


by malelover

Jul 17, 2012

I fell asleep at a party from drinking, sitting upright on a couch. I woke up from an erotic dream to find the male host preforming oral sex on me. At first, due to my upbringing, I was angry and disturbed. I found as much as I wanted to resist, the turn on was so intense, I let him finish. I could not reciprocate. I reasoned it was because I was drunk. Every time I would see this friend, I would... read more

This is the true story of how I lost my virginity and learned to orgasm.When I left home to go to university I was very sexually inexperienced. I didn't know how to give myself an orgasm and so the most exciting time was waking up to a wet dream. I had never been with a guy or a girl but would lie in bed rock hard thinking about some of the men I found attractive and what might happen.... read more


by cum&getmeh

Jul 08, 2012

His name was Frank I was 19 at the time and was just discovering my curiosity and fascination with gay sex and being involved with another man and i found it turning me on alot more than most... read more

This is the second part of a series. The first part is not eligible to be uploaded to this site. If anybody is interested in Part 1, email me.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------My eighteenth birthday was on a Wednesday. My mom and my stepfather were both out of town on business. They’d asked if it was OK with me since the... read more

My first

by headandcunny

Jun 30, 2012

My first time came on a saturday afternoon. I was 18 and Daren and I were lying on my bed looking at porn in my bedroom. (this is the 80's it was... read more

Years ago, whenever I could manage it I went to a men's room in a department store at a local mall that frequently had guys looking to have anonymous sex with other guys. I was never disappointed when I went there. (This was before the days of mini cams, so I didn't need to worry about being taped and posted on the Internet without my permission.)One afternoon, as I was sitting on the... read more

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