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It all stated with a simple personal ad I saw on my college’s unofficial social web site: “Lonely man, shy, closeted, late 20’s, looking for friendship, maybe more.”“Late 20’s” made me think he was maybe a grad student or even a post-grad. And the way he described himself as “lonely,” “shy,” and “closeted” reminded me of me. I knew I was not the only gay kid on campus, I’d even seen one... read more

My first marine

by cababyboy619

Feb 17, 2011

I remember the first time I had sex with a man I couldn’t believe that it was actually happening. I, Shawn, had just come home from a long summer vacation to Australia and Texas. I was so happy to be home and hang out with my friends especially Alex. Alex had been my best friend since the fourth grade and my first crush in the fifth, but didn’t really know how to tell him now. Well all of my... read more

The Customer/ Dexter's SagaPart 9By Joystick Disclaimer: This story may contain scenes of a graphical nature that may not be legal in your area. If you are under 18, or if material of this nature is illegal in your present location, please leave now. By reading on, you are confirming that it is legal for you to view the material in this story.This story is a work of pure fiction.... read more

The sun scorched the hiker as he crossed Fontana Dam. It was late morning and, though it was only the middle of May, the heat and humidity was already unbearable. Sweat drenched the hiker's red bandanna wrapped around his head. His mid-weight boots plodded on the asphalt. Despite his discomfort, he stopped for a moment to snap off a couple of photos of the man-made lake and the surrounding... read more

After a decent run in high school of finding girls who like to have sex, especially my senior year of high school, I found myself at the bottom of the totem pole when I went to college. It was a bit of a shock. The university was one of those highly competitive New England schools that only took one out of every ten or more who applied, but I hadn't counted on the girls there being mostly... read more

Prom After Party

by fratboy_20

Jan 18, 2011

For years there has been a little tradition at my High School where the seniors would spend the weekend after prom in The Hamptons. Although this area on the east end of Long Island is known for housing some of the biggest celebs, it is the spoiled 18 year olds that have the real fun on these beaches.It was the night of prom and I was on the way into New York City with my group of 10... read more

She told me that it was by the totem in the park by the water. Well guess what? I had to check it out.The first time, nothing much happen. I walked the trails, came across a few guys who looked at me in an interesting way...they checked out my crotch...then looked away. One looked at my eyes and I... read more


I was just starting to mow the lawn when I noticed the moving van pull up next door. The house had been empty for quite some time and I hadn't even known that it was sold. The crew moved quickly and unloaded the van full of belongings before I finished the front yard. I was young and my house was left to me alone when my relatives moved away. It was a lot to take care of as a single guy,... read more

The Painter

by maturelover

Dec 11, 2010

Patrick was a fit bloke in his late 40’s with short scruffy brown hair. He worked as a self employed painter decorator. He had given MR Jeffery McCloud a quote a few months back to decorate a couple of rooms that were looking a bit tired. “Can I get you a cup of tea or coffee” Jeff asked as Patrick put down the protective sheets and set out the paint. “Tea please mate” Patrick replied... read more

Journal Entry 6/4I spent the night here at Jim's cabin. It's a nice, roomy log cabin. He passes the nicer seasons here and winters in Florida.When I arrived from the hike up, my boots and calves were caked in mud. Jim had me stand on a flat rock a few feet away from his stacks of firewood while he hosed my boots and calves with water. I had to do some complicated calculus in my head... read more

Journal Entry 5/16Summer with dad will be awkward at best this year.  Mom and dad divorced shortly after I started my courses in August at UNH.  It didn't come as a surprise to anyone.  It was never a happy marriage.  They didn't hate each other.  In fact, we were quite happy overall.  They just didn't love each other anymore.  Mom and dad were always very careful to make me feel loved when I... read more

Slam! The sound of Jim's geology textbook closing echoed through the kitchen.... read more

Mark's Piss

by jeroldc

Oct 23, 2010

It was a cold, boring January day back in 1984 back in Des Moines, IA. Iusually work rotating shifts, so although it was the middle of the week, Ihad the afternoon off. I decided to head to the local Levi/Leather club tocheck out the action.There were only a few people around, and I sat down for a quick drink. Therewas a blond-headed man in his early thirties, sitting down a few... read more

I met him online. On an AOL M4M chatroom. He said he was White Jewish boy. Football player build. Blonde hair, blue eyes. A strict and total top. I told him I was still a virgin. I was. He asked if I wanted to change that. I said,... read more


by blucollar

Oct 08, 2010

At 18, here I was, walking the back roads of Louisiana. Not much more than the clothes on my back and somethings thrown in my backpack as I quickly was rushing out of my mother's house. She was screaming at me and quoting scriptures. Her anger was above anything I had ever seen. She told me to get out of her house and never to return.The day had started simply enough. It was January of my... read more

The persistent marine layer kept Saturday morning cooler than usual. Jim fastened his helmet, latched his shoes, grabbed his bike, and was out the door. He had opted for a long sleeved jersey and was glad that he did when he felt the cool, Southern California morning air as he briskly pedaled his way north. Coast Highway was Jim's favorite place to ride. Jim had ridden just about every mile... read more

When I was 22, enjoying the San Francisco gay scene, I got bored and turned off with the sissy scene and the pattycake pedophiles that cluttered up the Tenderloin. I became drawn to the sinister yet exciting Folsom leather scene. I liked the look of leather, the smell of it and especially the ruggedly handsome macho types that frequented the leather bars. I met a kid my own age, Danny, and we... read more

Abfickboy Tommy

by j-a-n

Sep 22, 2010

»Gruppe von XXL-Hengsten (32-35 Jahre) sucht belastbares, devotes Bückstück bis 20 für ausdauerndes Durchknallen. Nur schlanke Typen, nur ganzes Wochenende, keine Einzeltreffen, unsere Regeln.« – Als ich am Morgen meine Nachrichten auf Romeo anschaute, sah ich, dass das Profil mit dieser Headline mich besucht hatte. Ich hatte es vor einigen Tagen gefunden als ich mal wieder vorm Rechner saß und... read more

I had been working for a local housing authority where I had the contract to repair old or install new heating boilers at tenant's houses or flats. The tenant would be contacted a few days in advance informing them that I would be visiting their home to carry out the necessary work on their heating boilers. I was provided with a key to enter the property if the tenant was not home on that... read more

Hallo, dies ist meine erste Story die ich schreibe. Deshalb wäre ich über Anmerkungen und Reaktionen dankbar.Die Geschichte handelt von meinem ersten Mal mit einem älteren Mann und ist größtenteils wirklich so passiert.(In der Geschichte werden keine Kondome benutzt, um es etwas geiler zu machen. Dies entspricht aber nicht meiner Einstellung gegenüber Safer Sex!)Ich war gerade 18 Jahre... read more

International Love

by tom9876543

Sep 07, 2010

It was 3 years ago when i travelled over 5000 miles to university in the small town of Brookings in South Dakota. On my first night i met one of my flatmates, even jetlagged i could tell he was hot. I wont give his really name so i'll call him Joe. He was tall and muscley, but not too much and he was German. Over the next few days and weeks we got to know each other, he told me about his family,... read more

After the film

by southseabj

Aug 16, 2010

I was 18 the first time I went to bed with a man. I had known since I was 10 that, while all my friends talked about girls and what they wanted to do with them, it was male bodies that fascinated me, the changing room in the gym at school was like looking in a toyshop window, even though I didn’t really know what I wanted to do with those naked bodies and cocks. Then I came across a book... read more

First Blow Jobs

by txbearman

Aug 01, 2010

I had been going to this Adult Book Store. It had rooms in the back. You got a hand full of quarters and headed back. Each room had a movie and two chairs in them. I had gone back befor and locked the door, dropped my pants and shorts, sit down and jerked off to a movie. That is what I had planned for this Saturday.I went into a booth with a woman giving a man a blow job. Dropped in some... read more

Ted was 25, and still a virgin. He always had liked men, and was afraid to assume his gayness, so he had just shied away from sex altogether. He was a goodlooking guy, the italian kind, 5ft5in, a nice muscled and not too hairy body, short black curly hair. He used to swim everyday, taking a look at the guys in the showers and jerking off at home later (he still lived at his parent's').... read more

this story is totally true.........Let me tell a little about my self my name is Jason at the timei was 18 i was 5 10 180 lbs brown hair blue eyes and was still in the closet to everyone (except the few i had sucked one being his best friend) but one night i was home alone while the parens were away on business and my older bro named Taylor came over he was 23 and was 6 1 220 lbs blonde hair blue... read more

Abs first time

by BttmBoi87

Jul 13, 2010

I finally got a day off from school on a Tuesday afternoon. I decided I would check out an adult bookstore about 45 minutes away from my house. As a bi sexual 22 year old who has never been with a man, I was only expecting to shop around for sexy underwear, and maybe get a dildo. I arrived around 2:30 wearing tightest jeans that don't leave anything to the imagination, a green... read more

dave had been my best friends for a while, we got along great and i had many fantasies about him but was afraid i would lose his friendship if i tried anything.during the summer we spent lots of time together, his mom and dad at work my dad at work, no mom around, he would come to my house for the day many times a week since he was only about a mile from my house.we did all the normal... read more

st playful stuff which I had enjoyed immensely, but which couldn't prepare me for what was going to happen, one sturday afternoon, during the holidays.I was hanging at a mates house, he was 22, and going out with a gorgeous girl. his parents were out, (yes he still lived at home). We played music, and chatted about football, girls,and of course we chatted, he was getting a bit excitable,... read more

Ray and I had been best friends through most of high school and kept in touch after we turned 18 and went off to different colleges. When we came home the summer after freshman year we immediately began spending a lot of time together. We both worked construction that summer and got off work at 3:00 pm. Since my parents both worked, Ray would come by my place where we’d have a couple of beers and... read more

Straight College Freshman's First BJ From a Guy – True StoryThis is the true story of my first ever blow-job from a guy back when I was in college. A while back I posted a story of something that had happened to me about a year ago about these two straight friends that I had met and basically one thing led to another and I got one of them to suck the other’s cock while I watched. The story is... read more

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