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The couple of days that followed my trip went great. In fact, not only I was damn glad to be back home, but also, it was so good to be just out of town, back among the majestic mountains of Montana. Mom and dad were glad to have their boy, and in my case I was enjoying to become the baby of the family for a week or two. No laundry to do, great eggs for breakfast, good food, long walks in the... read more

Treated Like a Dog

by Pappa Jack

Apr 08, 2005

The following story is 100% true. If you are offended by man to man sex please do not read. The details of the story are accurate to the setting of The Club New Orleans. Names have been changed to protect those who wish to remain unknown. Enjoy and Hope to see you next time at The Club. After my first (see “spanked at the bath house”) wonderful experience at the Club, I was eager to go back.... read more

I am a young man of 20 and this is my story… One day I just woke up to find my dad not in his bed. It was unusual for the time, and I went off to find him. We live in a sprawling mansion and I toured through several rooms to find my dad. It wasn’t until I came across a strange sound from an adjacent room. I peeked in and I had the delight of my life. My dad, a big and well-build man... read more

The following is a totally true story; the names have been changed to protect them from any undue recognition. My name is Jack Ofman, a 38 year old working on my PhD in Psychology at a University in New Orleans. For years I have been interested in the art of spanking. Maybe it is because I was seldom spanked as a child and felt the need to be disciplined. I found a chat room on the net that... read more

Taking Direction

by mgw2

Mar 25, 2005

I was summoned into his office at about the prescribed time. I passed some dirty blonde twink with a shit-eating grin on his way out of the office. Clearly, I had my work cut out for me. I had modeled for two years, but this was my first big opportunity in Hollywood. I had done my homework and I was determined to make this meeting count. Rosenberg welcomed me effusively but didn't rise... read more

Director's Cut

by mgw2

Mar 23, 2005

I reviewed the publicity still in front of me. It showed a young athletic man in a tiny swimsuit. He had clearly spent considerable gym time sculpting his body. It was finely muscled, but not bulky. His hair was dirty blond. The swimsuit bulged provocatively in front. The figure was turned slightly to the left, showing the protuberance of a bubble butt jutting out from behind. The suit was... read more

I broke away, and kissed, licked and nibbled about his thick neck. I treasured a few tender moments with my head nestled against his left shoulder. So inspired by his awesome physique again, I pleaded with him to let me give him a massage. He retrieved for me the massage oils from the chest of drawers where they had been placed the evening before. This time I willed the self-control to proceed... read more

My wish 4 a bear By : I looked at the clock for the hundredth time today and was rewarded with only ten minutes till punch-out. I finished shutting down my computer and was locking the desk when my eye caught movement in the doorway. "Shit!" My mind raced, trying to come up with an excuse for why I couldn't work late today. After all, it was Friday, and today started... read more

One might consider me a connoisseur. I am a connoisseur of cock: hard cocks, soft cocks, cut cocks, uncut cocks, big cocks, little fat ones, straight cocks, arched or curved cocks, definitely thick cocks. They say, "Variety is the spice of life". When it comes to the male sex organs, I like life very spicy. I like to look at, feel, smell, and taste well formed, animated, responsive cock. When... read more

Travis It was a hot August day and a crew was out in the apartment complex parking lot working on resealing the asphalt. It was a crew of 5 guys and they all looked as hot as the tar they were working on! As I sat in my apartment, the patio door window was only about twenty feet away from where they were working and I decided to try a little experiment. The vertical blinds were open and... read more

Let me start by saying ever since I can remember men have turned me on--hairy men more than anything. Also let me describe myself. I’m 5'6" about 150 lbs blonde hair blue eyes, glasses. I’m a bit nerdy too. That’s why I never went openly gay until I turned 18. Throughout my pre eighteen days I had always been attracted to this guy Joe. Joe was hot. He was about 5'10" 170 lbs, black hair and... read more


Bear Rub Massage

by aacub

Dec 08, 2004

I really needed a rub down. Being a former rugby player, I had a lot of hard muscle up top. Sitting at my desk I looked at the clock--only 1/2 an hour to go before I could leave for my massage appointment. I felt the hard fur covered muscle of my pecs through the white business shirt. Over the years a layer of fat had started to descend on top of the muscle mass, but I had kept up my... read more

On the worst day of his life, the distinguished businessman Bryce is approached by a much younger man named Randy. At first, the meeting seems promising. The younger man, in the prime of his career and appearance, looked like a sweet conquest to Bryce. Even though he wasn’t particularly in the mood, Bryce figured that bedding another status-struck newbie wouldn’t be so bad. As they talked,... read more

Have you ever been through days where you wonder what you’ve done wrong in a previous life, to get such crap on your face? You know, one of those days when you just can’t put up with life any longer. You feel like you could crush a stone out of sheer anger because every single thing goes wrong??? Well, I was having one of those days. After 6 months in the city of brotherly love, I was finally... read more

The Doctor Is In, Part Too It had been a busy day in Ron's private practice. He was not positively expectant of the routine physical examination scheduled for the end of the day. These employment physicals usually involved examining some overweight, unkempt, boring executive or dockworker. He had them scheduled at the end of the day and performed the simpler of the lab tests himself as they... read more

Big Bear Uncle

by Anonymous

Oct 11, 2004

By I loved my great Uncle Roy. He was my maternal grandfather's youngest brother by adoption and, as such, was only thirteen years older than my father. Roy was by far, the most handsome man I have ever laid eyes on. He had never married and, although well educated, had devoted his entire adult life to the small farm he inherited from my great grandparents. The hard work... read more

Parking Lot, Part 1

by jardonn

Sep 22, 2004

by Jardonn Part One – Working the Graveyard "Kenny, this is Gary. He'll be coming into the lot for the next couple of weeks during your watch. Be sure and keep an eye open so you can let him in." That was my boss introducing me to one of the truck drivers. I worked at the automobile ramp for one of the major railroads in town. During the day, we'd off-load cars and park them at the ramp... read more

The Hunt The hunt began at 6:00 a.m. There were four of the hunted, including Jim and Danny. There was also a muscular, cute college boy, about 20 and a well-built construction worker, about 35. They were out-numbered, by design, by eight wealthy hunters gathered from across the country with one who had come all the way from Germany. Jim and Danny were picked up well before daylight by... read more

The Arnold Classic Danny had heard of the Arnold Classic, the biggest bodybuilding show in the world, but he never realized that it was held in Columbus. Besides the competition itself, it was three days of guys showing off their muscles, and it dawned on him that where there were muscles, there would be guys lusting after other guys with muscles. He couldn’t afford tickets to the... read more

Coach Milks Karl

by tutus69

Sep 04, 2004

by Allen Giffen at “Coach?” Karl stared, mouth open, at the hairy muscled man spread on a lounge chair next to the pool. It was a pretty hot day and not only was the man covered with a sheen of sweat, in spots it was pooled enough to mat down some of the thick black curly hairs covering much of the man’s body. “Is that you, Karl?” asked Dave Colletti, sitting up... read more

“UUhhnnnnn,” Danny moaned softly, laying his head back on the seat. He hunkered his butt out on the edge of the seat to give the guy all the room he wanted, hoping he might go for his ass. Rich moved his mouth up and down the thick shaft, forcing the blunt heard hard against the opening of his throat. He slid his arm under Danny’s thighs and lifted his legs up on his shoulders, then took... read more

Dakota And His Dad

by jock161

Aug 31, 2004

Dell Simon was taking his son, Dakota, camping. It was his eighteenth birthday and they were having this one last time together before the boy went off to college. Dakota drove the four hours to the sprawling wilderness park called Horsehead. The only way to get up to the primitive campground area was on foot and they hiked a mile beyond that to find the most secluded spot they could. They... read more

Danny awoke in the night to the squalor of the tiny apartment he shared with his mom and dad and younger brother and sister, Adam and Lisa. Adam was eleven, Lisa was six. Danny had just turned eighteen. He took the cushions from the couch and quietly crawled out the window onto the fire escape landing. The night was warm but not hot--perfect for sleeping. But Danny wasn’t sleepy. He had too... read more

Los Amantes, 1

by Absalon

Aug 24, 2004

Desde que se vieron, los dos hombres supieron que caerëan en los brazos (y la polla) del otro. El muchacho deambulaba por Chueca una noche más, una noche en la que de nuevo acusarëa el paso del tiempo por sus inmaculados 21 aïos, 21 aïos de carne blanca y tersa buscando un espejo para gozarse, ya que cuanto más arrastraba la Parca el velo de la noche más sentëa él su cuerpo consumirse sin macho... read more

Noches Y Noches

by Absalon

Aug 24, 2004

Noches y noches pasan mas su recuerdo, su recurrente perfume pervive en më como si todo hubiera sucedido ayer. Saqué mi polla del condñn, pagué a la puta y ésta se marchñ. Noches y noches pasan, como si su pasar fuese el lamento de su pérdida. Sñlo he dormido solo desde entonces. Me sentë sucio después de lo de la puta, necesitaba ducharme. Sñlo te puedo recordar cuando el agua libra la batalla... read more

Frank's Buttslave

by cggiym01

Aug 14, 2004

I met Frank about 5 years ago through and ad in an adult newspaper. He is a gay male in his 60’s and I was just turning 45. Being married and really into sex I was exploring by Bi side as well as my submissive side. I had met with a few couples and had tried man to man sex but never without the presence of a woman. I had gotten a e mail from him telling me to come to his house for some hot... read more

O'Hare, Part 1

by blueboymjc

Jul 19, 2004

It’s July the 9th, the day before my birthday, 4:15 in the afternoon. Here I sit at O’Hare airport waiting for a plane to Toronto, Canada. There was a nasty thunder storm here this morning and it backed up about 400 flights in and out of the air space. So far I have waited about 45 minutes and have been told it will be at least another hour and a half before I even get on a plane. I really... read more

By Shadow bear As the first customer ever to walk into the bar noticed me, I picked up a glass from the shelf under the bar top and began to clean it with a towel I found laying next to it. I did this more for aesthetic reasons than any real need to clean the glass. The kid that walked in looked to be about 18 or 19 not really old enough to be in a bar unless he came from somewhere were the... read more

Hi and welcome to the Elysian Fields; this is a bar of some unusual customers and workers. First off there is me, I’m the owner and head bar tender; my name is Derrick. I’m a 6’10” man with white hair and brilliant green eyes that seem to glow in the dark they shift in shade but are always some shade of green, and the pupils are slit like those of a cat. I’m extremely muscular and covered in... read more

The characters in this story are fictional and any similarities to actual events are only wishful thinking on my part. All persons are over 18, have big muscular jock bodies and are enjoying a rough and willing romp… “It’s getting late and you know how long the drive is,” explained 27 year old Jace with a slight smirk. He stretched his muscular arms and folded his hands behind his head while... read more

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