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Ramel was a good friend of mine for as long as I can remember. We used to hang out just about every other day when we were younger. Now we see each other about once a week. Ramel was gorgeous; he grew up from the old soup bowl haircut he had when he was younger and skinnier. Now he's about 5’10’ tall, a deep dark tan, and jet black buzzed short hair. He has a super sexy goatee to go along... read more

When I came to, my Uncle Eddie was still on top of me, but I somehow was now on my back staring into his eyes, his sweat dripping onto me, my legs held up on his shoulder as he slid his huge dick in and out of me. "Uncle Eddie, please stop!" I pleaded my mouth finally free of my underwear. My body felt pain in every corner and I just knew I was going to die. Although my uncle's huge pole was... read more

My name is Andre. I'm a twenty-two year old 6'2 dark chocolate sexy jock at a historically black college in the South. Being handsome and a star running back on the football team gets me more pussy than I can handle. I've got a steady girl and all and am the epitome of masculinity on campus. But what my homeboys, my girl, or anyone else at school knows is that I am a cum drinking,... read more

Big Dick Bernard

by jason_12004

Feb 15, 2003

This is a true story with a little few words added...this story happened in Club Orlando. I entered the club on a Saturday night not knowing what was ahead of me. I was getting a shower when I turned around and saw this black sexy guy with nice nipples. He walked past me and went into the steam room without his towel...I walked in after him and noticed for the first time his big... read more

Love At First Sight

by Alibaba

Jan 30, 2003

I was sitting in Jack's bar alone one evening and was thinking seriously about going back to my apartment to spend the night alone when I saw him walk in. He was a 6-foot black guy, very trim and muscular wearing jeans, T shirt, and black combat boots. He was very masculine in appearance and looking and very sensuous. Looking at him, I felt a hot stirring in my loins and I could not take my... read more

“20 to 19, Johnny boy,” Malcolm taunted. “1 more point and you lose…again!” He dribbled the ball and threw me a smug grin. He knew how much I hated being called John or Johnny -- it was part of his ploy to break my concentration. He loved to talk trash to get me all riled up. But after all those years, I was used to it. I don’t know why he bothered anyway; he could beat me without... read more

I woke up early the next day trying to make sure that I was looking my best to impress the new dude. So when it was time to go I checked in the mirror just to be sure and headed out to my car. When I arrived at school, I was headed to bathroom when I passed the office and saw Ms. Clemons. She said, "Good morning, Lamar." I said, "Good morning Ms. C." She then said, "My nephew is right... read more

New Student

by thuglover

Jan 25, 2003

It was the beginning of my senior year of high school and everything was going great and they all got even better when my English teacher's nephew moved into town. Ms. Clemons was the sexiest teacher at Kingston High and I was lucky enough to have her all four years of high school. So as you know Ms. Clemons and I have a close relationship, and when she heard the news that her troublesome... read more


I stepped into the last booth. I closed the door and let my eyes adjust for a second or two. Then I pulled out the two rolls of quarters from my pocket and put them on top of the coin box. I opened one roll and put a few quarters into the machine. The screen lit up and I turned a dial to look through the channels. I chose one with these two guys messing around in a locker room. I undid my... read more

My first year at college is a year that I will never forget as long as I live. I recently graduated high school and was eager to go off to college to get the hell away from home as any teenager is. In choosing colleges I had man choices, but ended up enrolling in a small private college. I chose this school because I could play football and get a good education. I remember move in a day like... read more

3 Straight Brothas

by alphonsoxl

Oct 28, 2002

I am a traditional Jamaican guy. By that I mean I’m a bit conservative, I talk bad about gays (“batty men”), I like my woman to be in charge of the house and I see myself as a family man whose obligation is to look after the financial and material stability of my family. I guess I’m also traditionally Jamaican in the sense that I think I’m quite good looking, have a few freaky sides, like rum,... read more

After getting out of prison in Nigeria, Nigel takes some time to travel along the West-African coast to understand more of his own history and the atrocities committed against African people. After a few weeks he decides to fly to South Africa, Johannesburg, where he has some meetings with organizations for landless people and those who were forcefully removed off their inherited land by the... read more

After Senegal, Nigel is ready for Nigeria, the most populous country in Africa. He is aware of a conference on African Leadership in Lagos and, as he has settled in at his hotel, he makes his way to the venue, a nice conference hotel on the beach. He takes a taxi and is a bit nervous about the speed and the manouvering of the car, as the driver half drives, half shouts his way through the... read more

After some days with Mansur and his family, after having learnt the hard-on & cum trick from Aziz and after many strategic discussions and practices, Nigel decides to fly to Senegal in West Africa. He arrives in Dakar, the capital. He hires a car and goes for a drive outside the city. He stops at a market to enjoy some fresh fruits and the gracious, proud Sisters in their strong-coloured outfits.... read more

Nigel received a warm welcoming at the Africa Liberation Day celebrations, and felt sorry he couldn’t stay, since his flight for Casablanca, Morocco was leaving later the same evening. He had noted another fiery speaker, who turned out to be from Morocco. It also turns out they are on the same flight. Nigel is excited, because this Brother can tell him a lot about the experience of Morocco’s... read more

Nigel decides to travel via London, so that he can attend the Africa Liberation Day celebrations. He has been invited to stay at the house of Rafael Mohammed, a Nation of Islam brother in Tottenham. Arriving late at night, Nigel knows his way around London, so he jumps on a bus into town and finds a cab to go to Rafael’s house. It’s around 2am when he arrives at the house. He rings the... read more

This is a story in the series of awakening experiences of a Blackman. Nigel Gayle is a Caribbean conscious brotha, who grew up on Malcolm, Marcus and Martin. Well read, scholared in law and committed to the community he is not only active in politics; he also finds time for bedtime activities. Sometimes with Sisters. And when a woman just can’t do, Nigel finds much joy in Brotherly communion.... read more

It was a few days after my 21st birthday. I’d been looking forward to that day ‘cause that was the only time my parents could allow me to move out of home and stay on my own. Since dropping out of school, I had spent too much time hustling and trying to get money the wrong way. However, the money never stayed in my pockets for long, and I was getting tired of the trife life, so it came as a... read more

F**k Da Police!

by alphonsoxl

Oct 28, 2002

I have fond memories of the times when hip-hop was truly controversial, in-ya-face, full of attitude, gun lyrics and posing. To some it was ridiculous, but to many of us – especially those of us who were in our blooming teens – it provided a sense of daring manhood we hadn’t seen before. And it had a ring of realness in terms of street appeal. Although I’m sure many artists were in the game to... read more

Unda Wear Action

by alphonsoxl

Oct 28, 2002

I like women in sexy underwear. But nothing compares to men dressed in only briefs, boxers, minis, shorts or Y’s. A good body to go with it, a well defined dick outline, and I’m up and ready. This is a memory of one up-and-ready moment in my life. My name is Alphonso. I’m 31, 6’2”, dark complexion and athletic. Some years back I used to do a few modeling jobs on the side to earn some extra... read more

Father Brown

by alphonsoxl

Oct 28, 2002

The event I am about to tell you about took place about six years ago, but it has left me with memories that will give me a full fledged boner every time I think back. I was 22 at the time and was known for my good skills in sport; B’ball, soccer, volleyball –every game with a ball in it, I was there. Even though I had started experimenting the nasty with brothas, I was also known to be a... read more

White Brief Heaven

by happycat

Oct 04, 2002

I was staying at the Hyatt in New Jersey and it had been a long day. I came back to my room and felt the need to get out of my suit. I stripped down to my briefs, cracked a beer from the mini bar and opened the drapes to see what I could see. I was looking across to the other wing of the hotel when I noticed a figure standing in the dark in front of the window. I could tell the... read more

Zambian Men

by blackcocklover

Jul 09, 2002

He said his name was George. I was expecting a more Zambian name, forgetting that one unfortunate legacy of British rule on the indigenous Zambians was the habit of using European first names for their offspring. And he was a corporal, on his way home from army camp for a long weekend to spend with his wife and child. Good looking, especially in his uniform, late twenties. He sat in... read more

I had spent the previous night shagging a boyfriend to death in his London flat and I was waiting for a train to take me home out of town. It had been a night to remember and I still felt horny for my mate’s tight ass and huge dick. I had a half-hour to wait and took the opportunity to take a piss. By chance, I found myself pissing next to a tall black guy. The hairs on the back of... read more


As the black cop’s patrol car pulled out on the highway I pulled out behind him. I had no idea where I was, what day it was or even what month it was. All I knew was I was following this beautiful black cop and I would go anywhere to have that cock of his inside me. Seeing his directionals signaling a turn, I began slowing. We were then traveling down this service road and he then... read more

Warning: this story is a work of fiction and contains graphic descriptions of hardcore sex between consenting male adults doing unnatural acts. All participants in this story are over the age of 18 at the time of the story. If you are not eighteen or the subject matter offends you, please log off. Service Boy By Nathan Harvey Professor Robert Cassias Carlyle ran a tight ship when... read more

A Piece of a Jock

by Dewy

Nov 03, 2001

First off this story is false! And names and all of that jazz are false as well...I don’t know none of these people. And if you feel like your name has been used, its purely by coincidence!! As anyone would know, it’s hard growing up as a bisexual black teen. You have girls liking you, wanting you, needing you; and being Bi you want them too, seeing them in their tight skirts and... read more

This story contains sexually explicit language and is intended for ADULTS ONLY (18) years of age or older. If you are under the age of (18), please DON'T PROCEED with this story. From the author of Thug Passion & DL Brothaz Last Chance For A Love Affair A short story By Angelo A. Dixon We've all had a first love--a love like none other and a love that we will never forget. Maybe... read more

Todd had to loan Ember a swimsuit to wear for their little swim. He was lucky he had an extra swimsuit, but lucky may not be the correct term to use as far as Ember was concerned, because the only style of swimsuit that Todd had on hand was a royal blue bikini swimsuit. Todd bought it a year ago because it was on sale, but never wore it because it revealed too much of his business... read more

The inside of the cabin was just as lovely and rugged as the outside. It had polished wooden floors, a country-style large living room with a rock fireplace, cedar walls, large windows, a vaulted ceiling and a dainty kitchen, which was equipped with an old-fashioned wood-burning stove. There were two bedrooms --one downstairs with a queen size bed and one upstairs with a king size... read more

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