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This is a story in the series of awakening experiences of a Blackman. Nigel Gayle is a Caribbean conscious brotha, who grew up on Malcolm, Marcus and Martin. Well read, scholared in law and committed to the community he is not only active in politics; he also finds time for bedtime activities. Sometimes with Sisters. And when a woman just can’t do, Nigel finds much joy in Brotherly communion.... read more

It was a few days after my 21st birthday. I’d been looking forward to that day ‘cause that was the only time my parents could allow me to move out of home and stay on my own. Since dropping out of school, I had spent too much time hustling and trying to get money the wrong way. However, the money never stayed in my pockets for long, and I was getting tired of the trife life, so it came as a... read more

F**k Da Police!

by alphonsoxl

Oct 28, 2002

I have fond memories of the times when hip-hop was truly controversial, in-ya-face, full of attitude, gun lyrics and posing. To some it was ridiculous, but to many of us – especially those of us who were in our blooming teens – it provided a sense of daring manhood we hadn’t seen before. And it had a ring of realness in terms of street appeal. Although I’m sure many artists were in the game to... read more

Unda Wear Action

by alphonsoxl

Oct 28, 2002

I like women in sexy underwear. But nothing compares to men dressed in only briefs, boxers, minis, shorts or Y’s. A good body to go with it, a well defined dick outline, and I’m up and ready. This is a memory of one up-and-ready moment in my life. My name is Alphonso. I’m 31, 6’2”, dark complexion and athletic. Some years back I used to do a few modeling jobs on the side to earn some extra... read more

Father Brown

by alphonsoxl

Oct 28, 2002

The event I am about to tell you about took place about six years ago, but it has left me with memories that will give me a full fledged boner every time I think back. I was 22 at the time and was known for my good skills in sport; B’ball, soccer, volleyball –every game with a ball in it, I was there. Even though I had started experimenting the nasty with brothas, I was also known to be a... read more

White Brief Heaven

by happycat

Oct 04, 2002

I was staying at the Hyatt in New Jersey and it had been a long day. I came back to my room and felt the need to get out of my suit. I stripped down to my briefs, cracked a beer from the mini bar and opened the drapes to see what I could see. I was looking across to the other wing of the hotel when I noticed a figure standing in the dark in front of the window. I could tell the... read more

Zambian Men

by blackcocklover

Jul 09, 2002

He said his name was George. I was expecting a more Zambian name, forgetting that one unfortunate legacy of British rule on the indigenous Zambians was the habit of using European first names for their offspring. And he was a corporal, on his way home from army camp for a long weekend to spend with his wife and child. Good looking, especially in his uniform, late twenties. He sat in... read more

I had spent the previous night shagging a boyfriend to death in his London flat and I was waiting for a train to take me home out of town. It had been a night to remember and I still felt horny for my mate’s tight ass and huge dick. I had a half-hour to wait and took the opportunity to take a piss. By chance, I found myself pissing next to a tall black guy. The hairs on the back of... read more


As the black cop’s patrol car pulled out on the highway I pulled out behind him. I had no idea where I was, what day it was or even what month it was. All I knew was I was following this beautiful black cop and I would go anywhere to have that cock of his inside me. Seeing his directionals signaling a turn, I began slowing. We were then traveling down this service road and he then... read more

Warning: this story is a work of fiction and contains graphic descriptions of hardcore sex between consenting male adults doing unnatural acts. All participants in this story are over the age of 18 at the time of the story. If you are not eighteen or the subject matter offends you, please log off. Service Boy By Nathan Harvey Professor Robert Cassias Carlyle ran a tight ship when... read more

A Piece of a Jock

by Dewy

Nov 03, 2001

First off this story is false! And names and all of that jazz are false as well...I don’t know none of these people. And if you feel like your name has been used, its purely by coincidence!! As anyone would know, it’s hard growing up as a bisexual black teen. You have girls liking you, wanting you, needing you; and being Bi you want them too, seeing them in their tight skirts and... read more

This story contains sexually explicit language and is intended for ADULTS ONLY (18) years of age or older. If you are under the age of (18), please DON'T PROCEED with this story. From the author of Thug Passion & DL Brothaz Last Chance For A Love Affair A short story By Angelo A. Dixon We've all had a first love--a love like none other and a love that we will never forget. Maybe... read more

Todd had to loan Ember a swimsuit to wear for their little swim. He was lucky he had an extra swimsuit, but lucky may not be the correct term to use as far as Ember was concerned, because the only style of swimsuit that Todd had on hand was a royal blue bikini swimsuit. Todd bought it a year ago because it was on sale, but never wore it because it revealed too much of his business... read more

The inside of the cabin was just as lovely and rugged as the outside. It had polished wooden floors, a country-style large living room with a rock fireplace, cedar walls, large windows, a vaulted ceiling and a dainty kitchen, which was equipped with an old-fashioned wood-burning stove. There were two bedrooms --one downstairs with a queen size bed and one upstairs with a king size... read more

Full Circle

by Nathan Harvey

Jun 19, 2001

Warning: this is a work of fiction; this story contains graphic depictions of hardcore sex between consenting male adults doing unnatural acts. if your are not eighteen or this turns you off, don't read it. Full Circle By Nathan Harvey I was Carlson Tennyson and I was a man to be reckoned with. I am in my early thirties and I was already richer than any man deserves to be. It was... read more

When I went to the supermarket to get some groceries, I saw him. He was the finest mutha fucka I have ever seen. I immediately stopped getting my groceries and started to follow him, trying to make it unnoticeable. After about 5 minutes, he turned around and was staring at me; I felt like a total dumbass and turned my head away. After a while, he stopped again and started to walk... read more

Good morning, class. Today we are going to read the story of my dream in which I had an encounter with black porn-king, Mr. Marcus, whom I'm sure we all know. Here it is: You know how dreams can be all mixed up. I went to the barber's to get a haircut. When I got there, my usual barber wasn't there. In his place was this huge black man whose face I couldn't see as he had his... read more

The day after I submitted my previous story, I went back to that same pool in Lagos, Nigeria, for a swim, this time without any ulterior motives. There were between 10 and 15 people in the pool but no one that interested me, so to speak. As I was doing my laps from one end of the pool to the other, I heard a loud splash behind me, which was followed by a wave that could have... read more

Daddy At The Pool

by Rex Rimmer

May 24, 2001

My story begins in the city of Lagos, Nigeria, where I live. On this hot Saturday afternoon I decided to go to a public pool for a dip. When I got there, only 3 guys and 4 chicks were in the pool so I had enough room to have a good time. After swimming for a bit, I got out and lay down for a while with the sun baking my Nubian body. Then, my sun got blocked. I sat up to see who... read more

The Stranger

by a_v_2009

Mar 28, 2001

It was a long and tiring day at work. I came home around about 7 and headed straight for the shower. While I was in there, I heard the door bell ring. Since I live alone I had to answer the door. So I wrapped a towel around me and went to see who it was. I wasn’t expecting anyone. I opened the door, and there stood a tall dark and rather sexy looking guy whom I had never seen in my... read more

The Security Guard

by a_v_2009

Mar 20, 2001

This is a true story! I was 18 when this happened. I lived in Bombay, India. I belonged to a fairly rich family, and, as most Indian homes go, we had servants and watchmen (security guards). I always had a feeling that I was gay, but was never too sure. My security guard (whom I will refer to as G) was a well-built guy: 6 feet tall, dark and good looking. He was in his... read more

Gym Satisfaction

by cock-luver

Mar 14, 2001

I am 19 years old and have all kinds of kinky girls but something just never seemed right in my sex life. It just wasn’t what I expected at all and always left me disappointed. I figure it is just because I haven’t found the right girl yet. But something has happened to me at my gym that I cant stop thinking about. I haven’t been this turned on about a single thought since the... read more

Warning: this story contains graphic depictions of hardcore sex. if this turns you off, don't read it. This is a work of fiction and the characters and events never happened. It wasn’t as if I was running away, I was eighteen and just released from of Juvey hall. They had been damn well glad to get rid of me calling me nothing but a troublemaker. Now at eighteen I was on my own.... read more

Barber Shop Rough Fuck

by Mr X

Feb 28, 2001

"Shit!" exclaimed Trey as he whipped his car into the nearly empty parking lot of his barber shop. It was five minutes past six, and he knew that Kevin was closing the shop for the weekend. Trey would have just gone home, but he really needed to get his black, curly hair trimmed and his goatee edged up. Trey jumped out of his car and rushed to the door. Fortunately, it was still... read more

Night Storyies

by T. Alexander

Jan 10, 2001

I knew it was going to be a interesting night when I got home from class. You see me and my boyfriend had planned to something different. I was not too sure if it would come off or not. After all it's not everyday you engage in a three way with a boy you barely know. But I'm ahead of myself… It all started one night that I was online in a chat-room, I was looking for some fun.... read more


November 18, 1995

by LAR

Nov 20, 2000

This is a flashback story. The events took place 5 years ago. It was Saturday, November 18, 1995, a cool winter day, that has stuck in my mind and will always stay in my mind until I die. Around 1:00 p.m. that day, we buried my uncle. He had died of an heart-attack and I was very sad. After the funeral, we went back to my aunt’s house to eat. It was a small funeral, which really... read more

To describe myself and the type of person I am. I am 20 years old when I am writing this story, and I have been sexually active for the past year or so. I don’t known when I realized my attraction to guys, but until this day, I still don’t classify myself as a gay, neither bi or straight. But rather just another guy attracted to males 60% of the time and women 40% of the time. I... read more

Pretty White Boy

by cock_luver

Nov 07, 2000

I am 18 years old and a surfer. I do most of my surfing in Daytona Beach where I live. I love to surf. I love the way the water splashes against my hard body and the way the sun turns my white skin a perfect bronze that really brings out my muscles. However, every spring an event takes place that really makes it hard for me to get to the beach to surf. This event draws thousands of... read more

Dreams Do CUM True

by LL

Oct 29, 2000

First of all, let me say I never thought I would submit a story here. I always wanted to be a writer, but I never seem to find the right idea to write about. But here I am--now relating a story I never thought would happen to me. When I was a kid I fooled around a little, you know experimenting and stuff but I loved the homies. When I was 17, I had an affair with a 35 year old... read more

Two Secret Lovers

by Red

Oct 25, 2000

Wassup my nickname is Red. This story involves my lover Steven and myself. We are together secretly and this is from one of our most extreme sexual acts together. We live right next door to one another so when one of needs a touch-up with a dick we holla at each other. So I hit my nigga up and told him what was wrong he was over my house in less than 2 minutes. As soon as he hit... read more

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