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The Crush, Part 2

by Phantom

Apr 22, 2009

Scott and I had been together for several months and were getting close to each other...... read more

The Crush

by Phantom

Apr 05, 2009

For years, I've had a crush on my best friend Scott, but he showed no interest in men and appeared very straight. He was also very faithful to his girlfriend, a quality I admired. I never told him how I felt or even that I was gay. Secretly, I adored him. He had the most beautiful sandy blond hair, blue eyes, and a great body. I often fantasized about him while I jacked off. How I wanted to... read more

I drive an MG-F and usually drive on the open road with the top down and of course naked. (Note: I am from Australia, a car with right hand drive) I was traveling from my home on the Gold Coast in Queensland down into New South Wales. I overtook this semi slowly and put on a good show for the driver who tooted me. I noticed another head in the passenger seat trying to get a look so I passed the... read more

Rodeo John

by Pappa Jack

Mar 20, 2009

I am telling you this story is an attempt to share some of the thrill that I have had from the true-to-life experience that you’re about to read. My name is Kent Hudson; I am a lawyer in a small southern town. On March 4th of this year I turned 48 years old. To some of you that is “over the hill,” to others I am not all the way to the top yet. I do my best to keep my 6’1” 190 pound frame in... read more

Redneck's Rigid 7


Feb 27, 2009

In my experience with life, and especially with my lifestyle, I have found and have repeatedly said that we men are strange creatures--especially when we want to get together for sex. I’ve been amazed, shocked and even amused at the ways we’ll go about it, means we’ll use, lengths we will go to and the excuses we can come up with to get together and work over each others cock and body. Case in... read more

Andre had only been in The States for a little over a year. He had spent the first 33 years of his life in Quebec, and the last nine of those working as an executive for Alphonse Publishing Co. When his company decided to branch out and open a new office in the U.S.A. in New York City Andre was their first choice. He was a good worker and dedicated. Andre talked the possibility of moving to... read more

Fiji Gym Torture

by sexytenga

Feb 15, 2009

I was posted to Fiji for work and I soon reaslied this beautiful paradise on earth can be very boring if you are not with your significant other. Looking for sex proves difficult and being so far away from home, there isn’t much you can do to spend time other than go to the gym The main complain I have with this paradise if that I am also not getting as much action as I hoped, and I was so... read more

Big Roomie

by sckr4str8

Feb 05, 2009

My freshman year at a small religious college in the south started out pretty interesting when they put me up rooming with one of the football players. I was a pretty small guy, only about 5'6” 130 lbs. I knew that I was gay, had known it for a while, and a few of my friends knew it too, but I wasn't exactly what you would call "out of the closet". I also had never had any kind of sex with a... read more

Date: Saturday, January 17, 2009 From: Tyler Jannson Story: “My Dick Has Your Name on it” (part I) Subject: (M/M+ humil, NC, oral, anal) Caveat Emptor: a fictional story intended for adult reading only. “My Dick Has Your Name on It” Part 1 Zak Wolfe: “natural born juvenile delinquent” –a truism his aging parents were quick to rattle off when confronted with... read more

My name is Jonathan and I teach World History at a large public high school in the Oklahoma City area. I am 33 years old, 6 ft 1 in, and 195 pounds (nicely built). I have dark brown hair with gray on the temples that I wear in a buzz cut and I have hazel eyes. Although I’m not officially “out” to the student body at my high school, it is pretty much assumed by students and faculty alike that I... read more

Meanwhile… I didn’t know anyone was looking when I split my shorts. It happened in my back garden while I was putting away the mower – I bent down and my white rugby shorts just gave at the seam of the arse, a rapid bursting and the whole seam disintegrated. I knew I should have worn some underwear. I felt the breeze on my crack and jumped up, trying to pull the fabric together. It wouldn’t go... read more

Idiot Brother by Johnny Manipulator PART 1 Andy knew he was going to show himself up again that weekend. It was always the same when he went to visit his brother, his gay brother, and his boyfriend. ‘Oh god,’ he said to himself as he rang their doorbell and stood on their step. ‘Don’t fuck up, don’t fuck up, don’t fuck up…’ Andy had a history of humiliating himself in front of his... read more

The Arse Whisperer by Johnny Manipulator PART 1 After the pub on Friday night I popped back with Scott to his to carry on drinking. He’s a fairly recent mate, we met at the rugby and he’s only just joined our Sunday league team. We’re the two fittest players – I’ve spent a lot of time down the gym building up my body and I’m very proud of it. I’m bigger than Scott, but he’s quicker. ... read more


Bad Season, Part 2

by Tyl

Dec 29, 2008

Story: “BAD SEASON Part-II” Author: Tyler Jannson Code: MM+/Anal/Oral/NC/Blackmail Synopsis: Previously Zack was turned out by a gang of surfers, arranged by Beverly, his conniving wife, and her personal trainer, Bruce. “Darling… aren’t you going to clean Zackie up? I’m begging you… at least give him some more drugs or something to keep him dossal and... read more

Having just sucked off young Luke the apprentice son of Tom the plumber I was now waiting on Tom to call to check out the repairs and settle his bill and all I could think about was getting Tom's cock in my mouth and sucking him off. With my vivid sense of imagination I figured out a plan that might lead to getting at Tom's cock. It was about 6 pm and it was still hot so when I heard Tom's van... read more

I am middle aged and love cock - the older I get the more I want a nice hard cock to suck and the younger the cock the better - for my age I still have a trim body and have a five and a half inch cock fully erect and I love to get it sucked - a good sixty-niner is my favourite. My roof was leaking so I phone one of the local plumbers - I often fantasise about tradesmen in their tight shorts... read more

If you didn't read part one, I've just finished getting one guy off, and he told me to make his buddy feel as good. I didn’t have to be told twice. I also noted that Forrest had jumped a bit when he felt Greg’s hand grab him. I sensed Forrest was up for a bit more, but I could sense that he wasn’t quite ready for his pal to know how into this he was. So, as I descended on that juicy,... read more

Love Lost - TENGA

by sexy tenga

Nov 25, 2008

My past few relationships have been rocky and I started to wonder if I am gay but denying it. Actually don’t see myself as gay, but admittedly sex with men is more satisfying… Asians men are by far the cutest in the world. My first man-to-man encounter was with this ultra gorgeous Chinese (Australia) dude when I was in Singapore. Maybe because it was the fear of being discovered that made the... read more

Bangkok Relief

by sexy tenga

Nov 25, 2008

One of my other most memorable encounters was in Bangkok. I know the girls are gorgeous but I am not stupid. HIV infection there is high and I guess it may be out of control, so I steered clear from them. That was when I noticed the guys there. The thing is, I can’t tell if they like me as I am or they like me because I am white. Anyway, would not want to get involved with the local guys either:... read more

An Afternoon In A Frat House. (Conclusion)(I guess my word processor got so hot as I used it to put down what happened at the Alpha Sigma Sigma Fraternity the other Saturday night that it dropped the conclusion… Well, the story was so long anyway that it was okay. Here is what happened, starting with the four rooms we had upstairs constantly busy with hot blooded fraternity brothers using... read more

An A-1 Party At A Frat House.I know it’s been a while since I have told you of my activities. Well, for your file on me, I have just been studying, working at the hotel and at the adult book store and nothing very interesting.Mr. Goldenrocks and Mike have been in Hong Kong for two months and I have been managing the book store. I have three clerks which Mike has selected from the... read more

Prison Meat

by Tyl

Nov 03, 2008

4,703 words Tyler W. Jannson E-mail: PRISON MEAT: Part Six “Vote For the Dream Combination” by T.W. Jannson From a distance Pat watched as Queequeg walk toward them, his skin glowed in the setting sun. Running down to his black Speedo, with an obscene bulge jetting from the crotch he proudly displaying the blue/black tribal inking that ran the length of his body. ... read more

Lessons Can Be FunThe day after I found the glory hole at the baseball field, I went to school with fears of being exposed by Jeff, Homer, Joe and Jimmie, the boys I had sucked off twice each. I also was ashamed to face Mr. Washington, my teacher in Social Studies.I was surprised by my reception by first Homer. “Hi, Bob!” Homer called to me as I parked my Mustang, “Here, have one of these... read more

I Take A Course Glory Hole 101Let me think for a moment. Saturday of last week was my 19th birthday party. That was my first adventure into sex with Kenny and Alvin. The next day, Sunday, I went to the steam bath house for my wild time in the orgy room. The following day Monday is the subject of today’s story.Since I got home so late from the steam bath house, I told my Mother I was... read more

The flight seemed to last forever, but now I was finally settled into my buddy’s home. I had flown from Seattle to Oakland, California to spend some time with my old friend and his family. It had been nearly 3 years since we last saw each other. Now, I was sitting in a lazy-boy in his “lair”. This was his private space in the basement where he could go to get away from the family and... read more

Kenny Completes another Pass and ScoresTo put you in the picture as my Uncle Jim likes to say…and since he has a lot of money we listen to what he has to say… it is autumn here in my Southern California hometown. I prefer summer and the beach but autumn is good also. I was walking home from school yesterday and there was a slight Santa Ana wind blowing and the temperature was maybe ten... read more

I needed to buy some new jeans and decided to buy the low rise style of jeans. I figured the local GAP store was a good a place as any to buy them, so off I went to my local mall. It was mid-week, about closing time, but I figured “no problem, just buying some jeans. I will be in and out.” So I arrive at the mall and make my way to the GAP. There were no customers in the store and the two... read more

Joe, Part 1

by MuscleHead

Sep 25, 2008

One of the great things about weight training is that you make some great friends. It takes a certain type of man to spend hours building his physique. You have to be cocky and have a distorted view of your own body at the same time. I started working out to build my strength for football in High School. I was already big, but others were bigger. I was fully grown at 16, 6’3” tall and 235 pounds.... read more

Heath was the winner of the master bedroom for the night. Jack was again the low boy in the card game. Jack was not happy about his position, but accepted his duty as the houseboy for a second day. He was hoping for better luck tomorrow. The boys had slept late as one does when on vacation at the beach. A full day of fun, sun and sand was on the schedule. While on the beach the boys did not... read more

Office Blow

by liquidpride

Aug 24, 2008

Ever wake up one morning so horned up that no matter how cold the shower is you just can't calm down? Well, today was one of those days, although I didn't have the time to beat off and really get rid off it because I overslept. So, I finally get in to work and end up being 10 minutes early, cursing myself because I guess I did have enough time this morning. I walk into my office, and there... read more

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