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Just curious?

by David Johns

Oct 21, 2011

I needed to pee, so I went into the men's room of a department store that I was shopping in. There were 3 urinals in there, without dividers.... read more

Berry 4

by bigkat

Oct 01, 2011

The next few days we try to avoid to each other. I had forgiven him already. Not to mention I also felt guilty blackmailing him. Both of us were just too proud. It was almost a week later and I was wondering how his son progress. He hadn't talked about his son since the procedure. I hoped nothing bad had happened.I emailed Berry and asked him about his son. In only one sentence, he replied,... read more

Berry 3

by bigkat

Oct 01, 2011

After a series of tests, my arms were sore from all the IV and my back hurt from the spinal tap. The residual anesthetic made me feel horny. I was wearing those gown and it could hardly hide my erection. Yet I could care less. I was more worried about Berry. He seemed very angry with me. I knew I tricked him into losing his virginity but I was super gentle and nice to him. I wished my first time... read more

Berry 2

by bigkat

Sep 30, 2011

After what happened in the hotel room, things became a bit awkward. We both pretended nothing had happened. We still greeted each other and made small talks. However, we would only be in the same room if there were other people present. I felt guilty. I got my fantasy fulfilled but at a high cost. I thought about using the videos (I put spy cams in the hotel room when I fucked him.) to... read more

Berry 1

by bigkat

Sep 29, 2011

Well, first let say this is all imaginary. I am not that bold to act out my fantasy even I did have a chance.I could tell he was starring at me during the meeting. I tried to avoid his eyes but I felt naked in front of him. He is straight and married with kids. I have never been interested straight guys or married folks. It is a matter of principle. Berry is my coworker, and he is 10 years... read more

The day after their hot three way suck session down by the stream John, Jonny and Alistair were sitting down on the beach just chatting, and passing the time. That was until the conversation turned to the previous day’s activities. All three of the guys had enjoyed the session greatly, even Jonny who claimed to be straight. In fact he enjoyed it so much that he certainly wouldn’t mind the... read more

While he was inside the house, Matt, Ryan, and the lifeguard eagerly licked their hands clean then quickly took turns hungrily lapping up some of her tasty spent juices straight from her dripping pussy lips. Heather spread her legs wide open so the jocks could easily lick at her wet pussy, then the lifeguard, happy with his mouthful of her delicious pussy juice, sat behind her again and held her... read more

Continued from Part 1I suddenly realised I hadn’t given thought to Shahzad by the door. Though it was hard to concentrate on anything else with Ibrahim’s humongous cock filling and refilling me, I glanced at towards the door to see if Shahzad was disgusted, or worse, had left never to return. All I noticed by the door was a pile of his clothes lying in a heap on the floor. I realised... read more

Warning : The following contains material of a Adult nature, specifically gay male on male interaction. If you are offended by such material or underage or live in an area where accessing such material is illegal, you MUST stop reading Tonio. Aug. 21, 2011(If you like the following real story, please e-mail me at All names and businesses are fictional... read more

A few weeks ago I was in Beverly Hills with my mother. My mother comes from very social family with money. My father left us well off with assets and insurance when he left us. I try to keep it quiet but I am gay and need sex like a puppy needs loving care. I am 19 years old and close to 20 so maybe I am too old for you????The first morning I woke up in my Uncle Clarence’s big... read more

Fifteen minutes later, I stood up and placed my hands against the wall. I was naked and my ass was sore after having my cherry popped by my best friend. I could feel his seed dripping down the inside of my legs and tasted the salt of my own cum that he made me lick out of the panties I was forced to wear. I wasn’t sure how I was going to get out of this and was not even sure I wanted to,... read more

When I was married in 1985, I used to enjoy occasionally going out at night by myself and frequenting my favorite adult theater. I would always watch a couple hours of porn and then jack-off in the restroom before returning home. It used to be that guys in the audience were discrete in the theaters; nobody ever exposed themselves. However, it had been a year since my last visit and I guess that... read more

This past weekend, my wife and I drove to Show Low, Arizona to visit my brother who had undergone a stent procedure the week before. I was concerned because Glenn has never had anything seriously wrong with him in the past, certainly nothing as serious as heart surgery. By the way, I am 53 and Glenn is 67. I always looked on my big brother as a guy that could meet any adversity; he was always my... read more

This is a story told to me by a guy I had just sucked off and we were talking to calm ourselves down.George (Not his real name) was maybe 30, quite masculine, good looking in a sort of boyish way and had the self confidence of a man who had made his fortune and was now casting about for something to do to keep himself busy. His cock, for those of you who feel that is important, was... read more

... read more

Tethered to a hammock inside the blackbox, quarterback Cooper McLaughlin's muscles ached. Anus and face hot-waxed smooth, doused with perfume, his plump lips painted a deep, shiny magenta, Cooper was experiencing the revenge of Coach Capilletti. Coop had participated in the Coach's forced milking by giving the Coach a nice prostate massage…with his eight inch uncut cock! Now the... read more

Two Buddies: Brian and RonBrian, about 36 years old, and Ron, 48 years old, have known each other for over ten years. Both are married with kids. By chance this is the fourth time only since they have become friends that they can get together for a jerk off session. Brian is excited as he walks over to Ron's house. He wonders if Ron still shaves his pubic hair and scrotum. Ron answering... read more

Cruisin Amsterdam

by Msqln

Apr 17, 2011

Hi guys, i'm à married man, mid 40, tall, defined, thick cock and very active. Sometimes i like to hunt me some nice guys, mai 2010 i went to Amsterdam and visited two gay clubs: The Webb and Coockoos Nest. Here's what truly happened.I got dressed i put on my special outfit, torn jeans, black T and sneakers, first CC, what a DUMP, l liked it ;-) sleazy, dirty but O SO horny, not too... read more

It was late, a quiet lonely night, and my wife was out of town.I struck up an online conversation with a young man in his early thirties. He claimed he liked older guys. He claimed he liked to suck and swallow, and rim. But he also seemed hesitant. Turns out he was relatively inexperienced. And his wife was home. He couldn't get away. He wanted it bad, so he suggested I come over after she... read more

... read more

A little about me. I'm bi & love sucking cock. I've had plenty & have become quite the cocksucker. Put it this way... I've never met a cock I couldn't take balls deep! I'm quite the deep throat expert & I love it. I rarely get anal because I'm a “size queen” when it comes down to that. But not for oral sex. Just be d&d free & hard! I get off just fine giving a long, deep, wet BJ. I was perusing... read more

George from Kenya

by jayt90

Mar 02, 2011

Through my twenties, I fought off the urge to have sex with men again, I was convincingly heterosexual, waspish, and engaged to a fine, sexy lady.But we were about to have a long distance relationship, as I accepted a job offer in an Ontario university, 500 km from our home in New York. It was a research job and it sucked. I had a small apartment, and I went home alone most days,... read more

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 26th, 2011THIS WRITING IS 100% TRUE. Although I've been married for just over 15 years, I cannot seem to stop myself from cock-sucking cravings.I became friends with a gay man named Kirk. Kirk is 27 years old, and I am a very young looking '50'. Kirk is gorgeous. His light-brown hair is thick and full. When I met Kirk, I had no idea he way gay. We met in a local... read more

Cooper McLaughlin's eyes went wide at the site of metal table over on which lay a rattan cane four feet (1.2 metres) long and half an inch (1.27 cm) thick. The cane had been soaked in water beforehand to make it heavier and more flexible.One more he tested the restraints holding his wrists and ankles tethered apart, but of course it was of no use. The doctor has tested this to make... read more

The sun scorched the hiker as he crossed Fontana Dam. It was late morning and, though it was only the middle of May, the heat and humidity was already unbearable. Sweat drenched the hiker's red bandanna wrapped around his head. His mid-weight boots plodded on the asphalt. Despite his discomfort, he stopped for a moment to snap off a couple of photos of the man-made lake and the surrounding... read more

Cooper McLaughlin, struggled agains the restraints holding his wrists and ankles tethered apart, forcing every one of the handsome young quarterback's muscles to flex in perfect symmetry. Lured here to this unknown laboratory by an anonymous scientist, he'd watched Coach Mike Capiletti as he was force-milked to orgasm, pushed over the edge by the insertion of a man's cock in his ass.... read more

It all started about 8 years ago when Justin transferred to my high school. I was a freshman who was involved in everything except sports-which I took a lot of heat for, being 6'5... read more

After a decent run in high school of finding girls who like to have sex, especially my senior year of high school, I found myself at the bottom of the totem pole when I went to college. It was a bit of a shock. The university was one of those highly competitive New England schools that only took one out of every ten or more who applied, but I hadn't counted on the girls there being mostly... read more

The Boxer

by youngerforolder09

Jan 08, 2011

A while ago , at my job we had this kid name Steve was your typical straight guy loved to party,get wasted and fuck as many girls as he could. Well Steve now and then would slap my ass and i would begin to question if he really was straight. Steve was also a boxer, he was in the gym in the early moring hours into the light and Steve sex appeal was starting to grow, well the gym Steve would... read more

Cooper McLaughlin, the handsome and hung young quarterback on Mike Capiletti's football team stood trembling in the afterglow of an intense orgasm. Sweat glistened on his hairless, alabaster chest like a mirror, making each muscle seem even more defined. Each long breath he took swelled his pecs and made each ridge of his eight-pack tighten. His uncut cock lay twitching against the... read more

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