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Private Johnny Erskine was heading stateside. He got his papers a week ago and his duffle was packed. he was heading out on the next convoy to the airstrip and he'd be in Iowa within 48 hours. Suddenly the barracks door burst open and three of the guys in his platoon stood in the doorway -- Pvt. Gianni Santana, Pvt. Luis Cardenas, and Pvt. Rusty Malone. Erskine jumped. Everyone else... read more

I’d like to keep this short, because I don’t really like talking about it. I’m not gay and have never felt the slightest attraction to men. I never will. I wish that gay people could accept that this is just how some of us are made. There are three individuals in particular who clearly have no intention of accepting this. I was on my way home from soccer practice when an oncoming car... read more

I had been working for a local housing authority where I had the contract to repair old or install new heating boilers at tenant's houses or flats. The tenant would be contacted a few days in advance informing them that I would be visiting their home to carry out the necessary work on their heating boilers. I was provided with a key to enter the property if the tenant was not home on that... read more

Xtreme fighter Ryan Connolley floated between consciousness and unconsciousness. His mind was dazed, his throat dry, and his ass was sore … like after a really good martial arts workout. He'd had the most fucked-up dream -- drugged, kidnapped by a conglomerate of faggots determined to revenge themselves on him for his homophobic comments and actions, he'd been held against his will,... read more

After I'd already taken a load down by the soccer fields, I found I was hungry for one more and had a feeling this morning I could get it. So I drove up the mountain road a big to the old mineral wells picnic area. It was closed for parking but you could park on the road and just hike in and around. There were a few cars there lurking but no action I could see. A few minutes of... read more

(continued - True Story)He has a sweet cock, not real thick but respectable . . . and 7 inches long. He'd trimmed back his bush neatly and was clean except for some natural musk . . . he let go of his dick as I slid my tongue along the shaft and the head poked into my mouth. He arched back and let out a sigh. As I sucked him into the back of my throat he hissed,... read more

(True Story)Took the day off to get some errands done. Wife slept in, so I showered and hit out early to get in a little prowling before most businesses were open. Sometimes like to catch someone horny on their way to work. Drove down to the soccer fields, usually empty early in the morning. Sprinklers were on and no workers around yet. A few cars trolled up and down the river road,... read more

International Love

by tom9876543

Sep 07, 2010

It was 3 years ago when i travelled over 5000 miles to university in the small town of Brookings in South Dakota. On my first night i met one of my flatmates, even jetlagged i could tell he was hot. I wont give his really name so i'll call him Joe. He was tall and muscley, but not too much and he was German. Over the next few days and weeks we got to know each other, he told me about his family,... read more

The Tank

by txbearman

Aug 25, 2010

Bill went to the army and I was off to school. I worked by way though school and had spent the summer between my Shop and Jr year working. I told two weeks off before the start of the fall term and went home. Lucky for me Bill was home on leave. Man I was looking forward to getting his big fuck rod up my ass and burying my up his. As soon as I got home that night I gave him a call. He... read more

Straight College Freshman's First BJ From a Guy – True StoryThis is the true story of my first ever blow-job from a guy back when I was in college. A while back I posted a story of something that had happened to me about a year ago about these two straight friends that I had met and basically one thing led to another and I got one of them to suck the other’s cock while I watched. The story is... read more

20 years had passed since my last sexual experience with a man. I have always been fascinated with transgenderism ever since I was a child. Over the years, I have always looked forward to the weekends when my wife goes to her mother's for some girl time. Typically, I will get all dressed up in a black lace teddy, stockings, and high heels with my brunette wig. I then will lay the entire bathroom... read more

... read more

Just a wank

by maturelover

May 08, 2010

It was a hot sunny day and one of the neighbours dropped in. We live in a small community and we often visit each other unannounced which I like. John lives with his wife a few houses down. He is a stocky built guy and like me is from London. He often seems incapable of finishing a sentence without the word mate or a swear word which I find funny although some people get offended.... read more

Mind Fuck part 2

by maturelover

May 04, 2010

Alex gagged and drawled as he attempted to take the full length of cock. I wondered if he had any idea that this was no strap on toy but a flesh walled cock pumping with blood. “Take it cock sucker” Rowena said as she watched him attentively work his dribbling lips up and down the latex covered shaft. “You like cock don’t you boy?” she asked He pulled off the cock just long enough... read more

Mind Fuck part 1 (the straight slave) Let me start my erotic story by telling you about a girl I know Rowena who has been described as a gay man in a woman’s body. We are good friends and share a lot in common including our passion for role play and SM sex. She is 21 with jet black hair with a few red highlights a petit figure standing at 5ft 2 with a soft Scottish accent. She is a... read more

Terri moved her hand down to her fiance’s lower torso and pressed her fingers into his pubic area to trace the thick plumping boner swelling against the fabric of his jeans. She surmised the warm stiffening was not just from the stimulus of her probing fingers, but the content of the card he was reading for the umpteenth time. This was one of the most precious things she enjoyed about the... read more

The creaking of chains roused Ryan Connolly from a fitful sleep. Disoriented and unsure of his surroundings, his body was drenched in sweat, legs still separated by a spreader-bar into a wide stance. His arms were no longer tethered to a cross bar. Now his wrists were being hoisted overhead, leaving the impossibly beautiful x-treme fighter dangling so that just the balls of his feet had... read more

How I met Chris was a coincidental accident. I met this girl at my high school by missing my bus so I decided to ride the bus that was closest to where my bus would stop in my neighborhood. The girl I met was named Ariel, she was the brother of Chris, I met her, flirted with her and the next day I fucked her. At her parents house, while her parents were there, on the sink, on her floor, on her... read more

The smell of ammonia in his nostrils roused Ryan Connolly from sleep. His head reared back with a start, the back of his head hitting the oaken post that held him firmly in place. Faceless voices laughed at his discomfort.His eyes once again took a moment or two to adjust to the blinding stadium lights, but all he could see once his eyes began to focus was his own reflection in the two-way... read more

From the darkness of an orgasm-induced dream, Ryan Connolly was shocked to wakeness by a bucket of ice-water to the face. Disoriented, he let out a shout and heard laughter. His eyes struggled to adjust to the stadium lights shining in his eyes. He tried to wipe the water from his face, only to discover his wrists tightly bound to a spreader bar.... read more

Force Fucked

by STR8_Size_Envy_5

Apr 09, 2010

This is a true story of how I lost my cherry (got ass fucked). When this event occured, I've had some sexual experiences with men before, but was still very neew and naive. Went to the gym, and after my workout went to the lockerroom, got undressed, wrapped a towel around me and went into steamroom. There were about 3 or 4 other guys in there, One was really hot about early to mid... read more

Ryan Connolly stood in the arena, stripped to his shorts, a sneer on his perfect lips. The x-treme fighting match had yet to begin, but his confidence practically glowed with the same sheen as the arena lights reflecting off the sheer layer of perspiration on his smooth chest and perfectly defined six-pack. The light caught the coppery highlights of his auburn hair as he turnes to face the... read more

Let me start by saying this is a true story of my first sexual experience. I'm a straight guy -... read more

CHAPTER 1I couldn’t believe I was really doing this. Here I was, a straight guy on his way to let a gay guy make me suck his dick, and probably worse. I guess I’d better back up a step first. I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of sexual dominance and submission. Not the real heavy whips and chains and pissing and leather stuff. That’s fine for those who are into it, but it’s not... read more

Bill and I

by David Johns

Mar 17, 2010

Bill and I had often seen each other nude in the locker room at the gym. Our cocks were about the same size, but the big difference was that Bill was cut while I was not. We never talked about our cocks or anything, but I was sure that Bill had often seen mine just like I had often seen his. We were sharing a hotel room while on a business trip, and we both were in our beds in our... read more

Neu in der Stadt

by Bazzamann

Mar 03, 2010

Freitag 20:00 Uhr, ich hatte mal wieder freiwillig die Spätschicht übernommen. Hatte ja auch am Wochenende mal wieder nichts zu tun. Also machte ich mich unentbehrlich in der neuen Firma und kloppte Überstunden was das Zeug hielt. Ich war erst seit 5 Monaten in der neuen Firma und war somit immer noch in der Probezeit. Zeitgleich hatte ich den Umzug durchgeführt. Somit war ich wochentags... read more

This is a true story of my seducing two straight guys into having sex and I’ve always wanted to tell someone. Here’s how it happened. I’ve changed only the names.I’m not sure if most people would classify me as straight or bi-sexual or what. I’m currently married and this happened when my wife Karen was out of town for work. We’ve both got terrific jobs but they require a lot of travel. We... read more


My name is Jack, I am 56, masculine, salt and pepper hair, reasonable shape I think. I work out regular and like to run the occasional marathon. I came out late in life. Been married, have kids of my own and discovered the joys of man on man sex in my late 40’s and now consider myself bi with more of a tendency towards guys. At 40 I was over weight and out of shape and had a bit of a midlife... read more

The next morning I woke up with the salty taste of Jeff's cum in my mouth. He had crawled out of bed earlier and I could hear him in the washroom next to his bedroom. Fortunately his room was the only one in the basement so I was sure no one else heard what happened during the night. To me it was all like a dream but I knew by the stickiness in the back of my throat that this was not the case.... read more

My buddy J and I met through a common friend and started hanging out pretty regularly. We went to the bars. We hung out in classes. We even did a radio show together at one point. Life was good. No complaints. But as school went on I became increasingly aware of something that I felt like I needed to let my friends in on if only so I could just relax and let life happen. I'm bi. I was noticing... read more

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