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He was hot, and I was horny. I couldn’t believe how he had set down my Indians in the first three innings…1,2,3…then 4,5,6…7,8,9….no hits, not even a glimmer of a walk. His 6’5”, 200 pound lanky body was sweating up a storm. His hair glistened in the stadium lights every time he’d remove his cap to wipe his forehead. Mark Mulder was even better looking in person than any of his... read more

I was frozen. Mr. Harper, the principal, was glaring fiercely at Mr. Senate, the History teacher who had just kissed me on the cheek. As much as I’d like to believe the kiss meant more, I knew that he had only kissed me out of kindness. I had just told him that not only was I gay, but I also had a four-year crush on him. So the kiss was nothing more than a “thank you.” But from... read more

A HEAP of Fun Being a first round draft pick in the NFL is every football player’s dream, but to go to the defending Super Bowl champs, the Ravens was even more special. Todd Heap had been dubbed the Golden Retriever in college and his amazing hands had made many a fine catch at the tight end position. He opted for the NFL draft in his junior year and about the only honor that... read more

***The following is a work of fiction*** One of the things high on my list during my visit to Atlanta was to take the tour of CNN. I am a news freak and especially like the coverage and slant that CNN gives to the news. It was late morning and the 45-minute tour was completed. Feeling a bit hungry, I figured I’d catch a bite to eat in the CNN cafeteria. It was crowded and after... read more


by Edward Gordon

Jul 02, 2001

***The following is a work of fiction*** "Imagine" Author : Edward Gordon my email : "Does that sound right?" Daniel asked, strumming a series of chords on the acoustic guitar he was using. "Mmm…I think so," Darren replied thoughtfully, paying attention to the sound. Daniel sighed, putting the guitar down. "Want to take a break?" "Yeah!" Darren gladly... read more

Dream Weaver, Part 2

by PQler

Jun 15, 2001

Dream Weaver, Part 2 By PQLER Disclaimer: This story is totally based in fantasy, none of it is real. This is not a true portrayal of any of the character’s sexual preference. It was the day after the incident had occurred. And Nick was just itching to try out a new story. He watched the guys carefully after the first story and had noticed that Aj and Kevin were spending a lot... read more

Dream Weaver, Part 1

by PQler

Jun 14, 2001

Dream Weaver, Part 1 By Pqler Disclaimer: Okay people this story is totally fictional, and based solely on fantasy. This does not reflect on the true sexuality of any of the characters. The bus was almost quiet. There are several dim lights coming from small floor and ceiling lights but the only real light coming from Nick’s laptop. He stayed up later then anyone else. He was busy... read more

***The following is a work of fiction*** It was the Teen People Awards and the house was packed. There were a lot of celebrity teens and young adults there. There was 3 Deep, N’SYNC, BackStreet Boys, Monica, Brandy, LFO, Julia Stiles, Jason Biggs, many others and the cast of Dawson’s Creek. My crush, Joshua Jackson, was there and man was he hot. He was wearing this Italian-made suit.... read more

The Yanks Are Cumming

by EAC

Jun 11, 2001

It was well into The 2001 Baseball Season. Mike Mussina, the newest Yankee pitcher, was about to head for the showers after another rough outing. Stripping out of his uniform, Mike admired his young form in the locker room mirror. His 6' frame, his dark features, a moderately hairy chest, and his 8" cock. Suddenly he heard a voice say, "Mmmm...nice." It was Roger Clemens! Roger, the... read more

There is an old expression, “Go West young man”. Kyle will get the education of a lifetime on his trip through the West Division teams. This will be a road trip he won’t soon forget. Kyle knows he is in this for the long haul and that his refusal could mean torture beyond his wildest dreams. Kyle is ready to submit to anything. GIANT’S BIG GULP The final game of the 3-game series... read more

***The following is a work of fiction*** At home in Chicago, Kyle's training is 'cumming' along nicely. He does need to begin to learn what can happen if he ever refuses to cooperate with his BATCAPS buddies. He is about to enter a dungeon brought on by Denver's best boys. ROCKIES HORROR SHOW The Rockies blew into the 'Windy City', and at the close of the 3-game series sweep of... read more

Kyle returned to Chicago, but couldn’t stop thinking about his night with the Phillie trio and what they had done to him. He began to think about how good it felt being the sex object of three hot guys. Kyle was on his way to being a BATCAPS member. What and who would be next for this hot Chicago stud. ATLANTA ASS-LICKING The final game of the Atlanta/Cubs series in Chicago ended ... read more

*The following is a work of fiction*** Nothing is more exciting than making a straight guy, especially a guy who is anti any kind of man sex, cum, and then cum again, unless it is then having him admit that he enjoyed, and was turned on by, what happened to him. Such is the case of Kyle Farnsworth, the hot fire-balling, middle distance reliever on the Chicago Cubs. Farnsworth grew... read more

***The following is a work of fiction*** “After School At Boston Public, Part 1” By Rychard I felt my body go numb. My legs were on the verge of collapsing. My head was spinning. Any minute, I knew the tears would be flowing. I had to get out of there! I couldn’t -- no, I WOULDN’T -- let them see me cry! I snapped myself out of my daze, and ran out of the Principal’s office.... read more

Adventures in ColtLand, Part 1: Shooting the Legend I had been working at Colt Studios for a few months before I met any of the models. I was only a lowly administrator and the talent didn't come into the offices all that often. This was not as I had planned it; I had been working as a video director for another 'adult' company in Europe prior to this. When it went into... read more

Adventures in ColtLand, Part 1: Shooting the Legend I had been working at Colt Studios for a few months before I met any of the models. I was only a lowly administrator and the talent didn't come into the offices all that often. This was not as I had planned it; I had been working as a video director for another 'adult' company in Europe prior to this. When it went into... read more

***The following is a work of fiction*** Straight guys have always enjoyed man sex. They won't admit it openly, but many guys think other guys give better head, because they know what feels good, and it satisfies them better than any woman ever could. A group of the straight guys in pro baseball have formed a 'league of their own' that allows them to enjoy some of the pleasures of... read more

Sexy Footballers

by bwfc

May 30, 2001

***The following story is a work of fiction*** Sexy Footballers It was the PFA awards night, Steven Gerrard sat there as young player of the year and he was happy as anyone could ever be. He sat with his mates Michael Owen and Joe Cole. The award ceremony was coming to an end and the three young stallions were planning to go back to their hotel room for a celebration. Meanwhile,... read more

***The following is a work of fiction*** The filming was over and we were ordered to go home. I decided to stick around and check out all the cool little gadgets used during the whole thing and that's when I saw Aaron's trailer. I waltzed in like I owned the place and to my surprise, Aaron was lying on his bed masturbating! He saw me and asked, "What can I do for you?"... read more

Saving Rick Ankiel

by Cards Fan

May 23, 2001

***The following is a work of fiction*** I started admiring Rick Ankiel last year when he was blowing everyone away. I admired his young boyish face and his tight young body. But I never dreamed I would ever get to meet him, let alone help him overcome his problems. You see it all started this year, when Rick was still having problems throwing strikes after last year's blowup in the... read more

Josh Wolff sat all alone in the Tampa Bay visitor's locker room, long after the rest of his teammates had cleared out, and was feeling a bit down. Wolff left with a left foot injury after being tackled from behind by Tampa Bay's Craig Demmin. He had the injury treated with an ice pack and watched the rest of the game from the bench. Wolff, who only last week had scored the only... read more

"No way, Michael, I mean you are drop dead gorgeous, but there’s no way my American butt is going to be bottom to your English noodle." Although Michael's lower body might have the edge in strength on Josh, Josh's upper body was more developed and a bit stronger. Josh rolled Michael off of him and onto his back. The English striker's firm body still had the feeling of baby soft skin ... read more

***The following is a work of fiction*** I was walking back home on my own after a night out with some friends when I heard a noise behind me. As it was late at night I was quite apprehensive about what it might be. I called out, "Is anyone there?" and then lo and behold it wasn't just anybody following me, it was David Boreanaz, a guy I had wanked over innumerable times. I just... read more

***The following is a work of fiction*** As David Dellucci entered the rehab room, so many things were going through his mind. He was thinking of his days growing up in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and his time at the University of Mississippi, a time when he played ball, and was never injured. The fact that he had spent the better part of the last two years on the DL, and that he did... read more

***The following is purely a work of fiction*** Mitch Truswell, weekend news anchor and reporter for local TV in Phoenix, was beginning to adjust to his temporary assignment. He had been assigned the weekday early morning anchor job until the station found a permanent person. Mitch had been with the station for almost five years now, having come to Phoenix from Oregon. Mitch, in his... read more

***The following is the concluding chapter of a work of fiction. These events did not take place.*** As Lee lay exhausted on the bench, Matt yanked on the chain attached to his nipples and pulled his torso up and got in his face. "I'm going to have to smash one of your nuts, with the promise of doing the other one, if you ever try a trick like you pulled tonight. Got it?" Matt... read more

Drew watched tentatively as Joel slowly pulled himself out of the water, after a long workout in the pool. Glistening in the sunlight, his strong broad shoulders and slim firm waist swayed erotically, and Drew held his breath, waiting for the firm buttocks to emerge. Joel's ass was something of a marvel: it seemed so round and pert under his clothing, but his insistence on wearing... read more

Round one was over, and the three hot Phillies rolled off of Matt but they let their guard up for just a split second. The Phillies trio was surprised at the sudden entrance of several guys, none of whom they recognized at first. Three of Matt's D-back friends immobilized Rolen, while two other hardballing hunks had an easy time with Burrell. At the same time Matt gave... read more

***The following is a work of fiction*** Travis Lee held out on his Arizona teammates for over two years. It wasn't until after he was traded to the Phillies, in the middle of last year, that he was successfully sexually seduced by one of his former D-back teammates. And ever since Matt Mantei, the Arizona ace reliever and muscled hottie, sucked Travis's cock and fucked his virgin... read more

I was a boot boy at old Trafford, home of Man Utd, the premier league champions, and home of the bubble-butt David Beckham. It was the start of the season and a Saturday afternoon at 3:00 PM. Liverpool was playing at Manchester. I was eager to clean the players’ boots today because I hoped I would catch a glimpse of the sexy Michael Owen, a sexy arsed bastard who was 21. I caught... read more

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