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At The Water Park

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If you like to see lots of hot guys naked, then spend your day in a Six Flags, or comparable, water park change room. I didn't expect any of this to happen, including even going to the water park.

A bunch of my friends call me up one day and ask if my girlfriend and me wanted to spend the day at a theme park. We both wanted to go, so we went. There were 4 guys and 2 girls. So we get to the Six Flags theme park, and we're having a lot of fun on the rides and stuff. But then we see that the park has a water park in it. All of my friends brought their bathing suits except for my girlfriend and me. We both wanted to go in the water park, but couldn't because we didn't have bathing suits. So we just sit on the side, watching our friends having fun... I go into the guys' change room 'cause I have to go take a piss. I walk in and in 3 seconds, my cock goes from 3" to 8". It was a huge change room, which it has to be because the water park was so huge. It was all open with lockers on the walls, so I could see everyone, and since it was a water park in a theme park, all the guys were young and gorgeous. The showers were at the back and were as big as the change room. I must have been looking at about 200 gorgeous young guys. Some in bikinis, and most just naked: walking around, getting dressed, talking, and taking showers. It was amazing. So I go take a piss, and go back to the change room, it was amazing. But the really amazing part comes now. There was a sign at the entrance that read:

"Don't have swim wear? Not to worry. Go check out the nudist water park at the back of the change room!" So I follow the signs and I get there. It was outdoors also, just surrounded by fences so chicks couldn't see in. It was about a quarter the size of the main water park, but it looked a lot of fun anyway. So I go tell my girlfriend about the nude section, and return to the locker room. I find an empty locker, take off every inch of clothing, and head for the nude water park. I was so excited for two reasons: 1) I can still enjoy water park excitement and

2) Since I have a bi/gay streak in me, it would be a lot of fun. The hottest guys were there, as no "ugly, older" guy would dare expose his cock in that manner. It was so much fun! In the wave pool, I was frequently thrown up against other nude guys and in the slides, you could go 2 per raft. It was amazing. Seeing hot young guys in public place for 3 hours while having "water park fun". Oh, this experience was to die for.

Just picture yourself stark naked with 200-300 other nude guys having the time of your life in a popular public water park! Imagine it. Now jerk on it.

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Jun 17, 1997

We had worked together in a lot of shows, John and I, and I always thought he was gay. I didn't know for sure but I always had a suspicion because all the girls liked him but he really didn't pay too much attention. One night after the final performance of a highly dance filled and sweaty show, John and I were the only ones left backstage. The building manager told us to lock... read more

Bashir & Jake

Aug 26, 1997

Bashir & Jake It was after nine and Jake was running late. He was still furiously scribbling on his holopad, trying in vain to finish his calculations for a class that was supposed to start in only half and hour. The noise at Quark's wasn't helping his rushed math, but he couldn't very well explain to his father that he was skipping Cultural Evolution 201 to... read more

Behind The Bar

Sep 03, 1997

It was after 10 on a Saturday night when I pulled off of Interstate 80 just east of Fort Wayne to get gas when I decided to stop in and a have a beer at a small bar I had passed. It was crowded for a small place. There were a few couples, a lot of good looking men, and a gang of about twelve or so young men that looked to be under the legal drinking age of twenty one playing... read more

Beim Badmattontraining

Aug 16, 2000

wie jeden mittwoch ging ich auch diesen zum badmattontraining. wir hatten einen geilen trainer. 1,80 groß, blaue augen, langes schwarzes haar (als Zopf) trainiert, 12cm/23cmx6cm. wir wusten, dass er schwul war. das machte den meisten nichts. heute war nur ich beim training. wir mussten für ein wettbewerb üben. als wir dann fertig waren, gingen wir in die umkleidekabine. er zog sich... read more

Due to international translation technology this story may contain spelling or grammatical errors. To the best of our knowledge it meets our guidelines. If there are any concerns please e-mail us at: CustomerService@MenontheNet. Avevo già intravisto altre volte quel bel signore ultra-cinquantenne nelle vicinanze di casa mia. Un gran bell'uomo, alto, robusto, piacevolmente brizzolato,... read more

Bev Hills 90210

Jun 27, 1997

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Birthday Surprise

Jun 17, 1997

David and I are best friends and I guess you could call us fuck buddies because we like to get together a lot for hot suck and fuck sessions. We have been together for three years now--since we were sixteen and we share everything together--our fantasies, our thoughts, our cocks, our asses, our cum--and the list could go on. We are never afraid to share everything together because... read more

Bondage Boys

Jan 01, 1997

Jon was happy with Paul. They had been dating for over two months, and everything was proceeding as Jon hoped it would. He usually got what he wanted, and at the time, Paul suited those needs. Though Jon was leery that Paul might consider their tenuous relationship more than what it really was: fuck buddies. Jon strode into his apartment and sat heavily on the... read more

Bound And Fucked

May 04, 1997

M.A.C.H.O. BBS Men's American Coastal Hide Out 714-497-3622 BOUND AND FUCKED -- From the San Francisco Oracle I had seen you on your motorcycle, cruising down Santa Monica Blvd. Always your helmet and face guard prevented me from seeing your face. Always your open leather jacket allowed me to see that thin line of hair tracing a path to your navel to disappear beneath the... read more

Brian And Brett

Mar 17, 1999

It was getting late that Friday afternoon. Track practice had ended a while ago, but Brett just entered the dank locker room. He looked around and saw no one, so he began peeling off his sweaty T-shirt. Brett was disappointed in not seeing young, naked studs showering in the damp locker room. He passed a mirror and paused to admire his conditioned body. 'It isn't as good as ... read more

BSB Meets N'Sync

Sep 21, 1999

*This story is pure fiction.* The Backstreet Boys and N'Sync had just given their first performance together, in a charity concert. Now they had all gone back to their hotel rooms. Nick was lying down in his bed when all of a sudden he got a call from Justin. "Hey Nick," Justin said. "I'm pretty bored. Wanna play cards or something?" "Sure," Nick said. "Come on over." In a ... read more

Bukan anak mami

Mar 14, 2002

Kuteguk gelas demi gelas bir yang temanku sediakan. Sengaja aku memenuhi tantangan temanku untuk saling adu kuat minum bir. Karena saya tidak mau disebut anak mami. Karena tidak terbiasa, maka mulailah kepalaku terasa pening dan perasaan melayang. Ketika akan berdiri, jalanku mulai sempoyongan. Si Welly temanku langsung saja menangkap tubuhku dan memapahku keranjangnya. Kerjaku hanya... read more


Mar 12, 1998

I was an 18 year old senior in high school when I met John, he had just transferred from a school across town, which was rare in our small Midwestern community where most people lived their whole lives within a 30 mile area. He was taller than me, with thick brown curly hair and bright green eyes. He had a football player's build and naturally muscular body, just the kind of guy I... read more


Dec 24, 1997

This is a true story that happened to me when I was between 18 and 19. Because it is a true account, I have changed the name of the person involved. I must also ask that my name remain anonymous. I came from a family of four: Mom, Dad and me and my brother. We lived in a small town of perhaps 2500 people. My brother was three and a half years older than me and was... read more

Carlos, Mi Mejor Amigo

Nov 04, 1997

Había continuado cogiendo con mi guapísimo cuñado durante ya bastante tiempo, no podia pararlo, y yo tenía la culpa de todo. Carlos, mi mejor amigo ya me habia notado un poco raro, pero yo nunca me había atrevido a decirle nada. Mi primo se burlaba de mi a diario, y amenazaba con llegar una noche y cogerme sin piedad, yo estaba desesperado. Carlos era un poco... read more

Caught By The Cops

Apr 28, 1998

David loved to drive. Sometimes he would spend hours behind the wheel of his gleaming red sports car, heading nowhere in particular, just enjoying the feel of the wind in his face and reveling in the power of the engine under the hood. He loved speed. Even as a learner, his Driving School teacher had ordered him to slow down. "You're going to get your license taken from... read more

Caught By The Fuzz

May 04, 1997

David loved to drive. Sometimes he would spend hours behind the wheel of his gleaming red sports car, heading nowhere in particular, just enjoying the feel of the wind in his face and reveling in the power of the engine under the bonnet. He loved speed. Even as a learner, his Driving School teacher had ordered him to slow down. "You're going to get your license taken off you... read more

I was really nervous about having to take showers with other guys when I got to college. First, I was nervous that I wouldn't "measure up" to the other guys, and second, I was scared of getting turned on when I was in the shower. For most guys, this would not be a concern, but I knew that I was interested in seeing other guys dicks. The first thing that I did when I got ... read more

Computer Slave

Apr 11, 1997

I had met him on the computer bulletin board. Usually I just chat with the other board subscribers, but he was different. He knew what he wanted. He verbalized it. If I was to describe his conversations in retrospect, two words come to mind - firm, definitely firm, and demanding. In early conversations he asked a lot of questions. Hundreds. What do I look like? What do I do?... read more

Cop Cock

May 04, 1997

He just sat there, staring across the Charles at the twinkling lights of Cambridge. I wanted him the second I laid eyes on him. I wanted him bad; I wanted him up my ass, stretching me open with his big cock. It was getting late, and soon it would be light. Either I got him now, or when the first train came through heading for Dorchester, I'd be on it. I must have wanted it ... read more

Customs Check

Jul 28, 1997

Disclaimer - this work contains sexual orientated material. If you are offended homosexual acts, lovemaking, bondage or you are under 18 years of age, then you should not go beyond this point. Mark watched the row of passengers building up, awaiting their customs checks. There were the usual number of Officers on duty today but for some reason, they just didn't seem to be... read more

David Gets Worked Over

Feb 04, 1998

DAVID HASSELHOFF GETS A PHYSICAL HE WON'T FORGET It is Monday morning and David Hasselhoff got in his car to go to his doctor for his yearly physical. He entered the Doctor's office and signed in. Five minutes later, his doctor came up to him and told him to follow him to the new wing of the office. He followed him to a room with an examination table in the middle. The... read more

Di Terminal

Feb 16, 1998

Saya sudah lama menyadari bahwa ada yang aneh dalam diri ini. Yaitu, saya lebih menyukai pria dari pada wanita. Padahal saya seorang pria. Tetapi sampai usia 22 tahun saya belum pernah berhubungan seksual sama sekali. Sampai suatu ketika di terminal bis Cililitan. Saya masuk ke WC umum dan buang air kecil di urinoir yang disediakan. Urinoir itu terkesan seadanya sehigga... read more

Dibalik Tirai

May 04, 1998

Hari ketiga di kost baru ini terasa sangatlah menjemukan. Dari lima kamar yang tersedia di lantai atas hanya terhuni dua kamar, maklum dalam kondisi baru. Payahnya Roy yang berada di kamar sebelah lebih banyak di luaran mengurusi skripsinya yang belum kelar-kelar,sementara aku mesti menunggu saat ajaran semester akhir dimulai. Acara TV dan bukupun sudah enggan aku sentuh. Sama... read more

Discovery, Part 1

Jul 05, 1998

Mark was not your average boy. In fact, nothing could be more untrue. At first sight, he struck up a considerably cool image even in front of the opposite sex, owing to the simple fact that he was a drop- dead gorgeous hunk. Being only 17 did little to degrade his physical fitness, and anybody who did not know him, would certainly have mistaken him for some sexy stud stripping... read more

Discovery, Part 2

Jul 05, 1998

Mark was considerably impressed the flashy signboard blaring out the name " Chippendales". He walked straight up to the counter, where a clerk was sitting attentively, ever ready to receive a new customer. Clerk: May I help you ? Mark: Yes, please. I've just come here for a massage, that's all. I've never been to a masseur before, so I'm kind of confused as to what... read more

Discovery, Part 3

Jul 06, 1998

Thinking he'd spent enough time with himself, Mark entered the masseur's parlour. A sign to the side of the door read, "Please lie face down on the table. Your masseur will be with you shortly." Mark liked the way they had put it." Your masseur will be with you shortly. Your masseur; MY MASSEUR.", he thought to himself. It gave him a sexy feeling all over." What's happening to... read more

Discovery, Part 4

Jul 06, 1998

Mark was left speechless in the room. He felt as if he had had an out-of-body experience! But what an experience! Something had clicked in his mind during that incredible massage. Without realising what he was about to stumble into, Mark quickly got to his feet and followed the masseur. He came to a changing room and without having second thoughts, he turned the door-knob and... read more

Discovery, Part 5

Jul 06, 1998

The two men left the café and Marvin took Mark to a place he had never seen before, a Gay Bar. Marvin: Well, this it. Let's go in and check it out. You'll see I was telling you the truth. And true to his words, Mark did see the truth and a whole lot more! Marvin played the part perfectly, making Mark feel right at home, with the groovy music and the tons of hunks ... read more

Discovery, Part 6

Sep 02, 1998

Mark woke up early the next Saturday morning. He had just dreamt of surfing the net for gay porn and the dream must have so stimulating, it forced him to wake up. Mark wasn't in the least bothered now about sleeping with nothing on but a string-thong, so he thought he might as well wear it around his room all the time. After all, it was extremely comfortable and he posed in front... read more

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