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George Did It

by glen morris

Dec 14, 2012

:What am I going to do?... read more

First in a series, edited January 3, 2013.Groping around the steam room of the gay sauna, I wanted a hard cock for my twitching butt. I needed to take the edge off before meeting up for dinner with my dad, who was flying in around 7 pm for a meeting the next morning. College was tough, and I didn’t have much of a social life other than secretly eyeing the other guys at the gym while I was... read more

Bathhouse Visit…Pure SatisfactionI had a lot of pent up frustration. Simply put, I needed release. I am gay, I just want to say that upfront. Yes, I am married too but I have realized that being married does not make you straight! I am embracing my homosexuality in a very real, physical way, so when I say I needed release…well you can imagine what I had in mind. As a married, closeted... read more

The Mission

by benthar

Sep 23, 2012

The MissionI am a married guy and I know that upsets most of you and for that matter it upsets me too...but the truth of the matter is that there are many of us stuck in bad marriages that can't simply walk away. I have heard it before; anything is better than living a lie and that may be true but sometimes a white lie or a don't ask, don't tell situation is acceptable...I wish it were not so... read more

Wednesday I stopped in at Starbucks/Chapters and went to their washroom. There was a guy in there standing at the urinal on the right. As I walked up to the urinal beside him, I could plainly see his dick. His pants were open and being held up by his left hand. His right hand held his urinating dick. And a fine dick it was too. I unzipped and pulled out my pecker and held it with my left hand... read more


I was bored on a Friday night. I had been having a rather busy week at work, and I needed to burn off some steam, but going out and trying to push myself through a crowd to spend my Friday night didn't sound fun at all. I am 29 years old, 5'10, 160 lbs dark blonde hair and blue eyes. I guess people would say that I am good looking, but I am not one of those guys that has to flaunt... read more

Last night, I was in Oceanside and I met a good looking guy in an ice cream place eating a big dish of ice cream. He told me his name is Josh and he is almost 19 years old. I could tell from his manner of speech that he was not well educated even before he told me he had joined the Marines in St. Louis after he left his uncle’s farm in the Ozarks. He informed me that he was taking some... read more

The Sheik Rules. Part 2.I don’t know how he could do it. When Jim opened the door to Jeff’s room, we found Jim’s brother sound asleep, dressed only in an expensive set of boxer underwear.“Well, I think I told you how my brother controls his mind.” Jim remarked. “He can sleep like this knowing that he has a rough hour or so to go through with some big cocked guy and then a worst... read more

The Sheik Rules

by Bob_N_Head2

Sep 14, 2011

The Sheik Rules Part 1.If you have read my recent story of “My Lucky Night At The Club,” you have been introduced to my Uncle Clarence. In that story, I did not elaborate about my uncle but I will tell you a little more here. Uncle Clarence is a promoter who has had a lot of success. His wife, my Aunt Jenifer, however is an invalid and not capable of having sex anymore. There are... read more

more from my life

by ernest777

May 23, 2011

After my Indian saga I returned to the UK where at first life seemed rather dull but I went on a gay website and received an invite to Spain this was from an old friend there he introduced me to some of his friends with them for the first time I went to a sauna as my tits and nipples are well developed they seemed to attract a good few people who seemed to want to play with them some of them... read more

When I was 18, I decided to sneak into the local... read more

This is based on a true story...always have safe sex...In this fiction i do it all...this story happened in Club Orlando. I entered the club on a Saturday night not knowing what was ahead of me. I was getting a shower when I turned around and saw this black sexy guy with nice nipples. He walked past me and went into the steam room without his towel...I walked in after him and noticed for the... read more

Chapter 1I’m obsessed with this man and he’s sitting 7 rows ahead of me. I’m so obsessed that I am following him on this 7:15 train into the city, not knowing where it’ll lead me. I have to be discrete. I’m wearing a baseball cap and sunglasses even though it’s mid November and the sun has long since set. But I don’t want him to recognize me just yet, ‘cause if he does, the game will be over.... read more

I had joined a local gym to try to keep in shape. I was not the body builder muscle jock type but I did like to keep trim and in shape. The gym is co-ed but the showers and steam rooms are separate. After my first workout I decided to try the steam room to stretch out the muscles I knew would be sore tomorrow. I had a baggy swimsuit on and walked in. The steam was hot and thick and it took... read more


I'd been to the gay sauna loads of times since I'd been introduced by a hot jack off friend. I'd watched him regularly get fucked in the showers and once had a private session watching him ride a huge balck guy in one of the cubicles while I just jacked off. He always drank my cum at the end but I was itching for a fuck myself, but a bit too inexperienced to follow through my desires.What I... read more

Finally at the sauna, sitting watching some hot studs fucking on the screen, Dan caught the eye of the bodybuilder he'd been following all night. It was 3am and he was all ready for heading home, changing into his straight gear, when in had walked this huge guy, his t shirt gripping the biggest arms Dan had ever seen, hugging the most amazing pecs and shoulders. Half way through pulling up... read more

A wild afternoon at

by rimbutt

Aug 19, 2010

RIMBUTT’S LETTER TO PATRICK15 Dec. ‘07Well, Patrick, you hot, horny rimmer you - good morning! (And a big deep kiss on/in your yummy hole! Thank you for your hot e-mail and yes, I have just the story for you – being a dedicated, card-carrying and talented rimmer I’m sure you’ll appreciate it.It happened last Thursday night in that awesomely sleezy place called... read more

Becoming a Chocaholic

by lng4cum

Apr 22, 2010

I am a well endowed 40 year old white male who has become a chocaholic (big black cock lover). I discovered my love for black cock one horny night at the local gay bathhouse. A couple of months ago, I was horny and began cruising the internet for gay porn. I noticed an ad at one of the sites for a list of gay bathhouses in my area. Curious, I checked out the web site and noticed it was... read more

Me and Ed

by David Johns

Feb 19, 2010

Ed and I had been friends for many years. As we had talked through the years, there was not much we hadn't told each other. But we had never seen each other nude -- that was going to change! We were at a hotel for a meeting, in different rooms. After we had finished a drink and gone back to our rooms, I decided to take advantage of the men's health club downstairs, which included a... read more


Bath House Slut

by cggiym01

Nov 18, 2009

It has been a while since my last visit to the bath house, but it seems the wait was worth it. I started my day with a nice shower, shave (below the waist) and a nice soapy enema. Of course with the soapy enema I started dripping pre cum from my nicely shaved cock.I put my supplies in a little bag and off to the showers. I got there early enough to get a private room with a locker in the... read more

I opened my lips and began to suck. He held his thumb in my mouth as I gazed at the foreskin just barely covering his cockhead. I swirled my tongue around and made sure not to graze him with my teeth.At that moment, I felt the fingers withdraw from my ass and after a brief pause I felt the muscled guy's hard cock at my hole. It felt smooth and slippery but huge. He slowly pushed and I gasped... read more

I travel to Toronto only occasionally but whenever I get the chance I make a point of visiting one of the bath houses. I'm good looking and pretty well built but also a bit shy. Most of the time I just wander the halls and then jerk off in my room watching the videos.That all changed with my last visit. I decided to try out a large bath on Church Street. I paid for a regular room and made my... read more

Nach einigen Chats über Gayro war es nun tatsächlich so weit . Wenn ich nicht als Weichei gelten wollte konnte ich jetzt keinen Rückzieher mehr machen .Ich hatte einem Typen , dessen Profil in Gayro sehr eindeutig in Richtung SM Master mit vollausstattung ging, einiges über meine geheimen Phantasien erzählt und hätte nun letztendlich als Feigling dagestanden wenn ich nicht zu einem Date in der... read more

Tony stood there hard cock in hand slowly wanking himself off and playing with his large balls watching the scene before him. 2 hairy bear guys where on the bed fucking each other senseless. There were moaning and groaning in delight as they fucked, sucked and played with each other. The room was filled with the smell of poppers, cum and sweat. It seemed quite an audience had grown around the... read more

Gay Steam Bath

by bgntall

Sep 29, 2009

I am a biwm and have always dreamed of going to a Gay Steam Bath. Well one day I had to take a trip for a business meeting. I went by this gay bath site and had over 3 hrs to burn before I had to be at a the meeting. So I drove into the parking lot. I sat there for awhile, getting up the nerve to go inside. Finally a good looking guy parked next to me and gave me that, I want you look.... read more

God this guy was good at sucking cock.... read more

Personal first time experience... read more

My First Bathhouse

by nkedwriter

Jul 10, 2009

... read more

My First Bathhouse

by nkedwriter

Jun 24, 2009

As a trucker I needed a hot tub... read more

Jan, Cem und Sören

by xernos

Jun 16, 2009

Achtung! Diese Geschichte ist für Leser unter 18 bzw. 21 Jahren nicht geeignet. Jan, Cem und SörenIch hatte es mir in der finnischen Sauna bequem gemacht. Noch einmal wollte ich die anstrengende Hitze an meinem Körper spüren, noch einmal das wohlige Gefühl des Schwitzens und der damit verbundenen inneren Reinigung erleben. Mein verlängertes Wochenende in Esbjerg/Dänemark neigte sich... read more

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