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Horny Roofer

by blueboymjc

Jun 10, 2004

Now just in case you got the wrong website this story is about two guys doing it, so if that offends y'all get back to a straight site, "K"? This happened to me today and I am a better man for it. Any gay or straight or bi guy that lives in York Region Ontario and needs a blow job, has got to know about the two meeting places. One is on Aurora side road @Warden and the other is on Kennedy at... read more

As I approached the front door I thought, "good, she didn't go away after all." I had received a message that my other half was going to visit her mother for a few days but obviously she hadn't gone because the door was ajar and I could see a light in the lounge. I was loaded down with bags of shopping - meals for one - so I was glad I didn't have to search for my keys. I walked into the... read more

When I woke up, it was already morning. The day before was like a dream. Yet, it did happen. Lying naked next to me was my best friend’s husband…the man I desired and the man I had sex with. He found me awake and pulled me towards him. Underneath the blanket, he cuddled me like a baby. I felt so warm, so secure. We slept till noon and called our respective offices to inform them that we... read more

June and I met each other in high school and since then we became best friends. Our common interest of photography kept us together. It was five years since High School and we were still keeping contact. Through her work, she got to know this very gorgeous male colleague, who eventually became her boyfriend. His name is Joseph. He’s 6' tall and worked out regularly at the gym, too. Due to... read more

Back in high school, I did my fair share of partying. But, I never let myself get out of control. However, I knew many guys that would totally get wasted! One weekend, I was out at a big party. Everyone was drinking and having a good time, especially Brocko. Brock had had a lot to drink that night. Even so, he still looked amazing in a tight Abercrombie shirt and some sexy jeans that... read more

Jason, Todd's brother, was pissed off. He didn't want his brother to be gay. It wasn't normal.... read more

If you are offended by anonymous sexual contact performed in a public restroom, or you are under legal age, then please leave now. Otherwise, enjoy the sexual experience of male-to-male contact. If you’re looking for role models, standards of acceptance, or safe behavior, you shouldn’t be reading erotic stories. By Richard Barber Part 1 Relief is just a... read more

The first time I saw him I wanted to jump his bones. He was the type of guy you would see walking down the hall – you know, confident and cocky knowing what lay beneath his big bulge. I would often follow him from behind staring at his ass, wondering what it would be like to caress his smooth, hard butt. His name is Shandi and he is 5’10, 170 pounds, with dirty blond hair and crystal blue... read more

The following story involves consensual sex between men (and a little bit of gross “hetero” action…sorry…). If this might offend you, then I would not advise you to read on. All characters in this story are at least 18 years old. And, damn lucky me, it’s completely true. I’m a sucker for straight dudes and I usually have no problem landing some. I hope you enjoy… Used by a Straight Dude,... read more

The following story involves consensual sex between men. If this might offend you, then I would not advise you to read on. All characters in this story are at least 18 years old. And, damn lucky me, it’s completely true. I’m a sucker for straight dudes and I usually have no problem landing some. It’ll take a minute to get to the good stuff, but be patient. Back story is necessary. And the... read more

Net Meeting

by obtmtom

May 03, 2004

I'm a 19-year old bottom that has been doing older guys since I was 14. Last week, I was really horny and I hadn't seen my regular guy in almost three weeks. I was able to hook up with this older married guy on the Net. He was married and described himself as 37, 6' 3", 240-pounds and in good shape. He sounded hot and lived about 20 minutes from me. So, we agreed to meet. I met him in a... read more

Home Sales

by robb

Apr 26, 2004

It was a warm spring day in early April. My wife and I decided we would put our house up for sale. I was pretty excited with some of the prospects that had come to look. Up until now, I have only looked and never touched. We were at lunch when my cell rang. It was a guy looking around the area that saw the house and called. I tried to push him off until the next day, since we were out to... read more

A Road Back

by Jimmy Gordon

Apr 26, 2004

By Jimmy Gordon jimmygor@optonline.netThe road was deserted, not a car in sight for the last two miles. The Kenworth I was riding rumbled through its gears as I decelerated around the bend. It had gone cold since the sun set four hours ago, so I rolled the windows up to keep the damp October fog out of my cab. Thank Fuckin’ God the truck firm my brother works for gave me a shot at this job,... read more

I won a three-day stay at the luxurious Paris hotel in Las Vegas. The place was incredible! One morning I was laying out by the pool in the shadow of a huge replica of the Eiffel Tower. As I was laying there, the most beautiful specimen of a man stood in front of me. He was about 5' 9", with thinning hair, but cut neatly, a well formed masculine body and a handsome face. He wore tight... read more

My ex-roommate moved out on me once he found out about my little hobby. I’ve been a male escort ever since my first year of college. The job kinda fell in my lap and I hesitated at first. Last year I had a bullshit job at this 24-hour diner. I was making $7.75 an hour as a dishwasher bustin’ suds 37 hours every week. I could barely make ends meet. Until one night I miss my bus and I was just... read more

My Slutty Straight Buddy I met Shain through work. I was going to college and needed a night job, so I could go to classes in the daytime. I found a job at a warehouse driving a forklift and Shain was part of the picking team that I had been assigned to. We quickly became friends. I was often invited to the Friday night parties where a lot of smoking, drinking and bullshitting went on with... read more

Man, I thought I was good at soccer. But, these guys were great. They have been playing soccer most, if not their whole lives, and it showed. I am part of a small neighborhood soccer league in Los Angeles. There are about seven teams in the local area. We practice on weekends and play two games a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The guys that I play soccer with range from age 20 to... read more

I really dig older men, especially bear-types. Too bad it's beyond my control. The truth is that for a long time now I've been hatching a scheme of how I will rape my uncle. His body is large and wide. His legs are full and beefy, mixed in with a little chub. He's really powerful! And add to that the fact all this is taboo, he is my uncle after all. He's a hot stud, and not a bisexual or... read more

A Father's Love

by Jimmy Gordon

Mar 30, 2004

The birds waited for me every afternoon. I would stop at the bakery on 56th Street and get a bag of leftover rolls from the breakfast rush. Pigeons are plentiful and most New Yorkers think of them as nothing more than an annoyance, but I enjoy feeding them. Some of them are regulars, and I even named a few of the bolder, friendlier birds. I know it sounds silly, but they brought me some peace of... read more

Rimming Rick

by Daddy Hairy Legs

Mar 26, 2004

Rick and I used to work together, and have maintained a close friendship even as our career paths have changed. I'm about 15 years older than him - I'm 45 and he's 30. We're both married, but I have sex with men a lot and basically consider myself bi if not actually gay. He doesn't talk about his sexual attitudes much, other than to brag about how hairy he is, how big his penis is, and how... read more

Straight to Me

by Jimmy Gordon

Mar 23, 2004

by Jimmy Gordonjimmygor@optonline.netI tasted the salty tang of his pre-cum as his cock slipped around in my mouth. I was going to take my time, this time, the last time. I wanted to savor the moment and the delicious taste of his dick, the strong scent of man rising from his thick pubic bush. I couldn’t keep seeing this guy, not like this. I knew going into it that he was straight, and... read more

Face In The Mirror Day 5—Part 1—Roberto and Rick In the Organization’s suite at the posh Los Angeles hotel, Roberto paced back and forth while his charge, the Latino boy singer, knelt naked on the floor, wondering why his master seemed so distraught. It was terribly strange for Roberto to be nervous. He’d spent forty years developing his suave sophistication. At 6’2” tall, 160 lbs,... read more

By: Michael felt apprehensive about marrying Heather two months ago; for only one reason, she's a youthful 26 and he's 34. Otherwise, it was a precious gift from God. Putting aside the age difference, he was thrilled with their new life together. They were planning on a family, Heather would stop working, and, every morning in their new home out here in... read more

My Dad’s name is Simon Horniman – a fact that seems to create endless mirth wherever he goes. To make things even more complicated, he has a business partner, Alex, who’s gay. Fortunately, Alex is pretty conservative and doesn’t make a big deal out of gayness. They co-own a kitchen installation company; Alex designs them and Dad and his team install them. Apart from work, Dad and Alex don’t... read more

Shop Sex

by Jimmy Gordon

Mar 11, 2004

By Jimmy Gordonjimmygor@optonline.netShit, I think I’m fuckin’ goin‘ nuts. Goddamn, who’da thunk it would happen to me. I was always straight as a freakin’ arrow all my life. The fuckin’ fag had to come into my life...I sat at the computer that day looking over the record of deliveries at Tire City, the repair shop I work at for the last ten years. It was a very slow morning, and the... read more

It was an unusually warm fall day as Brad Tomkins strode across campus from his dorm to Dr. Marky's office. Brad had been feeling run down and sluggish so Coach Phillips suggested getting a full physical. After all there was a big wrestling match coming up and Brad was his best wrestler, he couldn't sacrifice him. Brad knew he was just run down from studying all night for midterms, holding down a... read more

At the end of fifteen minutes Scott had moved past the middle portion of the wall and was on its far right side. To his left he’d left a growing darkening trail of blood and tissue. The doctors in the audience were guessing back and forth about the actual amount of blood, was it more or less than a pint yet…and there was wild speculation about whether or not he would actually orgasm. Back on... read more

It was a comfortable spring night as Officer Calloway made his way quietly around the side of the building. He was on night shift and had "fag" patrol, that's what all the officers called it. It seems that every night after the gay bars let out some of the men come to an alley behind an old donut shop. They park in the small lot and cruise one another. Some get into each other’s cars and fuck... read more

[SUGGESTION: This part will make a lot more sense if you go back and skim the last three pieces of this section. ALSO this last bit is EXTREME, so prepare yourself for some rough stuff. If I believed the violence was gratuitous I wouldn’t have included it. It’s not my style. You will get a lot of information about the Organization in this episode. I hope you can see its purpose.] Scott... read more

It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon as Jeff Hyatt and his 19-year-old son Kyle drove through the country. Jeff loved to take these long drives in the country and get away from the city for a while. Since he had made partner at his law firm these trips were becoming scarcer. So he treasured them all that much more. Plus it was a good time for him to get together with his Son and just talk and... read more

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