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Construction Hole

by SirRichard

Nov 26, 2003

By Richard Barber at They were doing lots of new construction in the old section of the city. I was sad to see many of the older buildings being torn down, because they had lots of history. I stopped by the old bowling alley before it was to be torn down, because it had one of the best and busiest glory holes in town. I knew it could tell some great stories if it could... read more

My name is James, I am an average white male 6 feet about 195 pounds built solid with an average sized cock, and married to a wonderful wife. About a year ago we moved into a new neighborhood and met a nice black couple, Mike and Keisha. Let me describe them, Keisha is a big beautiful woman about 5 foot 9 and if I had to guess about 150 pounds of big breast and ass. Mike is about 6 foot 3 maybe... read more

My neighbor Mike is a good friend of mine. We often hang out, play basketball and watch football on Sundays. I am married and my wife likes Mike so we all get along fine, but Mike and I are closer friends. Mike is 34 years old and is a big guy. He is about 6 foot 3 and weighs about 225 pounds and very black. He used to play football in college and is still in great shape. I am athletic but... read more

I have known Tom forever, we are best friends and we are both married. Our wives get along fine but it is our friendship that is special. Tom is a lanky guy about 6foot 2 190 pounds always has a great tan and blond hair. My mane is Matt I am 5 foot 11 about 225 pounds more muscular than Tom. We are both the same age 39. Tom and I do almost everything together so when I suggested we take a trip... read more

Tom and I have been friends for 15 years, we are both married with kids and we always hang out together. Tom is about 6 foot 2 about 220 pounds, well tanned and blond. As for me, I am 5 foot 11 about 230 pounds, a lot more muscular than he is, with brown hair. We are both 39, almost ready to hit 40, or as I call it the new age of discovery. I feel like I am hitting a midlife crisis. Anyway,... read more

After Dave had just fucked my tight ass with his big hard cock, he started taking it out of my ass and I felt like I was giving birth to an elephant. It sure did get bigger once it was inside of me. He had purchased some condoms when we were in the Post Exchange. I found out the reason was so that he could get me to suck him again, once he had finished fucking me. Dave was the kind of guy that... read more

Please read Part 1 first, thanks Early the next morning, I woke up just before 6 am. I was still horny from the night before. In the darkness I could hear Dave as he snored very lightly. I hated to get up and walk out side to the latrine to take my morning piss. It was raining and a little cold at this time in the morning. But I had to get rid of the beer from last night, so I put on my... read more

Let’s face it, I am an over sexed, 75 year old gay man. So over all those years, I have been busy looking for some stud that was horny and wanting some action. I was in the US Army for 20 years and this let me travel to many countries and taste the studs in each country. I have been with Asians, Europeans, Africans, American Indian, Eskimo, Australians, Arabs, South American Indians - you name... read more

The Jake Chronicles: Chapter 3 – Legal Briefs Mr. Bourne walked out of his office to find Jake pacing manically in front of his secretary’s desk. Jake’s face was drawn into a savage scowl – so savage that the young lawyer wasn’t sure if he should approach the man or not. “Mr. Jacoby?” he said, to get Jake’s attention. Jake stopped his frantic pacing and looked up at the man. He gave... read more

And the creeps continued to degrade him at every chance. They slapped his face and punched his balls and tore at his nipples as they fucked his mouth and ass. Then they rolled him onto his back and continued in that position. When these two finished two more came and took their place. Scott was soon covered in sweat with welts and bruises beginning to show everywhere. They went on like this... read more

What a Night

by ramius

Nov 10, 2003

Steve and I had been best of friends for the last 4 years. We worked in the same place, and got to know each other pretty well. We both had a lot in common, which kept us close. Our common interests, such as sports, jazz, and photography among other interests enabled us to spend a lot of time together. We would have lunch together, go to sporting events together, get together after work for a... read more

Delivery Theft

by m4minct

Nov 09, 2003

I was hurting for cash so I decided to put an ad on the Internet to make some home deliveries of item that people don’t want to drive out to get. I received an email that a guy wanted me to pick up a bottle of lube and some condoms for him. I got all the info from him and went to the store and bought them. We set a time for the delivery also. When I arrived, I knocked at his door and I heard... read more

Moving On

by ArtisticBiGuy

Nov 07, 2003

Have you ever loved someone so much that the very thought of life without them incapacitates you? I have. I knew the total devastation of it as the doctors told us that Cheryl's cancer was too advanced; it was terminal; she had only a month or two to live. Fifteen years were ending in a few short days. The pain took me to my knees and the only thing that kept me from hitting the floor was Carlos.... read more

Day 4, Part 1 As C walked toward the airport terminal James followed, half walking, half skipping, two feet behind his left arm. The boy couldn’t stop grinning. The pilots and flight crew were twenty feet behind them, bringing up the rear. As they were about to enter the building a square shouldered man, 5’9”, 160 lbs, green eyes, with a shock of brown hair that stuck up and seemed to... read more

Rocky Waters

by zakry1970

Nov 01, 2003

On a muggy weekend in late July, my friends and I headed off on a canoe trip down the St. Croix River. We started further north than usual, and none of us realized that the waters were a little rougher up there. Rocks in the water made certain parts of the river difficult to negotiate. To make matters worse, the water level was particularly low, so rocks hitting the bottom of the canoe were... read more

Into The COCKpit James crawled to the door of the cockpit, reached up and knocked rather hesitantly, not knowing what to expect. The co-pilot opened the door and almost fell over the prostrated boy. The co-pilot, Steve, 5’10”, wavy sandy colored hair over his collar, broad shoulders, rather thin waist, cute, 26 years old, looking down said, “And what can I do for you?” James peered up... read more

The Flight C took his boy for a change of clothes. If they were going to travel together he had a specific idea in mind and for that the kid needed different clothes. Once they got into James’ room C turned the young man around. C said, “Let’s see what we’re going to do with you. You are a fucking mess.” The kid was covered in sweat from head to foot and he reeked of spunk and sex and... read more

For My CJ, Having been with Richard twice, being at college away from him made me want him more. Our lives were taking similar turns and I began to feel that our rendezvous might no longer happen. It was January of 1988 and both of us had gotten engaged over the holidays. My own pre-planned, his just a spur of the moment idea. Nonetheless our fiancés were off planning weddings. Myself, I just... read more

Author’s note: The characters involved in sex in this series are of legal age. Caution: The content of this chapter may disgust even the more perverted readers. Skip this chapter unless you have a strong stomach. ……………………… The two naked boys beside me were still asleep when I awoke. They were cuddled in the spoon position, just like they were when Raul fucked Tommy the night before. ... read more

Milking Shane

by ChubbyCub

Oct 04, 2003

When I was hired at the grocery store, Shane was working in the dairy department. Initially, I did not find him, attractive. As the time of working together progressed, I started to develop feelings for him. Shane is 28 years old. He has blond hair that was slowly balding. He was six feet tall and very skinny. Working in the milk department, I found myself able to flirt with him inside... read more

Mirror Image

by maverick

Sep 15, 2003

Maverick’s seventh story Copyright (c) maverick 2003. All rights reserved. ========= Leon looked over at me and grinned at exactly the same time as I did the same to him. He said, "You can have the brunette." I laughed. "Fuck off!" The blond girl nudged her darker-haired friend and they both peered over at us through the smoke and the pulsing lights from the dance floor. ... read more

My Only Passenger

by flyboy49505

Sep 12, 2003

I am a Flight Attendant with a regional airline. We were working a trip that had us in Milwaukee. We were only supposed to be there for 35 minutes, but there were thunderstorms that had us grounded for hours. I was to have 35 passengers, but as the afternoon wore on, they all went to other airlines or just gave up and went home, to try again the next day. I was left with one passenger. And... read more

I met First Sergeant Williams (not his real name) during my tour of duty in Korea l952. What a stud! He was well over 6 feet tall, blond, built like a brick shithouse, very good looking, and knew how to take care of himself. He was a big guy but he had no fat on him, he was all muscle! He was the First Sergeant of an Infantry Company. Nobody ever gave this dude a hard time. He never would... read more

Brian had a little too much to drink, he had had a hard day at work, the trial had not gone like he expected. With his new high profile he had to not only perform well in court, but also win. He had worked hard to get a top position with a well-known law firm, but in the back of his mind he also knew that his looks help out maybe a little. He had put aside long term relationships for his job... read more

Constuction Guy

by Big Dude

Sep 04, 2003

I’ve been an independent homebuilder for about eight years, since I left college. I hire a number of subcontractors over the year to do the more specialized jobs. I hire guys with experience and good references and if they happen to be nice to look at, that’s icing on the cake. I’d hired this one kid as kind of a general laborer. He was going to school at night, needed the bucks, and was a... read more

This story is for my first fan After my first encounter with Rich in December of 86, I went back to college for spring semester. I found myself masturbating to thoughts of our meeting. The way his cock curves upward and so looks like a banana. The warmth of his jizz as he exploded in my mouth. My own orgasm as I watched him swallow my shaft. January of 1997 didn't turn to May quick enough. ... read more

Plan B

by Fellows

Aug 25, 2003

I had traveled three hours back to the small town where I’d gone to college to attend the birthday party of a friend still living there. As what usually happens in such situations, I knew many of the people, but not all, so, being a little shy, I stayed outside on the balcony, and chatting with a guy I knew. We’d been talking for an hour when I glanced inside to the dining room where the rest... read more

Ice Shavings

by campguy253

Aug 23, 2003

After a year of working out at the YMCA it was time to get back into playing hockey after a layoff of a couple years. The guys who came out to drop in hockey at lunchtime on weekdays were divided into two groups. One was the early twenties guys who where working and had out grown the kids leagues. The other group, which I fell into, was married guys in their thirties who had shift jobs that gave... read more

Author’s note: All characters in this series that are involved in sex are 18 or older. … A number of weeks had gone by since I was forced to suck that Latino thug’s cock. I was more or less recuperated from the trauma of it, except for an occasional nightmare that I woke up out of with a thumping heart and a wad of semen in my boxers. I couldn’t keep him out of my masturbation... read more

“Fuck me Gerald! Fuck me hard!” shouted my wife, as I pumped away. Given the opportunity, this woman would render any man sexually useless. My wife Sissy, required servicing at least four times per week. Given my job as a highway patrolman, my stress level was usually fairly high and sex was becoming a burden. What really pissed me off was Sissy’s total disregard for my feelings. Once I... read more

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