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It was a comfortable spring night as Officer Calloway made his way quietly around the side of the building. He was on night shift and had "fag" patrol, that's what all the officers called it. It seems that every night after the gay bars let out some of the men come to an alley behind an old donut shop. They park in the small lot and cruise one another. Some get into each other’s cars and fuck... read more

[SUGGESTION: This part will make a lot more sense if you go back and skim the last three pieces of this section. ALSO this last bit is EXTREME, so prepare yourself for some rough stuff. If I believed the violence was gratuitous I wouldn’t have included it. It’s not my style. You will get a lot of information about the Organization in this episode. I hope you can see its purpose.] Scott... read more

It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon as Jeff Hyatt and his 19-year-old son Kyle drove through the country. Jeff loved to take these long drives in the country and get away from the city for a while. Since he had made partner at his law firm these trips were becoming scarcer. So he treasured them all that much more. Plus it was a good time for him to get together with his Son and just talk and... read more

I had been working a second job part time a few nights a week to earn some extra money for the holidays. I was working at a little tuxedo shop. It wasn't difficult. All I had to do was give tuxedos to men who came in to pick them up or measure them if they came in for a fitting. It was not a busy place. Nice and easy. Perfect for a second job. The shop was located in one of those small outdoor... read more

I worked for the airlines as a flight attendant for 6 years. I had my fun. I just got tired of not being at home and seeing my friends. The time came for me to keep my feet on the ground, so to speak. I transferred to work the ticket counter in my hometown in Michigan. It can be a brutal place to be during the winter, and it surely has been this year (2004) On February 3rd, we knew we had... read more

A Day At The ABS

by adamstrange

Feb 19, 2004

I'm a married man in my 40's and the sex life in my marriage is not going too good. I decided to visit one of the adult bookstores in town. I especially like this one because it has a movie theater and booths. After going in the theater I noticed I was the only one so far. After 15 minutes this hot looking guy walks in and sits in the row in front of me and unzips his pants. With that... read more

Bradley Stoke

by Oliver Jennings

Feb 19, 2004

Bradley Stoke (c) Oliver Jennings, 2004 === A couple of years ago, I had to spend a few days at Bradley Stoke, just outside Bristol, to attend an IT development conference with a couple of other guys from my company. Someone way up high at head office in London had thought it might be a good idea to have a few people go along to it, just to see if anything significant might be said in any of... read more

Tommy came out of the bathroom naked and clean from his shower and enema. Raul was reclining naked on the bed, playing with his stiff brown cock while staring at the photo of Tommy’s girlfriend. Tommy stood at the mirror and fiddled with his little hair spikes, trying to make them stand up. “Man!” said Raul, “she looks like a good fuck! Does she give good head too?” “No. We haven’t... read more

Senior Sneak

by JoJoPartyBoi6699

Feb 10, 2004

It was the end of my senior year. All the guys knew about me, I came out earlier in the year. They were all cool with it too, which surprised me. Only one guy was not cool with it and thought it was really weird and would do anything to not even sit next to me. I'm also the oldest in the class, at age 19, sixteen days before our prom. It was the time for our senior sneak. The guys all had... read more

As a fellow actor on the Warner Bros. Lot, I have a casual relationship with Barry Watson. We usually say hi to each other. A posse of his friends typically surrounds him. Since my show's shooting schedule is similar to his, we often see each other at the studio gym late in the evening. Even there, he is usually with at least one of his posse who is there to work out with him. Last... read more

I filled the enema bag with warm water and had Tommy get on the floor. “Okay, kneel! Put your elbows on the floor and spread your knees wide. Tilt your butt up a little. So you never had an enema, huh? Well it won’t hurt--trust me. And it will get you nice and clean for Raul.” Marveling at the sight of the boy’s cute white butt, I felt my own penis swelling in my pants. Tommy’s ass... read more


by Oliver Jennings

Feb 04, 2004

Halstock By Oliver Jennings, 2004 When I was in my mid-teens, a few mates and I would sometimes earn a bit of holiday money doing odd jobs on a farm near Halstock. The farmer, a guy called Blakely, was always pleased to get some extra help stacking up bails of hay or picking a few rows of potatoes, and he'd pay us a couple of quid for every hour we worked which seemed like a lot of money... read more

My Lieutenant

by Lythis

Feb 03, 2004

I guess it was really more of just a fantasy. I mean, the guy is real and we had something once. But, I just can't seem to let him go. There was a problem with his girlfriend. I think the trouble was completely unrelated to me. But, it came between us first and then their relationship as well. I met him at a summit meeting at a hotel in Fort Worth. We were both serving under the... read more

At last my army unit was notified that we were being transferred from Austria to Italy. This was great for me; I love both countries and looked forward to living in Italy. I still had a few days to go until we moved out. I hated to leave the beautiful city of Salzburg, but knew I would find new adventures in Italy. One night, when I was on my way home from work, I went to a good Austrian... read more


by Oliver Jennings

Jan 17, 2004

Newquay (c) Oliver Jennings, 2004 === Newquay's significant to me because two important 'firsts' happened there. The first 'first' took place when I was eighteen and my mates and I visited the town for a few days to try our hands at a bit of surfing and to see how many girls each of us could pull in the evenings. It turned out that we were all pretty equally inept at both, and the trip... read more

Sailor's Delight

by SirRichard

Jan 15, 2004

Story by Richard Barber This fantasy story contains domination, anal penetration, golden shower activity (urination) and man-to-man sexual contact. All the characters are over the age of 18. If this type of story offends you or you are under the legal age, then you should leave. Part 1 Let’s Go Roll Some Queers. Our ship had docked after being out to sea for several weeks. We were... read more

Truck Parking Story by Richard Barber Part 1 - The Parking Lot Encounters. I left the Trucker’s Bunkhouse and headed for the truck parking lot outside. This area was reserved mostly for trucker’s overnight parking. However, an occasional auto would wander into the area. These were mainly “ladies of... read more

It’s me again. I’m 23-years old with short dark hair and hazel eyes. I’ve got a swimmer’s build, am 5’9” and weigh 135 pounds. My cock is a hefty 6-½ inches. After the first time in the washroom, I wanted to experience sex from the other end of things, so to speak. I went to the same washroom and walked up to the urinal. I waited a while. But, no one came in. I was getting tired of... read more

Again, this is a continuation of an explicit encounter with a buddy that started me on the path to NEEDING COCK STUFFED IN ME. Aside from a few conversationally specific sentences in which my memory has forced me to elaborate on some exact words and phrases, everything is true. All characters are 18 years of age. If stories involving a man being used by other men offends you, than you most... read more

Utah Neighbors

by jojo

Jan 11, 2004

One of the hardest positions a 16-year-old boy can be in is moving to another state with your parents. Dad was laid of from his job in Ohio, and we had to move to a small town in Utah. I had my own job, friends and was going to be getting a car soon. However, that is not how thing panned out for me. Instead, move day came faster than I did playing with myself in the bathroom. We arrived... read more

Joey Adams, Part 3

by SirRichard

Jan 10, 2004

Joey Adams If you are offended by, man-to-man sexual contact or you are under legal age in you country or state, then read no further, and if you are looking for role models or standards of acceptable or safe behavior, you shouldn’t be reading Erotic stories. All of the characters in my story are 18 or over. Story by Richard Barber Part 3 It was an awesome... read more

My Full Potential – Part 1 I woke up in strange surroundings – it looked like a hospital ward. Around me, surgeons in gowns and masks prodded me with small, thin needles. My whole body was covered in them, as a nearby machine delivered small electrical charges through them. It felt like there was something in my arse – it seemed quite small, but it was pumping in and out. What the hell was... read more

While in high school, I was always intrigued with my friend Tim's cock. He always sported a nice bulge in his pants, and I was always curious about how big it was. I got the answer I wanted one day, in the best way possible. While standing side by side at the urinals at a local restaurant, talking about the girls we were with, I glanced down to see him pull out a beautiful, long, thick... read more

This happened a few years back when I was studying. I was 21 and it was the last year before I got my degree and could start my chosen profession as gym teacher. As I was constantly short of cash, and Christmas drew closer, I felt I needed a job on the side of studying. Not that I had much spare time since the studies took their fair share and I also needed time to work out. I worked out five or... read more

Burnham-on-Sea (c) Oliver Jennings, 2004 === I've known Simon since we were little kids. We were in the same class at school until we were fourteen, at which point his parents divorced and his mum took him off to live in Burnham-on-Sea with her and her new boyfriend. We stayed in contact - Burnham isn't a million miles from where I live - and regularly stayed over at each other's... read more

I had to tell someone about my experience the other day. It was so wild I cannot believe it myself. I am twenty-one, but I guess after my first experience I must be bi. I do not know the labeling, but I guess that is not important anyway. Here goes nothing. I have never expressed myself in writing except in fictional way this is my first true story. You must know a little history before I... read more

Long Load

by Oliver Jennings

Jan 04, 2004

(c) Oliver Jennings, 2004 === Lads from Long Load have long loads. Or at least, that's what I've always found. Long Load is what the sign by the roadside calls a row of a few grey houses strewn out along one of the windy, muddy lanes between Somerton and Martock. It's so small you could hardly even call it a village; in fact, you'd probably never notice it unless you had some kind of... read more

This story is the property of the author. All copyrights belong to the author. If you have the chance, please check out my other stories under titles with “redneck,” Toby Keith, Kenny Chesney, Tim McGraw, etc. No claim to any actual person’s sexual preference is noted here (get it fantasies). Check for more stories under; section prolific authors. E-mail is,... read more

Jim is a good friend of mine from college. I had never considered fooling around with him even though I knew he was gay. I had always thought he was attractive; he was brown haired, from Irish descent, green eyed, and pale in complexion. He and I would go to the bars together, since there wasn’t much a gay scene at our University; he was content to drink at the straight bars with myself and... read more

Joey Adams, Part 2

by SirRichard

Jan 02, 2004

If you are offended by, man-to-man sexual contact or you are under legal age in you country or state, then read no further, and if you are looking for role models or standards of acceptable or safe behavior, you shouldn’t be reading Erotic stories. All of the characters in my story are 18 or over. Story by Richard Barber PART 2 The next morning I noticed that... read more

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