Banners For MenOnTheNet.com Affiliates

The banners on this page are all approved for display on web sites listed in the MenOnTheNet.com® Directory. Our graphics department has designed a selection of banners in a variety of sizes, styles & colors to compliment nearly any site design.

All sites that enjoy FREE Classical Listings in the MenOnTheNet.com Directory must display an MenOnTheNet.com reciprocal link on the exterior portion of the site, prior to a login page. Any MenOnTheNet.com banner from this page is the very best way to meet with this requirement. You may also use a text link to the MenOnTheNet.com Directory, if you prefer.

Always be sure to link to the correct URL, http://www.menonthenet.com

How to create a reciprocal banner link:
  1. PLEASE DO NOT HOTLINK. When you hotlink an image, you are linking to the image directly from our server. This uses bandwidth which we need to cater to our surfers. We appreciate your support in keeping MenOnTheNet.com readily accessible.
  2. Click on the banner which best fits your needs to download the banner image with the code required.
  3. Upload the image to your server.
  4. Cut & paste the HTML code from the downloaded ziped html file inside your webpage, then change the image path and point it to the location where it was storde on the server, like this:
    <a href="http://www.yoursite.com/images/banner.jpg">
  5. If your linking to a category, we require that you include the category name in the text link.
Logos & Custom Banners

If you wish to create your own custom banners containing your own content, we provide our logo to you in web size.
Click here to download the zipped file.

If you are in need of a print version of the logo in a 300dpi resolution, please make your request to our customer service

Banners 120x600

  • Find Porn Stars at MenOnTheNet.com Gay Adult Sites Directory
  • Find Porn Stars at MenOnTheNet.com Gay Adult Sites Directory
  • Find Porn Stars at MenOnTheNet.com Gay Adult Sites Directory

Banners 111x376

  • MenOnTheNet.com Gay Adult Sites Directory